David Brennan named head coach at Masuk

David Brennan

David Brennan has been named the next head coach at Masuk High School, athletic director John DeGennaro confirmed Thursday.

And he’s a familiar face. Though he’s been an assistant head coach under Kevin Callahan at Ridgefield for the past nine seasons, Brennan has been working at Masuk as a special education teacher this year and has been in the Monroe school system since 2004.

Brennan will take over for John Murphy, who won three state championships and over 150 games in 16 seasons before resigning in December. Murphy subsequently took over the job at New Milford.

Though this is Brennan’s first head coaching job in football, but he has 26 years of experience. Before coming to Ridgefield in 2003, Brennan also served as the defensive coordinator at Fairfield (2000-2002), Hamden (1993-2000), East Haven and North Branford.

A graduate of Southern Connecticut State, Brennan has been a head coach in softball at Ridgefield, Mercy and Lyman Hall, and baseball at Guilford and North Branford.

Several sources close to the situation have said Masuk attempted to lure Joe Lato from Weston over the past week, but were unsuccessful, leading to Brennan’s hiring.

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Sean Patrick Bowley

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  1. WCC of Old says:

    Good luck coach Brennan.

  2. swcinsider says:

    theirs a few heels clicking in ridgefield today

  3. JUST SAYING says:


  4. Nobody is ever — ever — happy, huh?

  5. Jim says:

    What does that even mean SWC INSIDER?

  6. John says:

    guess that means they couldn’t get Lato a job in the school? hopefully the rest of the jobs will start filling.

  7. Weasel says:

    Congrats to Coach Brennan. As a Westonite, I’m thrilled to learn that Lato is staying in the finest school system in the state.

  8. Pat McGroin says:

    @Weasel – HAHAHAHA

  9. SOMEGUY says:

    Dude comes from a pretty solid FCIAC program. Good luck to Coach Brennan. The shadow of John Murphy will obviously breed criticism when it comes to anything Coach Brennan does with the Masuk Program.

    As a Masuk Alum our town has great football culture and I doubt that will ever fade.

    Good luck….. HORNS UP

  10. Ol' West Side! says:

    Any scoop on the other jobs getting filled? Bunnel? Branford? Avon? Torrington? Ect….

  11. Bill says:

    Lato did get a job. He turned them down. Masuk had to settle for Brennan. Hard to believe they could not get many quality candidates for the position.

  12. fball5 says:

    ??? Hard to believe?? Why? When the job does not offer a teaching position many coaches are turned off right away as being in the building is a huge plus and then you have to look into travel time from where they currently live or teach. So it is not hard to believe at all.

  13. LDYR says:

    How about some positive energy for both guys — Masuk’s program & success under Murph speaks for itself and he will be missed! I am thankful for his efforts before and during my son’s playing days….Best of Luck to you @ NM! Coach Brennan – I know your work ethic, it’s top notch – Best of luck to you too!

  14. fciacfan says:

    I think the one thing possibly holding back a lot of theses jobs is the potential candidates might all be looking for teaching positions in the building. It’s impossible to keep tabs on your players during the school day if you are not in the building. That might really be the reason for a small pool of candidates for these positions. With budgets now, creating a position for a new coach is unlikely to happen…..

  15. Mike the Westie says:

    Masuk will go back to mediocrity like always until last ten yrs when they had a good run.Put them in SCC or FCIAC those ten years and we wouldnt even be having this conversation.

  16. You’re having that conversation by yourself anyway.

  17. Swoboda says:

    @ Mike the Westie- The 2010 Masuk State Champions were the best in the state, never mind the SCC or FCIAC.

  18. jerry peck says:

    I am very excited to see what coach Brennan will do with the program. As a formal pather I wish nothing but the best for coach and the team.

