So, uh, anyone in America want to play CT’s three-time state champions?

Xavier quarterback Tim Boyle and his senior teammates mug with the Class LL championship trophy following their 48-14 victory over NFA Friday Night.Xavier quarterback Tim Boyle and his senior teammates mug with the Class LL championship trophy following their 48-14 victory over NFA Friday Night.

Xavier quarterback Tim Boyle and his senior teammates mug with the Class LL championship trophy following their 48-14 victory over NFA in the 2012 Class LL championship game. It was their third-straight title.

HelpWantedSign1Over the last three years, Xavier High School’s football program has been without peer in Connecticut.

It has won three straight Class LL championships — the first program to accomplish that feat in the history of the state’s largest playoff division — and four overall since 2005.

For three seasons, it has gone 38-1 and was the No. 1 ranked team in the state in 2010 and 2011. It only lost the No. 1 ranking in 2013 because it lost an epic state battle with league rival Daniel Hand at Palmer Field, a game that brought several thousands to Middletown on Oct. 12.

It has sent a bunch of players to play in college, most notably RB Amarie Spievey (Iowa, Detroit Lions), LB Graham Stewart (Florida, now UConn) and QB Tim Boyle (UConn commit, was previously a Boston College recruit).

Xavier has become synonymous with greatness in Connecticut football.

It’s been a blessing if you’re coach Sean Marinan.

But it’s also become a curse.

In December, Xavier agreed to end its Thankgiving Day rivalry with Middletown after 15 years.

Xavier owned the series, winning 12 of the last 13 meetings. It usually wasn’t pretty, though both Xavier AD Tony Jaskot and Middletown AD Michael Pitruzzello insisted the results weren’t their reasoning. “..It’s fair to say that both of us wanted out of this game,” Jaskot told the Middletown Press.

Uh huh.

Anyway, when the series’ termination was announced in February, Jaskot told The Press he was hoping to play St. John’s-Shrewsbury (Mass.) or Mount St. Joseph of Baltimore.

Now it’s June. Connecticut’s tentative  schedules have been released.

Middletown is playing Class L runner-up Windsor on Thanksgiving.

Xaver is playing… nobody.

That means the three-time defending state champions will play just 10 games in an 11-game schedule. Worse, it will have more than three weeks off before the 2013 playoffs begin.

Marinan said he has made some inquiries. So far, there have been no takers.

“There aren’t a lot of teams in Connecticut lining up to play us,” he said. “Maybe if we start getting our teeth kicked in again, that’ll change…”

Marinan said he looked beyond the Connecticut border, to Massachusetts, New York or New Jersey. But because most states begin their playoffs well before the end of November, out-of-state teams that can play the week before Thanksgiving are scarce.

“We would have to play them early in the year,” Marinan said of the possibility of an out-of-state game. “We’d have to move (earlier opponents) around to make it work. There’s really nothing in it for other teams to do that, especially in the SCC, which is pretty much locked in to it’s schedule.”

If someone were to step up and play the Falcons, Marinan said it would probably have to be the weekend before Thanksgiving, November 21, 22 or 23ish. Otherwise, it probably won’t work out.

Connecticut has found late-season games before. In 2007, eventual Class LL champion Greenwich traveled to Florida to take on eventual 3A State Champion Naples (it lost 31-12).

“I’d like to get a game,” Marinan said. “I’m not really looking forward to that long layoff.”

So, how ’bout it America? Anybody want to play Connecticut’s three-time defending state champion Falcons?

We still have a few months left before football season. Plenty of time.

If you’re down, drop the good folks up at Xavier High School in Middletown a line.

Here’s Xavier’s 2013 schedule. See if you can work something out.

Xavier High School

181 Randolph Rd  Middletown, CT 06457

(860) 346-7735

Here’s their resume:




Sean Patrick Bowley

18 Responses

  1. Walter Camp says:

    Both Xavier and Hand lost a ton of talent on both sides of the ball. They may be able to reload but they will not be as strong as the past three years. Xavier still has Berry but lost QB, O line and d-backs. Hand still has the twins and some defensive talent. Offense will be a big question. Big shoes to fill. Xavier’s toughest game should be Staples and Hand’s will be West Haven. I do not foresee NC being that big of a problem for Hand. Thank God NC didn’t play Hand’s team last year in the semi’s. It would have been Hand vs. Masuk all over again. Hillhouse lost a lot of talent and I see them falling back in the pack. Could be the year that West Haven re-emerges as SCC champs and goes deep into the playoffs.

  2. JB says:

    NFA should do that deal. They could fit it in after Stonington and before New London – Thursday night Nov 21st. Would be a great matchup with Outlow healthy.

