Coming attraction wars II: Stamford Black Knights

Stamford wants you in the mood for football, too.

In a response to New Canaan’s preseason video, coach Jamar Greene released Stamford’s 2013 Coming Attraction preview video on Memorial Day.

This vid is perfectly set with an ominous tone from Juelz Santana’s ‘The Second Coming,’ the sample of which is Berlioz’ Symphonie Fantastique, 5th movement (Dream of a Witches Sabbath). (Look it up).

And, in a well-placed shot across the bow, the first highlight clip is from Stamford’s 2011 victory over New Canaan.

“No disrespect to New Canaan. Marinelli has been very helpful,” Greene says. “However, that was an important moment in SHS history.”

S’ok. We still love it (especially since that’s me behind the camera on that clip).

Nicely done, guys.

Stamford’s spring practices begin on Tuesday. Get fired up.

Awright… Who’s next?

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Sean Patrick Bowley

17 Responses

  1. swcinsider says:

    easy coach stamford football has been irrelevent for some time put some wins before the cart first

  2. Pat McGroin says:

    New Canaan’s video is about 1000000x better…. At least.

  3. fciac jr says:

    swcinsider, it may be irrelevant only because they play in the fciac. You throw your top swc teams in the fciac and they too become irrelevant. I like the fact this coach is hyping up his team in the off season. Too bad they face Prep during the first game of the season as that is a tough draw considering Prep will be big, fast and talented. Should be interesting the fciac-scc challenge.

  4. mr fciac says:

    blah blah blah big time Stamford wants to play in the SWC
    now. Wow its worse then i thought I played Stamford schools in the mid 70’s they were always formidable and prideful
    stop whining jr.

  5. fan07 says:


  6. fan 4 life says:


    You are so missing the point of this video. It s a great recruiting tool to get those kids on the fence motivated to come out and play for this new coach. I myself wanted to put on the pads after watching this. Job well done. I don’t think it was made to compete against New Canaan. They don’t even play each other. Great piece of motivation.

  7. swcinsider says:

    hey fan i get it stamford plays follow the leader the only difference is one school has the street cred.
    and the new coach better be watching flim then producing you tubes “win and they will follow”

  8. fciac jr says:

    Trumbull’s QB has a big time arm so it will be interesting to see them this season. They were impressive during winter and spring passing league. Lots of athlete. FCIAC games will be fun to watch, especially going up against the SCC in week 1 as each team wants their league to be the tops in CT and this will be bragging rights.

  9. Fan 4 Life says:


    Do you realize Stamford as a Class LL school only had about 40 kids playing varsity football? That is sad for a school with over 2000 students. Before you can take the “win and they will follow” approach, you need players that will come out be a part of what helps you win (depth, talent and numbers). Just saying.

  10. swcinsider says:

    Fan whats the problem? you tube and jerking around with a winning program is the problem. if i was the coach instead of thinking with his D!%k the coach should have
    called NC and begged Lou to show him how to run a program. Just saying

  11. Easy now. This is a family website.

  12. Fan 4 Life says:


    Do you need a Zanacs? You need to calm down. Who’s jerking around with a winning program? Sounds like you are taking it personal. I don’t see the video being a dig at NC at all. I think it was used as motivation to recruit kids to tryout. I don’t know the new coach personally but we can at least wait before we judge what type of program he puts in place.

  13. Saw outsider says:

    By the way didn’t the article quote the coach saying, “Marinelli has been very helpful”? I too don’t see the video as a competition.

  14. swcinsider says:

    the you tube battle Stamford 1-0
    the football battle Stamford 0-10
    theres you motivation

  15. fan 4 life says:

    Actually there’s 11 games and I promise you Stamford won’t go 0-11.

  16. FCIACinsider says:

    Why is swcinsider so worried about what Stamford is doing? Sounds like a classic case of hateration.

  17. fciac jr says:

    swcinsider, put Stamford in the swc and they are instantly a playoff contender…Stamford will not go 0-11 even in the fciac as this new coach will bring a lot of confidence back to the program. This is a good start.

    Why doesn’t Brookfield, Masuk or Newtown make a football video beating up on poor Stratford, Immaculate, ND, Barlow, Lauralton Hall, etc…