    Jerry Peck

  19. FauxRealism says:

    @ Swoboda. Snowed in, guess I have nothing better to do than argue about 2010 LOL.
    Some, including SPB, would agree with you. Hard to compare across years but let’s look at what we know about the last 3 years. My counter argument:

    1, didn’t X look vulnerable this past yr (Staples, NFA)? We know how that turned out. If X looked vulnerable 2010, that doesn’t mean they were.
    2, 2010 X team had a different OC and they ran a very conservative ground and pound offense. It wasn’t flashy and it didn’t create the oohs and ahs that Masuk did that year. However, dominant line play is a better W predictor than flash. Masuk’s line in 2010 was undoubtedly better than 2011-12, but better than X’s? We can speculate, but is there convincing evidence?
    3, We saw how 2011 and 2012 Masuk teams faired against a very physical championship defenses. Maybe 2010 would have been different, but again, can only speculate.
    4, Xavier’s 3 year run has featured a dominant D that has torn apart almost every team it has faced. 2010 X had G. Stewart at linebacker, and he would have been the best player on the field.

    I agree with you that 2010 Masuk vs X would have been one for the ages. Irressistable force vs. immovable object, etc. A slight consensus gave the nod to X as #1, and I don’t see any ironclad argument to overturn the conventional wisdom.

  20. swcinsider says:

    masuk made there bones in a soft swc league the hardest thing is to get
    into the states and they had a cake walk with there schedules over the
    years, case in point newtown is a LL school playing s and m schedule
    they get in the states and its a beat down

  21. Masuk says:

    Good Luck to Coach Brennan. Everyone in Monroe wishes you the best of luck. Masuk still has some talent they may not push the 50 point margin each week but they will win 7 games next year…

  22. jp68 says:

    Good luck to coach Brennan and I hope he does well. Now maybe Masuk can put a tiny bit of effort into finding both a varsity girls lacrosse coach (that position belonged to coach Murphy) and a JV girls lacrosse coach. That coach has decided to coach at Bunnell this season. These girls have worked too hard to go into the season as an afterthought.

  23. BHS FAN says:

    Regarding comment #16, thank you, Sean.

  24. SWC future says:

    Murphy got out just in time as the Masuk program will take a big hit over the next 3 or 4 year. Newtown has dominated their Freshmen and JV programs in 2012-2011-2010, etc. These kids do not know what it is like to lose to Masuk. I give Murphy credit for knowing when to leave instead of having his record blemished for 3 years. Without Masuk being able to run for the title, the SWC will be Newtown’s league since I do not see any teams even coming close to being able to hang with them.

  25. Zack Wagner says:

    Best of Luck Coach

  26. Frank says:

    Masuk got a good coach, and he will continue the tradition that Murphy created.

  27. Ok to Quit says:

    Comment 24…

    You condone quitting because you think it will get worse. So Newtown will be a tough game who else? Yes Ansonia. Fresh and JV are different than varsity and youth football cannot be couted at all. Masuk Sophmores lost to Newtown fresh in 2011 in a close game and this past years JV was a one or two score game. Once Masuk sat the upper classmen who do not play much they battled their way back in it. Besides I am pretty sure his record at New Milford will count when you talk about Murphy. Masuk will double the wins by New Milford this year. Maybe the SWC will help but they play where they play.

  28. Carl D says:

    Hey Sean, any word on Bunnell,Branford, or any other positions?

  29. Names aplenty for Bunnell. I won’t report anything until the candidates are confirmed.

  30. Ol' West Side! says:

    Bunnell names I’ve heard: newtown dc, Stratford coach, and Derrick Lewis.

  31. Rick Wilson says:

    I also heard Dan Dunaj threw his name into the ring at Bunnell.

  32. glory10 says:

    Bunnell has another guy going for their head coaching position. T.j. Cavalier, what you never heard of him? Unless you’re from Stratford, there is a good chance you haven’t. He’s put up more shutouts than the 1985 Bears, but that isn’t a good thing, considering Cavalier was/is/has been the offensive coordinator at Stratford and Law, two teams that have had more trouble scoring than a burn victim at night club. Stratford guy, or not, hope the rumors of his canidacy are similiar to a number of his teams attempts to convert third downs; untrue.

  33. Bunnell says:

    God I hope it isnt him. The other candidates ar obviously more qualified. I don’t believe that giving a championship program to a young kid like that would bethe right thing. He is a great kid, was a decent ball player, but has proven to not do well as a coach.

  34. swc fan says:

    @glory10 and @Bunnell, which seasons was Cavalier the O-coordinator for Stratford?

