Notre Dame-Fairfield inexplicably fires Dawon Dicks as coach

Notre Dame Fairfield High School head football coach Dawon Dicks was reportedly relieved of his coaching duties. Photo: Amy Mortensen .

Notre Dame-Fairfield’s Dawon Dicks confirmed a report Tuesday that he is no longer the school’s football coach.

“Please contact (ND athletic director) Rob Bleggi,” Dicks said via text message. “I’m no longer the coach of (ND).”

Bleggi released a statement Tuesday afternoon which simply said “Coach Dicks is no longer the head football coach at Notre Dame-Fairfield. I have no further comment on the matter.”

The report circulated publicly due to a protest hashtag on Twitter, #WeWantCoachD, in which ND students cried for Dicks to be retained.

Notre Dame went 1-9 last year. Dicks, an alumnus of the school, was the program’s fourth coach in five years following a one-year stint by Rico Brogna, two years from Joe Beler and, before him, Jason Hart.

Fairfield-Citizen sports editor Pat Pickens contributed to this report.

Sean Patrick Bowley