Coaching Carousel quick update: Notre Dame-Fairfield closes in on next coach


Round and round the Coaching Carousel goes. When it'll stop, nobody knows (I kill me.)

Round and round the Coaching Carousel goes. When it’ll stop, nobody knows (I kill me.)

Notre Dame-Fairfield will be conducting interviews with eight candidates on Thursday, athletic director Rob Bleggi confirmed today. The school, he said, will likely make a decision the following week.

Bleggi said Notre Dame whittled its finalists down from 19 applicants. Some candidates, he said, might be asked to return for a second interview before Notre Dame makes its final decision.

Finalist names aren’t known.

Back in March, Notre Dame inexplicably fired Dawon Dicks after one season and a 1-9 record.

The next coach will be the school’s fifth since Jeff Bevino left for Foran in 2006.

Sean Patrick Bowley

7 Responses

  1. coach says:

    The reason Coach Dicks was fired was absolutely terrible I don’t think ND will ever come out with the whole story

  2. RAY BROWN says:


  3. Jerry says:

    East Haven is finishing interviews today…Coach should be in place by the end of the week…

  4. @Jerry – A source confirms your tidbit that East Haven is interviewing. We’d love to hear some names…

  5. Jerry says:

    I don’t have names honestly…Just a friend of a friend who knows a committee member within the school informed me over the weekend…I do know it’ll happen quickly though…

    I am pretty sure by the end of this week there will be at least an offer.

  6. Jerry says:

    SPB, any word on who was hired at East Haven?

    Also, I think ND-Fairfield has concluded their interviews…All I have seen on here is Sean Murray- any other candidates, or word from how those went?

  7. No word yet from ‘Staven.

    The latest news on Notre Dame-Fairfield is we’ll have a coach in “two weeks,” per AD Rob Bleggi.