Recruiting trail: Southington’s Barmore commits to Yale; West Haven’s Phillips visits Syracuse

Two of Connecticut’s top high school football players took college visits this weekend. One returned home with a decision, the other said his choice would be coming soon.

After a short trip to New Haven Saturday, Southington quarterback Stephen Barmore announced his commitment to Yale on Sunday night.

Barmore, a 6-2, 200-pound and three-year starter, led the Blue Knights to a 10-0 regular season and a state playoff berth in 2012. He completed 58 percent of his passes for 2,010 yards, 18 touchdowns and 10 interceptions as a senior.

He’s thrown for 4,491 yards and 34 touchdowns and 19 interceptions in his career.

Update: The Record-Journal’s Bryant Carpenter caught up with Barmore and writes the QB is just the first of many Blue Knights to make a college commitment.

Barmore’s junior year highlight reel

Meanwhile, West Haven’s all-state tailback Ervin Phillips took the long trip to Syracuse Sunday afternoon and, according to his Twitter updates, came away impressed.

Phillips, who also picked up an offer from Temple last month, Tweeted he hadn’t made a decision yet. But…

Phillips, a 5-11, 180-pound senior, rushed for 1,030 yards and 22 touchdowns last year, leading the Westies to the state playoffs for the second time in three seasons.

Phillips’s junior year highlight reel

Sean Patrick Bowley

8 Responses

  1. Kyle says:

    You SCC dogs are so hell bent on the SCC. That highlight
    tape showed terrible tackling and just slow motion the SCC has.
    Look how bad this kid was torching them kids, what the hell you
    think Newsome would do. Some of you please come to your senses.
    Little kids out there

  2. UBilly says:

    Yeah Kyle, you’re right, the SCC never really shows well of
    itself in the state playoffs. Newsome would do well anywhere he
    plays, but we will never know if he could take the beating week in
    and week out due to the schedule he plays.

  3. YaleCamp says:

    Apparently, Arkel is not at the Yale camp with the Ansonia
    team? Hear that Ansonia looks incredibly bad and getting beaten up
    by Hand, WH and Prep. What gives? is he playing this year?

  4. SCC Future says:

    Yale Camp – Ansonia beaten up by all 3 SCC teams. Hand looked like a typical Hand team. Not too big but very discipline, physical and pumped up. WH’s Phillips is the real deal if you haven’t figured that out yet. He is a ball hawking Safety and the top RB in the state. Prep is big, powerful and now looks like they are running a spread offense. Very athletic Wideouts and TE. interesting considering they barely passed the ball last season.

    Just watching them scrimmage on Saturday, I would rank them as Hand, Prep, WH and Ansonia.

  5. NVL boys says:

    sccfuture, Ansonia is a class S team and those others are LL. It may mean something if other S teams were beating them up. Ansonia will be fine and will make anotehr run at the NVL and states.

  6. Bill Belichick says:

    If you are not expecting Ansonia to hold their own vs. L and LL teams, then don’t come crying back when the seasons over, asking for a #1 state ranking when they are the big boy in the kiddie pool again.

  7. Open your good eye says:

    SCC Follower, if you had a good eye you would be a cyclops. Anyone with close to 20/20 vision would have seen that Ansonia did not have Arkeel the real “Real Deal” at Yale Camp. Their linemen are tough, quick and explosive. McKnight is a phenom. Brockett is such a motivator. And the Ansonia defense is controlled chaos. If you don’t have a good line coach the Ansonia D will destroy you.

    West Haven was missing four two-way starters for the day in the Bowl. I heard one of the WH coaches say it had to do with some ceremony where they were receiving Phi Beta Kappa certificates or something. Ervin is awesome and is arguably the best in the CT. If he can stay healthy he will be the POY. Problem is he tends to disappear in tough games versus physical opponents.

    Prep is LARGE up front but not as physical as Ansonia, WH or Hand. The have a stud RB/LB that has commited to Yale. Prep has great coaches that have built the program back to respectability.

    Hand was solid. Good RB, decent QB, decent receivers, and good sized O line. D looked like it will start where last year’s team left off. Filippone is a magician – maybe greatest coach ever.

    Any coach not taking his team to Yale Camp to work against some of the toughest, best-coached teams in CT is missing a tremendous opportunity to make his team a lot better.

  8. SCC Future says:

    Yes, we know Arkel was not there but Ansonia’s line and other specialty players did not look good. You better hope most of the starters were with Arkel.

    I tend to think Prep was just as physical as the all the teams except Hand. Prep had their starters in only during the first and last series, they outplayed the others until their 2nd teamers came in. From what one of their parents said, they only had a handful of plays implemented as they did not do spring ball like the other teams.

    Hand’s O and D line are not that big, maybe you should open your good eye.

    I do agree, the Yale camp has great Yale coaches and you go up against the big dogs in CT so why wouldn’t a team trying to be the tops in CT attend this?