More fun with GIFs: Doug Cotto and Justin DeVellis do a little dance

Justin DeVellis (left) and then-Newtown defensive coordinator Doug Cotto do a celebration dance during last year's SWC championship.

This is too much.

During last year’s SWC championship game on Thanksgiving, I happened to catch a video of then-Newtown defensive coordinator (now Bunnell head coach) Doug Cotto and receiver-turned quarterback Justin Devellis celebrate after Cooper Gold scored the go-ahead touchdown vs. Masuk.

It was altogether awesome and silly… and perfect animated GIF material for my sudden infatuation with the format.

As great as the celebration dance is, it’s even better that a) It was choreographed and b) that they bust-a-move after the biggest play of Newtown’s championship season.

Oh, animated GIF, how I love you.


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