Coaching carousel update: Woodstock hires, no vacancy at Rockville, six remain

Round and round the Coaching Carousel goes. When it'll stop, nobody knows (I kill me.)

Round and round the Coaching Carousel goes. When it’ll stop, nobody knows (I kill me.)

It’s been a few weeks since we last checked on the vacancies and — woah — there’s been some movement. y’all.

Second time’s the charm at Woodstock Academy

Woodstock Academy coach Clay Killingsworth.

Woodstock Academy coach Clay Killingsworth (Norwich Bulletin)

A year ago, NFA assistant Clay Killingsworth was passed over at Woodstock Academy for Jesse Pimental. A year later, Pimental had resigned due to family considerations and Killingsworth tried again.

This time, he got the gig. The Norwich Bulletin reported Killingsworth hire back on April 22.
Killingsworth takes over a position once held by his mentor, NFA head coach Jemal Davis.

Killingsworth actually began his coaching career with Davis at Woodstock Academy when the program started eight years ago. This is a homecoming for the 33-year old coach.

“(Davis) said that it was a natural progression and he was excited for me and was ready to see what I could do here,” Killingsworth told The Bulletin.

And so the ECC is now down to just one coaching vacancy: St. Bernard/Norwich Tech.

No Vacancy at Rockville, after all

If you recall our lament about some of the CCC schools living behind some impenetrable anti-internet shield, you will recall we knew very little about an apparent coaching vacancy at Rockville. It existed, yes, because the job was posted.

But — short of actually acting like journalists and actually giving a call to fair Vernon (Why? Because: Vernon, you guys) — we knew precious few details due to the great ‘CCC Firewall.’

Undeterred we kept checking and, lo and behold, this tiny little item from March sprung up from behind the Manchester Journal-Inquirer’s paywall:

Rockville fills 2 jobs

And there it was: Rob Scholtz had been re-hired as the head coach.

Apparently, Scholtz, a 27-year old Enfield corrections officer who graduated from Rockville in 2004, was under an interim tag last year and had to reapply for his job, hence the posting. He’s ready to get back to work:

“I see the toughest of the tough at work, and I don’t want to see our kids go down that path,’’ Scholtz told the J-I. “So I try to keep them headed down the right path, and while we’re at it, let’s win some football games.’’

Scholtz is the second-youngest of the new crop of football coaches. He’s eclipsed only by 26-year old Fitch coach Jordan Panucci.

So there we are. Nothing really new in Rockville.

Meet the new coach / Same as the old coach

We won’t get fooled again.

As for the rest of the vacancies, which topped 24 or 25 at its greatest advance, we are now down to seven openings with about three months to go before the start of fall practices.



  • East Haven
  • Notre Dame-Fairfield — We have a call in to AD Rob Bleggi to check on ND’s progress. Incidentally, we still don’t know why Dawon Dicks was let go.
  • Platt Tech
  • St. Bernard/Norwich Tech
  • Wilby
  • Old Saybrook
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