Fun with GIFs: Xavier’s Sean Marinan gets hit in head with football

Xavier's Sean Marinan gets hit in head with a football during a 2011 interview at Boyle Stadium. Enjoy.

So, I’ve been learning how to make animated GIFs.

And — hooboy! — I’m having a lot of fun.

Here’s a GIF from a 2011 interview I did with Xavier’s Sean Marinan at Boyle Stadium in Stamford.

He was just talking about his team that year when suddenly, out of nowhere, an errant football thrown by one of his players narrowly missed his head, glancing off the brim of his hat.

“That’s gonna be all over the Internet,” he said, with a nervous chuckle.

I thought so too, but never had a chance to really put it into a video.

Then I learned how to make animated GIFs.

Then I remembered the video.

Then I created it.


Expect a lot more of these.

Oh, yes.

Expect them.

Sean Patrick Bowley