Coaching carousel update: Bunnell, Stamford interviews this week; Ludlowe close

It had been a relatively few quiet weeks since David Brennan was hired as the next coach at Masuk. Then came the snowstorm, basketball tournaments, and somewhere along the line Brian Gordon was hired a Central and Avon hired , kicking the offseason coaching moves back into gear.

Late last week, Kyle Brennan of the Rep-Am (et. al.) reported that Jim Caouette, a former assistant coach at Wolcott, Cheshire and Wilby had been named the next head coach at Avon. This was confirmed by Gerry DeSimas of the Collinsville Press.

So, unless there’s something we’ve missed, we’re down to 13 coaching vacancies around the state.

The three big ones in the area, Bunnell, Stamford and Ludlowe, are getting close.

BUNNELL has come down to five candidates who will interview this week.

Bunnell’s candidates are: Law assistant T.J. Cavaliere, who previously coached with Duane Shirden at Stratford; Newtown defensive coordinator Doug Cotto; Foran assistant and former Notre Dame-Fairfield coach Jason Hart; Bunnell assistant and former quarterback Sean Murray (he led the program to its first state playoff appearance in 2004); and former Westhill coach and Stratford resident Dick Cerone.

STAMFORD will interview its finalists Tuesday and Thursday, according to our own Dave Ruden of The Advocate. There were seven candidates total.

Not all the names have been confirmed there, however. Among the several we’ve heard is Staples freshman coach Jon Boone, a former Florida high school football coach and administrator. He works at Stamford High and figures to be a prime candidate. Also, current Stamford assistant Riis Lane is in the mix. Westhill assistant Jamar Greene will also interview. Darien assistant and former McMahon star Idris Price has pulled out of the race.

Apparently, LUDLOWE still has teaching job details to work out before it names a coach. Sources have said Platt Tech coach Vincent Camera is at the front of the line at the moment.

St. Joseph defensive coordinator Chris Sadler and Staples backs and receivers coach Mac DeVito were two potential candidates, but the lack of a teaching position eliminated them a few weeks back.

Here’s a rundown of the vacancies filled and unfilled:



  • Abbott Tech — No news.
  • Branford — We’ve heard through the grapevine former coach Gary Gravina has no interest in returning. Other than that, nothing.
  • Bunnell — See above.
  • East Haven — Considering it was over a month after Greg Volpe resigned before anything was reported or posted, we have to assume things are going well.
  • Ellington/Somers — No clue.
  • Fitch — No clue.
  • Ludlowe — See above.
  • Rockville — No idea.
  • St. Bernard/Norwich Tech — No idea.
  • Stamford — See above.
  • Torrington — No idea.
  • Woodstock Academy — No idea.
  • Wilby — No idea.
  • Old Saybrook
  • No idea.

Sean Patrick Bowley

35 Responses

  1. Rick Wilson says:

    Suprising to see Dan Dunaj not given an interview at Bunnell. Any idea as to why not SPB? I’m sure he has other applications out there.

  2. I’m not positive why Dan didn’t get a bite. Perhaps the Torrington hazing issue played a part? It’s possible.

  3. Carl D says:

    After talking to Dunaj’s uncle and brother it doesnt seem that he was in trouble over that. They wrote him a letter of recccomendation so they couldn’t be that pissed off at him about it. According to the rep am article he resigned because his wife is due soon and he still wants to coach, just closer to home. This isnt to say that schools dont percieve it that way but they are facts. He did a good job turning them around so hopefully he gets another shot somewhere.

  4. Ken D says:

    Rockville coach was hired. Rob Scholtz.

  5. justsayin' says:

    SJ coach seen at BHS last week with jacket and tie on. Just sayin’

  6. @Ken D – Wait a minute. Rob Scholtz? The new coach is the old coach?

  7. Shah says:

    Riis Lane are you sure about that? Rumors say he was fired part of the reason hoc resigned , buddy of mine is close with coach lane and he said Riis told him directly he won’t be returning to SHS. My sources say coin toss between Boone and Greene but their apparently is a dark horse as well. I think the program needs a coach who can connect with the stamford kids , the inner city kids and someone who is rich with black knight tradition i.e Jammar Greene

  8. Pardits says:

    That Cotto guy is a maniac……

  9. mike says:

    Word has it that Lane got the interview because of politics. SHS made it clear that they did not want Lane on the staff from what I have been told. Alot of complaints came from parents about him. However, politics trumps everything. Also heard that coach’s on the staff had issues with him as well. Lane was ejected from a game two years ago from what I heard so maybe there was a behavioral problem.

  10. a fan says:

    @Pardits, what do ya mean? Heard he knows his stuff.

  11. stamford says:

    Jamar Greene is a stamford guy through and through. He’s a teacher in Stamford, knows the youth programs in and out and isa Stamford High alum. He was the frosh coach when they won like 20 games in 2 years. He’ll keep those kids eligible and interested and make them a perennial contender.

