Platt Tech taps Theriault as next coach

Platt-Tech-JPGPlatt Tech has hired 36-year old Chris Theriault as their next football coach, Athletic Director Sue Murphy announced today.

He replaces Vinny Camera, who started the program and coached six years before leaving to take over at Fairfield Ludlowe. This is Theriault’s first head coaching job.

“I’m looking forward to it,” Theriault said. “I’m expecting most of the staff will return and I’m looking forward to take what Vinny started and continue to build a strong program. Vinny left a good foundation and I’m looking to keep it going as best I can.”

An electrical shop teacher at Platt Tech for the past two years an an electrician for the past 15 years, Theriault played free safety at Bristol Central until graduating in 1995.

He said he coached football camps and clinics in New Hampshire –mostly defense and defensive backs — during the early 2000s but stopped and took a approximately a decade-long break due to “family commitments.”

During his brief tenure as a Platt Tech teacher, Theriault said he began to get an itch to coach again. “I realized I still have that love and that passion for the game,” he said.

Theriault was in discussions to join former coach Vincent Camera’s staff but, again, “due to family concerns, I couldn’t give 110 percent of my time,” he said.

He believes he’s ready this time. After discussions with Camera and assistant coach George Baglini, Theriault applied and got the gig.

He becomes the second head coach in the six-year history of the Platt Tech football program.  Platt Tech is coming off its first winning season. The Panthers were 6-4 in 2012.

“We’re very excited,” Murphy said. “He’s totally as passionate about football as I am about softball. We can’t wait to get started.”

That brings the current coaching vacancies down to five.



Sean Patrick Bowley

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  1. Jamison says:

    This should be interesting. Out of coaching for a decade? And first job ever as a head coach. Good luck to him and Platt, they’re going to need it.

  2. Jerry says:

    This is EXACTLY what is wrong with schools posting internally first…

    All of the progress that Camera has made will be washed away by 2014.

    Don’t be surprised to this job open again next season as he can’t put in the full committment to the program all year/off-season…

    Does he realize how much things have changed in 10 years? Not even the game itself, but administratively with concussion prevention, etc?

    Good luck Platt Tech…Jamison is dead on by saying you’re going to need it.

  3. old school says:

    agree with the above posts. has he ever actually coached at a school? i guess working football camps in new hampshire now qualifies one to be a head coach in connecticut.

  4. Ballfoot says:

    I feel bad for those players. Its really crazy when you think about this hire……

  5. Stack1334 says:

    I played in college, and coached at both the High School and College level. Yes, there is something to be said for experience, but I have seen experienced coaches that weren’t very good. If you notice the same teams are in the playoffs year in and year out. Yet, all the other teams have these coaches with great football resumes. I say give the guy a shot.If your read the article he applied with the urging of the out-going coach so apparently he saw something that was enough to ensure that the program will move forward.

  6. CT Football Fan says:

    You see the same teams in the playoffs because the system in CT is broken. We have class playoffs but during the regular season a school with 900 totals kids will play a school with 2500+ kids. Or catholic/private schools playing small public schools. Where is the competitive balance or fairness? Why should a school with a 100 kid roster be playing a school with 35 or 40 kids? yes every once in a while there is an upset or two. but what are the statistics of smaller schools beating larger schools in crossover games? what is the average margin of victory for the larger schools in crossover games? is it fair to the players? coaches? schools? programs?


  8. rebels says:

    CT Football Fan, you are absolutely correct! the LL teams have no business playing S and M teams more than once in a season. The SWC is the biggest joke when you have their LL teams playing 3 S and also 3 M teams a year. There are a few S and M teams that can consistantly compete with the larger like St. Joes and Hillhouse, but for the most part, it is just too much of an unfair advantage.

    The SCC does it right and the reason why they have the toughest league in the state. Their LL and L teams play only 1 M team a season. Each week is a fight. Put a Newtown in that league and they are a 6-4/5-5 team maybe. Time to make equality state wide for all schools.

  9. CT Football Fan says:

    Just because its tradition does not make it right or fair. Is it good for a team to prepare all week knowing they have no chance to win and there only goal is to keep it under the 50pt rule? its 2013…time to reassess and re-evaluate. we are so concerned with making the game safe(and rightfully so) but lets make it fun and fair.

  10. Maybe it’s time to pull out a “What if CT was divided into districts?” post…

  11. Carl D says:

    its as fair as it can feasably be.Think about school budgets and now put teams on buses that would take them all over the sate. Hillhouse would still be tops in m. hand would be tops in L and the LL would still have xavier. If they played a schedule vs only teams in their class you would have the same teams being at the top, tradition as spb says. Ansonia would still dominate the s division.

  12. Working on Illustrations. Hang tight.

  13. swcinsider says:

    its long overdue to correct the system travel is not an
    issue anymore and everybody plays night games im tired
    of Newtown puffing its chest while play 80% of small schools its a joke

  14. Im fixing the system now… You still may not like it. But — heh — it’ll sure be a conversation piece. You’ll love that.

  15. Dr. Von Nostran says:

    If you are talking only football, travel is less of an issue. Once a week, six times a year is no big deal. However Friday night games acutally make the travel more difficult for many teams. It’s hard enough for the Stamford teams to travel to Trumbull. I want to see how Sean solves Trinity’s schedule…They may have to leave on Thursday to get to a like sized opponent.

  16. @Nostran – Bingo.

    The way I’ve got it figured, Trinity’s closest ‘S’ games are Notre Dame-Fairdield and Immaculate.

    Good luck figuring out who they’ll play after that. Theoretically, Ansonia and Valley? Not if you want to stay with strict, 5-team districts. No room after Seymour, Oxford, Woodland, Derby.

    Say hello to Hyde, Trinity.

    I smell rivalry.

  17. SPB Jr says:


    I don’t think it would be an issue having S teams play M teams and combining them to form a more equal league. That is a lot better than having S teams play up 2 or 3 divisions. TC can join ND-Fairfield and Immaculate along with Bethel, Brookfield, Weston and Joel Barlow. Nice 7 team league to start off with. Of course, this league may have to play 2 or 3 opponents outside of their division.

    Add Newtown, Masuk, and the other larger schools to a division with only L and LL. Pretty sure they wouldn’t go the season without being challenged until Thanksgiving

  18. Did I get married and have a kid?

    Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, son. Let’s start at the extreme and work our way up.

    Extreme should be out today at some point (after I finish formatting these confounded spring tournament blogposts)