CHSCA HoF Classic Military Bowl teams hold draft, release rosters

The top 50 rated players from the Military Bowl combine gather as WFSB's John Holt begins the first Bowl draft Wednesday, April 3, 2013 at Rentschler Field in East Hartford

In front of a nice little crowd of parents, coaches and well-wishers, the first CHSCA Hall of Fame Classic Military Bowl draft was held Wednesday evening at Rentschler Field.

The top 50 rated players from a combine held at the Floyd Little Athletic Center in New Haven were invited to partake in the draft at Rentschler Field, while the remaining 55 were drafted privately afterward and released this morning.

So we now have a roster for this new endeavor, which will commence June 26 at Rentschler Field.

2013 Military Bowl All Star Roster Sheet

Windsor’s Rob Fleeting, the coach of Team Marines,  won the coin toss and picked his son, quarterback Quinn Fleeting with the first overall pick:

That left Ledyard’s Jim Bunocore, the coach of Team National Guard, to settle on Xavier QB and UConn recruit Tim Boyle.

Through 25 rounds the two coaches picked, many times grabbing as many of the players familiar to them ahead of overs.

With Xavier’s Sean Marinan and Andy Guyon serving as assistants for Team National Guard, all but one Xavier senior (OL Kevin Dean) ended up on their squad. All but one Windsor senior (WR Terrell Huff) ended up on Team Marines with Windsor coach Rob Fleeting. Every eligible Ledyard player was selected to play for Buonocore’s Team National Guard.

The drafting wrapped with “Mr. Irrelevant,” Bullard-Haven’s running back John Shannon, who played the part of neglected Green Room draftee, but was pretty excited when his name was called by Buonocore.

Naturally with these all-star games, a number of big names aren’t participating. While Class LL champion Xavier has massive representation and Class M champion Hillhouse as well, Hand only had OL Cam Gravina available. Yale recruit Peter Gerson and UConn recruit Matt Walsh were both unavailable, as were several other high-profile recruits — Andrew Isaacs (Manchester, Boston College); Tommy Meyers (Coventry, UConn), Marquis Little (Manchester, Boston College) — are also not playing.

“It’s not as much as you’d like,” Buonocore said. “But everybody’s got their reasons. I still think there’s enough. It should be a competitive game. There’s some pretty good talent out there.”

Here’s how last night’s draft went down:

1st Round:

  • Fleeting (Team Marines): Quinn Fleeting, QB, Windsor
  • Buonocore (Team National Guard): Tim Boyle, QB, Xavier

2nd Round

  • Fleeting (Team Marines): Cole Ormsby, DL, Windsor
  • Buonocore (Team National Guard): Nick Gaynor, ATH, Northwest Catholic

3rd Round

  • Fleeting: Kevin Dean, OL, Xavier
  • Buoncore: Zach Creeron, OL/DL, Xavier

4th Round

  • Fleeting: Jeremy Clark, OL, Woodland
  • Buonocore: Je’vaughn Moore, ATH, Hillhouse

5th Round

  • Fleeting: Sean Merrill, OL, Sheehan HS
  • Buonocore: Max Schumann, OL/DL, Xavier

6th Round

  • Fleeting: Mike LaSala, OL, Wilton
  • Buonocore: Justin Potts, Ath, Platt

7th Round

  • Fleeting: Ryheime Moore, WR, Windsor
  • Buonocore: Max Tylki, LB, Xavier

8th Round

  • Fleeting: Raeshaun Finney, TE, Ansonia
  • Buonocore: Hector Rodriguez, OL, Berlin

9th Round

  • Fleeting: Teno Simpson, LB, Hillhouse
  • Buonocore: Terrell Huff, DB, Windsor

10th Round

  • Fleeting: Rahmi Rountree, WR, Woodland
  • Bunocore: Kris Luster, DB, Xavier

11th Round

  • Fleeting: Denzel Moscova, WR/DB, St. Joseph
  • Buoncore: Jonah Dorsey, OL/DL, Xavier

12th Round

  • Fleeting: Devante Dillon, DB, Windsor
  • Buonocor:e Kyle Wilson, OL, Ledyard

13th Round

  • Fleeting: Isiah Swain, CB, Middletown
  • Buonocore: Terrell Fairwether, LB, Hillhouse

14th Round

  • Fleeting: Joe Pacheco, RB, New Fairfield
  • Buonocore: Kadialy Toure, LB, West Haven

15th Round:

  • Fleeting: Andre Gee, S, West Haven
  • Buoncore: Mark Wildman, DL, Housatonic

16th Round:

  • Fleeting: Lamont Waites, LB New London
  • Buonocore: Brandon Robertson, TE, Montville

17th Round

  • Fleeting: Brandon Marquis, DL Farmington
  • Buonocore: “from Hard-hittin’ New Britain” Daquan Clark, WR, New Britain

18th Round

  • Fleeting: Nick Spitz, LB, Southington
  • Buonocore: Ed Groth, K, Shelton

19th Round

  • Fleeting: Donery Evans, DL, Hyde
  • Buonocore: Sam Miranda, WR, New London

20th Round

  • Fleeting: Eddy Williams, OLB, West Haven
  • Buonocore: Alex Borkowski, LB, Branford

21st Round

  • Fleeting: David Campbell, RB, Bloomfield
  • Buonocore: Mick Pernell, WR, Naugatuck

22st Round

  • Fleeting: Jalon White, RB/DB North Haven
  • Buonocore: Derrick Villard, RB, Cromwell

23rd Round

  • Fleeting: Akeeno Chamberlin, LB, Middletown
  • Buonocore: Dan Hebert, WR, Newtown

24th Round

  • Fleeting: Caleb Camacho, WR, New London
  • Buoncore: Jelani Roman, LB, Notre Dame-Fairfield

25th Round

  • Fleeting: Dennis Flanagan, OL, Amity
  • Buonocore: Jake Pelletier, WR, St. Joseph

Compensatory Pick (for losing coin toss):

  • Buonocore: John Shannon, RB, Bullard-Havens

The remaining players were drafted privately.

