Rich Holmes hired at Abbott Tech

Rich Holmes has been hired to take over the Abbott Tech football program, athletic director Jon Nadeau announced today.

Holmes is a 29-year vet who previously was the head coach at Sacred Heart (1998-99) and at Notre Dame-Fairfield (1988-91). His last stop was as the offensive coordinator at Danbury under Rick Davis from 2001-08.

Holmes has also been a baseball coach for Danbury’s American Legion organization. He teaches history at Danbury.

Sean Patrick Bowley

5 Responses

  1. NMbill says:

    Spb think u made a mistake i dont think he coached at ND in 1988 because if he is 29 that means he was a HC when he was 4 years old lol

  2. @NMbill – He’s not 29. He’s a 29-year vet, as in 29-year veteran coach. I guess I should clarify

  3. bigmac says:

    ugh this guys an awful coach, goodluck abbott…

  4. freddie says:

    This coach is pathetic. I feel bad for my son and the rest of the young men play in for this idiot.

  5. 100% SUPPORT says:

    I aggree freddie. This is very sad. I have seen better coaching with better results in grades 6-8. I feel sorry for the kids, many of which WILL NOT play for him again. We will see how they handle this one. Like big mac said..