  35. glory10 says:

    2006 and 2007? Don’t think it was those years, because A. Stratford had a pretty good offense; B. Duane “the rock” Sheridan, handled game day play calling. I’m quite certain that Cavalier ran their offense in 2008 and 2009, but that was before he brought his trademark black sweater vest over to John Law. Want to teach your toddler how to count? It’s easy, just have them go through the point totals for Law in 2010. If he was in fact calling the plays for Stratford in 2006-2007, I’m not that impressed. He had more speed in his backfield those years than Elvis had in his system the night he died. Mack and McCoy in the same backfield, it’s hard not to score a few points. Still, he got shutout in the State Title game in 2006 and got held to 12 points by Bunnell on Thanksgiving in 2007.

  36. glory10 says:

    2011…was the Law point totals. Best of LUCK to Cavalier though, he’s a good guy and had my niece in his social studies class at Stratford. She said he was an awesome teacher. It does make you wonder that Cavalier teaches social studies at Stratford and is going for the Bunnell job, while current Stratford Coach John Svatik teaches social studies at Bunnell high. Weird? Who cares, but Svatik is known more for his attractive daughters than his attractive record as a coach. Don’t know what Bunnell will do, but having to replace a legend, is never easy.

  37. swcinsider says:

    glory 10 who’s the legend??

  38. hsfan says:

    I hope they hire svatick.

  39. Carl D says:

    being a little rough glory? so we have 3 names for that job(rumor so far)funny how 2 of the candidates work at rival schools. Espn could do a special on that if they ever played against each other.

  40. Carl D says:

    Bunnel was 3-7, they got alot coming back?

  41. SJ Alum says:

    Masuk still has some talent left. they will struggle against ansonia, but it could be a game at Blue and Gold Stadium. with luck a playoff berth is not out of the question. However winning a playoff game seems unlikely

  42. SWC future says:

    Who does Masuk have that is left? Milone was their only weapon last season and you saw what happens when a team in one dimensional. Because of the strength of the SWC, I think if Masuk can reach .500, it will be a good year.

  43. SJ Alum says:

    masuk returns their QB, several defensive starters and a large junior class that sat behind many seniors last year. their jv team went nearly undefeated and the games were far from close. masuk has the ability to go 8-2

  44. Masuk says:

    Masuk returns their QB, two starting receivers and more than half of their line… Yes they lose Milone and Frank Bac but they will score points. Not having a player like Milone may force them to spread the ball around. Looking at their schedule 8-2 and at the worst 7-3…

  45. swcinsider says:

    LOOK OUT HERE COMES NEW MILFORD already in all the passing leagues
    and the dust is off the weight room

  46. why the beef? says:

    @glory, you are tearing apart the Cavalier coach. What’s your beef? Sounds like you have an ax to grind. More shutouts than the ’85 Bears, but as an OC. While funny, definitely harsh. It will be interesting to see who gets the Bunnell job.

    As for Masuk, unless he wins a state title yr 1 he will be criticized. Replacing a successful coach is not easy and I hope Brennan is prepared for all that comes with the Masuk job. Their frosh and jv were not filled with much talent the past yr or two and without being able to give Milone a hitch and let him take it 80 yds, it will be interesting to see how they fare. Already dying for the seaon to start.

  47. Masuk says:

    Why the Beef…Masuk, through out the year had 2 sophmore starters on D and two more play on D, I also believe their back-up RB was a sophmore. From what I saw yes their Fresh class is weak but the Soph’s should be OK.

  48. SWC future says:

    Even with Milone, the QB had a tough time with accuracy at least against Newtown. The upcoming Sr, Jr and Soph have never beaten Newtown going back 9 years to the mitey mites. Going to be long and winding road the next few years. My prediction, Newtown is not challenged in the next 2 years in the toughest league in the state.

  49. Agree - mostly says:

    #48 – The way it looks now I agree – Newtown wins the SWC and for the recode the Masuk Juniors beat Newtown. With that said youth football has NOTHING to do with high school. I think Newtown and Masuk play for SWC championship again.

    As for Masuk QB…yes he did but he starting playing football as a freshman, he will learn and mature.

  50. The Dude says:

    #48 Did Newtown move to the SCC without anyone knowing?