Here’s the coaching list for both teams:

National Guard

Head Coach-Jim Buonocore (Ledyard)
Assistant Coaches:
Sean Marinan (Xavier)
Jemal Davis (NFA)
Tim Shea (Woodland)
Duncan Dellavolpe (Fairfield Warde)
Tanner Grove (Montville)
John Marinelli (New Canaan)
Andy Guyon (Xavier)
Chris Silvestri (New Canaan)
Chris Eckert (Cromwell)


Head Coach-Rob Fleeting (Windsor)
Assistant Coaches:
John Ferrazzi (Sheehan)
Roy Roberts (Newington)
Sal Morello (Middletown)
Duane Maranda (New London)
Harry Bellucci (Hartford Public)
Scott Jenkins (Windsor)
Derrick Lewis (Bassick)
Robert Rubin (Prince Tech)
Melvin Wells (Hyde)
Perry McFadden (Windsor)

Sean Patrick Bowley

19 Responses

  1. fciacfan says:

    Sean –what is your take on only,what,7 FCIAC guys combined — with 4 of them from St. Joes? Lack of interest from the FCIAC? Or lack of interest from the All Star game coaches?

  2. @fciacfan – I really don’t know. This is the happens every year.

    Maybe some of them can answer with their own reasons here.

  3. JB says:

    Boyle, Moore, Potts, Gaynor, Luster, Villard … behind basically Xavier’s entire OL? … ouch – the Guard looks like a 3 TD favorite. The Marines may need the real Marines.

  4. JB says:

    Most of the best FCIAC skill players are playing other in-season sports (lacrosse, baseball, track) and probably can’t train/practice adequately to be part of this event. Likely had to skip the combine/tryout for same reason. Even the big men are involved in other sports – many examples of OL/DL/LB as pitchers, catchers, DH/1Bers, shot-put in track and long-sticks in lax. Also, summer club teams start that week and scholarship guys have to show up after July 4th in shape for pre-season camps.

  5. Avid Sports Fan says:

    My son is one of the drafted players from FCIAC; he plays multiple sports as well. However, he still showed to compete and earn a spot on the team. Are the FCIAC players really that good not to show up? Based on the athletes, the level of talents I saw during tryouts, I will say the best talents are not necessarily in the FCIAC. Though, the FCIAC may have an edge in terms of financial resources. Go Marines!! Good luck to both teams.

  6. old school says:

    divide the state up geographically pick the best players and play the game. no tryouts, drafts ect… something tells me this will be short lived. the nh-ffld game was a great event for a while. the ct-ri game never had any juice.

  7. PatPatriot says:

    Dumb ideas generate dumb results. This game will last 3 years tops.

    And that is in no way a commentary on the kids who either made it or chose for whatever reason to not try out.

  8. notfromridgefield says:

    With the list of names here and the linemen available – Pacheco would have been my first pick. 15th round….really? Give him the ball, with some blocking, and he’ll run all over the opposition.

  9. FauxRealism says:

    Does anyone else think it’s creepy to call the game the Military Bowl? Is the military financially sponsoring this thing, or is it supposed to be a tribute to servicemen/vets?

    With everything going on in the state, why don’t they call it the the Cyber Bullying Awareness Bowl, or maybe the Gun Control Bowl? LOL

  10. They’re sponsoring it, so yea.

  11. mike says:

    how on earth does John marinelli get on the staff? Talk about!

  12. bigmac says:

    everyone already hating on this game?? it’s a fantastic idea! to have the kids try out gives players, who maybe didnt get the chance to get looks during the season, a chance to show their skill. i hope this format stays around for a while i love the idea, hope its a competitive game! go national guard!

  13. SMH says:

    The game — the process — the whole thing is a joke. Wait till these kids find out they have to get sponsors and pay … the governors cup game cost almost $700 per kid. All CCC and SCC kids — why — because it is easy and convenient for them to get to practice plus Fairfield County doesn’t represent well at all. John Fontana and Steve Filipone need to go … bring back the Hall of Fame game — players played in that for free

  14. John says:

    Re: comment #11 – pretty sure all the guys on both staffs just volunteer. don’t think it has anything to do with nepotism. i could be wrong though. i coached in the hall of fame classic for 3 years. all i did was contact the chosen head coach and volunteer my services.

  15. Avid Sports Fan says:

    It looks like a lot of folks on this blog are hating on this game because there was an actual process for selecting the players, many of whom earned their spots because they are good football players who perhaps did not adequate exposure. Great concept as it was not just a popularity contest based on name recognition. I look forward to watching this game. I will also make sure I bring a lot of folks with me.

  16. ctcoach says:

    Will there be a release of the full rosters? not just the top picks?

  17. The roster is in a link below the first photo.

  18. Bubba says:

    I don’t see any players from Hand, the #1 program in the State. Wonder why?

  19. @Bubba – I’m told their graduation day was bumped so far up, that it will clash with this date. Also, a few of their college commitments say no.