  3. Mueller says:

    Hey Walter Berry graduated and NC while far from vintage the past two years is big and loaded on D if they get Bossidy to run Tony Franklin to perfection they can win all the games on their schedule

  4. fciac jr says:

    NC vs Hand, Xavier vs Staples, West Haven vs Greenwich….

    This is how high school football is supposed to start off the season. Cant wait. I believe Staples lost a ton of talent also but when you have an elite program with great coaches, you find a way to replace without rebuilding.

  5. Walter Camp says:

    It’s DeAngelo Berry. My error, your sic! Is Berry playing college ball or running track? NC is still undersized on offense at skill positions. Their defense was exposed the past two years. Overrated. This year NC, for once, have real and formidable opponents: Hand, Greenwich, Staples and Darien… I do not see them making the playoffs this year. 8-3 best. Xavier may not even make it as well. I think their run is over. The only thing Xavier has going for them is their light schedule. Hand will not make playoffs either. However, its only Spring and one of these teams may surprise you come Fall. Fear West Haven of the SCC and Staples of the FCIAC.

  6. UBilly says:

    Maybe Hand can play X twice so that Don Boyle will notice that they played this year before he votes for the #1 team?

  7. swcinsider says:

    i agree some how they forget hand why is that?

  8. Since92 says:

    @Walter Camp- Xavier has some great players who will step up. DeAngelo is committed to URI for track.

  9. Kent says:

    Because Hand already has 11 games scheduled (a monster schedule I might add) and they do have a game on thanksgiving (with Guilford)

  10. Dylan says:

    Walter Camp, Berry will be running track at URI next year…X should be a competitive team next year. they have solid athletes in the skilled positions coming back next year.

  11. June says:

    @Walter Camp- i agree with what you say about Hand and NC. Hand has a tremendously difficult sched, and NC has seen its best days behind them. What class L team is looking like a front runner? Isnt NC bringing back a load of guys from a solid semifinal team?

  12. It would be sad to see Hand walk away from Guilford on ThxGiving, but Hand vs Xavior would be a much better game.
    Meanwhile, the next Game of the Century is on 11/1…Cant wait !

  13. Walter Camp says:

    @June – NC played a pretty weak schedule and when they got to the semis they were exposed. Windsor dominated them. Look what Hand did to Winsdor. If Windsor had not shot themselves in the foot in the 2011 semis, Windsor would have handily beaten NC two years in a row. Most of NC’s scoring in the 2012 Windsor game took place when Windsor pulled their starters late in the fourth quarter. NC played from behind the whole game. NC was never in contention. NC’s 2013 FCIAC schedule will be their first difficult scheduled in years They actually have to play Greenwich, Staples and Darien. I don’t know about TC and Stamford. Both could given NC a run for their money if they put a decent team on the field. Like I said, 8-3 at the best.

  14. Walter Go Back to Camp says:

    Just watched the 2nd half of the Windsor game from 2011 on MSG Varsity website… didn’t see a single starter get “taken out” ever. Game was 24-13 at half and then NC shut down Windsor in the second half… It’s not true that Windsor pulled any starter in an 11 point lead.

  15. art brown says:

    don’t count out nc. they will have a very good defense and will put up enough points to play with anyone on their schedule. hand is a year away and staples is losing some key players. stamford could be interesting.

  16. MXR says:

    I hate to see the loss of the X-Middletown game for personal reasons, but it has been fated for some time. And despite the one-sidedness of the series in recent years, it does weaken the X schedule a bit for this year. But I am not sure how one views the X schedule as weak, unless one thinks the whole SCC is weak. X will again play the cream of the best conference, as well as adding Staples to start. And yes, X loses a ton of talent, as it did each of the last two years. I doubt anyone is crying for the Falcons. And I am sure they are not crying for themselves. The toughest game for both X and Madison will be 11/1. Doesn’t matter how good anyone else on their schedules will be — when they play that is always the date circled.

  17. Walter Camp says:

    Walter Go Back to Camp:

    Junior, I said 2012. Pay attention. NC got smoked in the 2012 semis. I remember watching all the NC parents’ faces at half-time with a look of disbelief. The parents left Bunnell’s field shaking their heads saying OMG! NC now has to face Greenwich, Staples, Darien, etc….. It’s not going to be pretty or a playoff year. The creampuff schedule is behind them. This year they will have to play some decent teams. They will be exposed. NC can play well but can end up losing some stinkers. They have some overrated talent just because they are NC and have a nice PR following. As I said, 8-3 at the best.

  18. UBilly says:

    I think this year an 8-3 record with wins against quality opponents could get several teams into the playoffs. NC, Hand, North Haven, Hillhouse, West Haven could potentially get enough bonus points to sneak in depending upon what other teams in the class do. How would you like to face one of these teams in the first round?