  12. BHSfan1456 says:

    All of these teams suck so nobody cares who the next coach is going to be

  13. Sawthat says:

    Cotto not a maniac, just very enthusiastic, loves the game… Kids love him…. He’s done a great job with Newtowns defense…. Since when is enthusiasm a negative?

  14. a fan says:

    When did Coach Cotto start at Newtown? Where was he before that?

  15. Pardits says:

    @sawthat….since Adolph Hitler

  16. swc fan says:

    Cotto has been at Newtown the past two years. Helped them get over the hump. Newtown hadn’t made the playoffs since the 90’s and they have been there back to back years and went unbeaten with a league title last year. He’s done a great job there and they speak really high of him.

    @Pardits, that is a dumb statement. Putting a hs coach who may show some enthusiasm, as “sawthat” says in the same sentence as Hitler is ignorant, insensitive and frankly uncalled for.

  17. Wave says:

    ****** Any update on Murph and staff? Defensive coordinator?

  18. masukparent says:

    Maybe Murph can bring in Jack, again, for Defensive Coordinator.He’ll need the help.

  19. Shs says:

    Stamford is getting unfairly judged , program has produced great talent in the past decade. Also I’ve heard bad things about coach hocter but I know him very well , if he was such a bad coach he wouldn’t have just got a job at staples. He got it rough after one bad season when the season before that he took Stamford to its best season in decades (7-2) and the year before that went 6-4 and beat #1 ranked Trumbull. Hoc is a great coach sad to see him leave , Moriarty and the SHS will choose the best replacement possible I have full faith in that.

  20. @masukparent – Zero chance of that happening, and you know it.

  21. Shs says:

    Stamford is a difficult city to coach football in , if you notice alot of Stamford and Westhill frosh football teams are usually among the best if not the best in the Leauge almost every year , what happens over the following 4 years are alot of things out if coachs hands. Kids come from low income family’s and when they turn 16 they have to work and conpared to taking care of their family football is not a priority. Kids get sucked into the streets and alot of kids choose to concentrate on one sport. I know all of this I went through the program saw it happen to 100s of kids , literally.

  22. RTP says:

    If a school is looking for someone who can connect with the athletes, lead a team to victory and help the athletes become men, then Jon Boone will be the answer.

  23. QUICK Stamford update: Our own Dave Ruden Tweeted that there are now three candidates left for the Stamford gig. Didn’t say which, however. We’ll look into it.

  24. Stamford10 says:

    Yeah if you know anything about Stamford most of kids who become great players with guidance & focus do well because of the nessasary attention and nourishment to their game from this next coach. Many come from rough situations and team sports are the best way for these kids to grow into young men. Discipline and determination are necessary survival skills and high school football is an excellent source for growth, confidence, team building and leadership. This is important for our community. Coach Greene was supportive to my sons’ teams and to the individual players. Greene coached two of my sons in two different sports during formative years of their lives and they have both been impacted positively when they take on new challenges.

  25. SHS Alum says:

    Boone is not the answer. He has baggage. I am surprised it hasn’t been exposed yet. In my opinion, Greene is the answer. He is the spark Stamford needs. The players love him, the parents respect him and the community is behind him 100%. He knows the game and touches lives. He would be a big win for Stamford High and a huge loss for Westhill. Not sure if he is one of the final 3 but it is a no brainer.

  26. rn says:

    You forgot to list the “Little” Rams of Old Saybrook/Westbrook.

  27. mike says:

    SHS I agree with most of what you say but he is not a very good x & o guy. The previous two head coach’s at SHS, Jones and Hocter were great X & O guys. Greene is certainly not at that level and needs time to grow. Boone was at a very good program in Staples and also has college coaching experience at major universities. There’s no question that mentoring kids at SHS is a huge part of the job as a coach of any sport and Greene should excel at that but you have to win games.

  28. SHS Alum says:

    Mike, Greene is a winner and difference maker. Don’t be fooled, he knows his x’s and O’s.

  29. Old Saybrook, yes indeed. No idea.

  30. fan says:

    Any updates on any of the local three coaching jobs: Stamford, Bunnell and Ludlowe?

  31. Cutler's World says:

    Despite coaching a championship defense, Cotto’s antics throughout last season were questionable at best. During the Masuk game he was literally running from the sidelines, jumping in the stands and yelling at the crowd.. Very questionable. I would suggest he alters that behavior if he becomes a head guy. Other than that, he runs great schemes and would surely be missed at Newtown. Correction @swcfan- Newtown made states/league ship in 2008.

  32. NVL Guy says:

    So, I hear the Torrington job, has 4 finalists interviewing on Wednesday…Travis Swim (New Milford Assistant), Mike Thibodeau (Cromwell/Wilby Assistant), Greg Todd (Lewis Mills HC) and an assistant from the Hotchkiss School.

  33. #31 says:

    Running in the stands because (rumor has it) Jack C. was in the stands giving him advice…

  34. c'mon man says:

    Same old Ludlowe… cant believe they are trying to bring in a coach from a league no one has ever heard of with not much of a winning resume to compete in one of the toughest conferences in the state. c’mon man!

  35. mike says:

    Jamar Greene will be named head football coach at Stamford High today