Coaching carousel update: T-Town to name next coach; Nothing doing at Bunnell, Ludlowe

Torrington is set to name Gaetan Rodriguez as its next football coach, according to a brief in the Register-Citizen today.

The site says Rodriguez is a Torrington graduate and All-NVL player in the 1990s who has a “extensive experience” as an assistant coach, including a stop at New Britain.

His hire is pending approval by the eight-member selection committee, the paper reports, which should come some time next week.

He will replace former coach Dan Dunaj, who resigned in January after five seasons.

The impending hire will bring the number of vacancies to 11, including the still unexplained opening at Notre Dame-Fairfield.

As for the two biggest vacancies in Shangri La:

BUNNELL’s coaching search narrowed to two candidates as of last weekend, according to sources: Doug Cotto, the defensive coordinator at Newtown, and former Stratford assistant T.J. Caveliere.

There’s been nothing to report on the vacancy since. A call to Bunnell athletic director Dave Johnson on Tuesday was not returned.

LUDLOWE is also in a holding pattern, apparently. The search seems to have honed in on Platt Tech coach Vin Camera, but no more news has been forthcoming. A call to Camera last weekend was not returned.



  • Abbott Tech
  • Bunnell
  • East Haven
  • Fitch
  • Ludlowe
  • Notre Dame-Fairfield
  • Rockville
  • St. Bernard/Norwich Tech
  • Woodstock Academy
  • Wilby
  • Old Saybrook
Sean Patrick Bowley

12 Responses

  1. Carl D says:

    torrington guy coached at Sheehan.

  2. local guy says:

    Urgent update “In the fifty-seventh day of the conclave, thick black smoke billowed from the chimney of Bunnell’s furnace, prompting sighs of disappointment from those awaiting the final football head coaching decision.” Oops, sorry, mixed this story up with that of the selection of the new pope.

  3. Heh. I made that joke on Twitter.

  4. hsfan says:

    Murray should have got bunnell job. Big mistake by ad.

  5. NVL Guy says:

    With Mr.Rodriguez at T-Town…
    Offensive innovation, helping build Sheehan into what it is today?

    Sheehan went 4-6 last season, and in those 4 wins, they beat teams with a combined 5-35 record, and in those 4 games, scored 195 of their total of 255 points offensively. So, they averaged 10 pts per game against the other 6 teams on their schedule…Plus, I’ll give you Hillhouse and West Haven as POWERHOUSES (Not North Haven/Foran), but in their other 4 losses, they lost to a 4-6 Amity team (58-14), and to a combined 18-12 trio in Branford/Foran/North Haven 121-32.

    That doesn’t shound like offensive innovation to me…

    Also, in his last 4 years at Sheehan, they have gone 4-6, 5-5, 2-8, 4-6. Building what program into what they are today? A sub-500 squad?

    I KNOW the SCC is better than the NVL, but Week 1 @ Jarvis Stadium? Plus, Wolcott, Holy Cross, Naugatuck and Woodland? Looks like Torrington is setting themselves up for 5 losses per season right out of the gate.

    There weren’t any better options?

  6. Carl D says:

    I agree MrNVL. Sheehan wasnt exactly in contention for their division every year. I read the link on another site from their local paper and I think the Sheehan HC worded some of that to help him out.Good luck to him and all the new hires.One interesting note is Bunnel and Torrington went with coaches without a
    head experience. Maybe its their big break they waited for?

  7. old school says:

    kudos to nvl guy… exactly! what is sheehan? a poor to middle of the road scc d-ii team.
    bunnell situation is very interesting…. watched law’s defenses a few years back??? very interesting hire.

  8. UBilly says:

    I wonder if this why we saw the change in HC at Torrington HS?|met:300|cat:0|order:2

    Very sad situation where it appears a program has serious control issues. If it is true “the team’s second-highest scorer last fall, was allowed to play even though the team’s coach knew he had been charged with felony robbery and assault.” this reflect everything that is wrong in HS sports. Hazing, felony robbery, now rape followed by bullying. New Leadership is not only needed here, but should be demanded by the community as a whole!

  9. @UBilly – I was just reading that. And yeah, I guess that wasn’t a good move.

  10. Torrington says:

    No, this happened in February… dunaj resigned in December. Unless he predicted the future… You are an idiot UBILLY

  11. UBilly says:

    Torrington – typical unfortunately. Did the hazing happen under his watch? Did he chose to allow the student charged with a felony to continue to play, without informing the AD? I am afraid that the answer is YES to both of those questions.
    I did not mean to say he resigned because of this most recent incident, (sorry if you took it that way Torrington), I was mainly pointing to a CULTURE that seemed to be tolerated by the ex-coach, which may have led to the resignation which took place after the season and AFTER the Hazing and Felony.