Coming attraction wars II: Stamford Black Knights

Stamford wants you in the mood for football, too.

In a response to New Canaan’s preseason video, coach Jamar Greene released Stamford’s 2013 Coming Attraction preview video on Memorial Day.

This vid is perfectly set with an ominous tone from Juelz Santana’s ‘The Second Coming,’ the sample of which is Berlioz’ Symphonie Fantastique, 5th movement (Dream of a Witches Sabbath). (Look it up).

And, in a well-placed shot across the bow, the first highlight clip is from Stamford’s 2011 victory over New Canaan.

“No disrespect to New Canaan. Marinelli has been very helpful,” Greene says. “However, that was an important moment in SHS history.”

S’ok. We still love it (especially since that’s me behind the camera on that clip).

Nicely done, guys.

Stamford’s spring practices begin on Tuesday. Get fired up.

Awright… Who’s next?

Sean Patrick Bowley