Torrington’s Gonzalez pleads guilty in rape case

Former Torrington football player Edgar Gonzalez pleaded guilty to second-degree sexual assault and second-degree robbery and will serve between 3-7 years in prison, the Register-Citizen of Torrington reported this morning.

Gonzalez, 18, and teammate Joan Toribio, 18, were arrested in February and each charged with rape of two different 13-year old girls in a case that drew national attention coming off the sexual assault case involving football players in Steubenville, Ohio.

From the Register-Citizen:

The plea agreement calls for 10 years in prison, suspended after between three to seven served, and 10 years of probation on the second-degree sexual assault charge. He will also receive a concurrent 10-year sentence, with three to seven years served, and five years probation on the robbery charge.

Gonzalez will be sentenced Sept. 6.

Toribio has pleaded not guilty.

Two other players, both minors, have also been charged with second-degree sexual assault involving one of the victims.

Read the full report in the Register-Citizen.

Sean Patrick Bowley