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Matthew Jacques’ North Haven spring play makes Good Morning America


Taking a break from today’s awful news, here’s a pick-me-up:

Six-year old Matthew Jacques, you should recall, needs a heart transplant and was honored by North Haven’s football team last week during it’s ‘Spring Brawl’ football game. The Indians raised money for him and allowed him to score a touchdown — THE CUTEST, BESTEST TOUCHDOWN YOU’LL EVER SEE, MIND YOU.

Well, it’s gone national. Good Morning America picked up the news and showed it today.

Worth a watch:

Sean Patrick Bowley

2 Responses

  1. another fan says:

    Bravo North Haven !!!

  2. way to go matt. anyone wants to get a fundraiser going mike freda knows how to contact me. hang in there matt you are one tough little man.