  51. JUST SAYING says:


  52. swcinsider says:

    The Murph is on the move

  53. NMbill says:

    New Milford is in a lifting competition along with several other teams from the SWC on march 9th location i dont know yet. From what i hear NM has some promising players that will be seniors this upcoming season. A few starters from the line are return playing and some good juniors that mainly played JV this season. I went to the NM vs Newtown JV game this season and some standouts on NM were #15, #55, #54, #62 i dont know what year these players are but i bet we could be hearing their names this season…….my prediction NM goes 5-6 or 6-5

  54. #53 says:

    New Milford JV team was not very good last year. Masuk, playing mainly with 10th graders won by 50 and it could have been worse.

    As far as passing leagues and lifting, most teams do that already so NM is finally catching up to everyone else.

    I hop Murphy does well there because he walked away from Masuk

  55. SJ Aum says:

    NMbill – i have a son on masuk jv and they beat new milford 48-0.

  56. swcinsider says:

    sj alum not anymore

  57. CTFB12 says:

    NM freshman or JV didnt win a single game last year. I would think that if 4 players stood out like the previous post said the other 17 players must be pretty awful to still get waxed 48-0. Murph has his work cut out for him, especially with the youth league there. There is a huge divide between the two programs of Pop Warner and AYF. Good luck getting those egos in check so they can build a program.

  58. SWC future says:

    when did Masuk jrs beat Newtown? I could be wrong but maybe it was the miteymite days

  59. Agree - mostly says:

    let’s let New Milford take the field with Murphy before hand them the SWC championship. New Milford will be better and in the SWC that could mean 5 wins but we have to wait and see. I would put my money on the history of Masuk over the history of NM.

  60. ClueHaywood says:

    @#52 Murph is on the move? Already in trouble?

  61. swcinsider says:

    ClueHaywood no clue! already beating the rest of the swc

  62. swcinsider says:

    swc future Masuk 3# state titles how many in Newtown the LL school?

  63. Agree - mostly says:

    #58 – they beat them as 8th graders…again just pointing it out. I am not saying that it will translate to HS at all.

  64. A coach says:

    SWC Future. What are u talking about? Toughest league in the state? Seriously, keep it real. Newtown is the team to beat in SWC for sure, but don’t get carried away. There is a big dropoff after them right now in that league. The usual stalwarts of pompy, bunnell, masuk and Brookfield are down, which makes their league very week right now. Newtown should go 10-0 and then find out what they have in LL. which will probably be similar to 2012 unfortunately because Xavier, nfa, staples off the top will be there again. And about another 6 to 8 LL schools that will be very good.

  65. HSFB says:

    @NMbill and what about the masuk jv team?

  66. NMbill says:

    The past 3 years newtown jv n frosh have dominated they will go 10-0 as for the masuk jv LAST year when malik cummings was the qb and frank bac was rb NM won 21-19 i believe masuk was pissed and later in the year brought down seniors and beat nm 28-0 also this season in jv it was masuk 48 NM 0 masuk played many seniors that game so that doesnt really show a whole lot

  67. HSFB says:

    @NMbill Even though Masuk’s jv had two seniors in the New Milford game, they still won 48-0 and these seniors didn’t play varsity at all.. So they must not have been too good.

  68. NMbill says:

    Got a point there but still….. My predictions for this year NM beats Masuk and starts goin uphill while the loss will be the start of downhill for masuk

  69. JUST SAYING says:


  70. so true says:

    @Just saying….you hit the nail on the head. I could see if NM was constantly knocking on the door of a SWC championship or playoffs but they have been horrible. Hopefully they make some improvements and have a winning season, lets just start there.

    Just to switch it up a bit, SPB or anyone else, what is going on with the Bunnell job? Any updates on interviews or a hiring for that position? I am interested in seeing who lands that job.

  71. A coach says:

    Just sayin… Well said. And by the way, NM will not beat masuk in their first match up

  72. swcinsider says:

    you answered the question MURPHY is that much better a coach

  73. See you Week 1 says:

    Are you trying to convince us or convince yourself? Maybe your weight room needs dusting again. We will be ready week 1.

  74. We’ll have a Bunnell update shortly

  75. so........ says:

    Where’s this update on Bunnell?

  76. NMbill says:

    Is swcinsider an NM fan? What r u a parent coach former player? And A coach we will see about NM and masuk as for see you week 1 be there joe wiser stadium 7pm

  77. mr fciac says:

    not much of a Nm fan, but you got the coach now its time for your
    players to step up im on the band wagon