What did we learn from New Canaan’s ‘Grip It & Rip It’ passing tournament? (Slideshow)

Patrick Dircile of Stamford jumps to make a catch as New Milford's Grant Murphy looks on during Saturday's "Grip It and Rip It" high school football passing camp and competition at New Canaan High School on July 13, 2013.

Patrick Dircile of Stamford jumps to make a catch as New Milford’s Grant Murphy looks on during Saturday’s “Grip It and Rip It” high school football passing camp and competition at New Canaan High School on July 13, 2013.

New Milford coach John Murphy rockin' the green and black (of course) threads at New Canaan's Grip It  & Rip It tournament last weekend.

New Milford coach John Murphy rockin’ the green and black (of course) threads at New Canaan’s Grip It & Rip It tournament last weekend.

For the first time in its five-year history, a non-Connecticut team won the annual ‘Grip It & Rip It’ passing tournament in New Canaan. In fact, no one from Connecticut reached the finals, which pitted Shenendehowa (N.Y.) vs. Rye (N.Y.).

Shenendehowa, which traveled all the way from the Saratoga region, won the two-day, 36-team tournament. New Canaan advanced the furthest of the Connecticut schools before bowing out vs. Ketcham in the loser’s bracket final.

But, let’s be honest, we care not of such trivial matters like the winner of a 7-on-7 passing league.

We do care if this tournament would somehow given us a glimpse into what’s gonna be what in 2013.

Thankfully, Dave Ruden, who covered the event for Hearst Corp., Connecticut division, gave us some tidbits on which to gnaw:

Among them:

  • John Murphy was back in attendance, but wearing a green ensemble rather than a red one. iIt’s going to take some getting used to, at least for me. Though he’s a regular at GI&RI, New Milford, his new team, was making its debut.

“I’ve been here since the beginning, but these guys have never done a big tournament like this. To see this big production and play good teams is a good thing for our guys.”

  • New Harding coach Jack Cochran says his Presidents are further along than Bloomfield was when he took over that program in 1992 (and went to his first state championship a year later).

“We have a lot more people in Bridgeport helping me support the team. I feel good. They understand what pride is and what hard work is. …

“They’re young and learning. We have three or four freshmen out there. The biggest thing is they are not at home, they are not in the streets, they are doing something positive.”

  • New Trinity Catholic coach Donny Panapada enjoyed being with members of his team for the first time (they didn’t hold spring practice).
  • And New Canaan’s Jack Gilio, who helped the Rams’ contingent defeat Stamford in a triple-OT game, enjoyed the experience and says it’s making the Rams better.

“We’ve been passing a lot this summer. This really helps so much.”

So, in other words, we didn’t learn much about 2013 here.

Feel free to gaze at the photo slideshow below, though. You WILL notice some names. And names are important to understand who’s got what in 2013, even if it’s just the ‘skill’ positions.

Anyway, back to beating the bushes…


Sean Patrick Bowley

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  1. fciac jr says:

    If the tournament was any indication for 2013, watch out for Stamford. Speed kills. Windsor also. Teams had a tough time keeping up with them. FCIAC looked good from New Canaan, McMahon and Stamford. Darien and Greenwich did not but supposedly, lots of kids missing due to lax, baseball and vacation. New Canaan definitely best passing team in CT during this tourney.

    Congrats to NC for putting on a great tournament with lost of teams and good competition.

  2. Josh Boone says:

    anyone know how Stamford’s Line is shaping up? they returning any guys? Speed is nice and all, but gotta have some quality big fellas up front to do anything.

  3. JJJJ4 says:

    Fciac jr apparently you didn’t watch Newtown beat up on New Canaan and Windsor

  4. Pat McGroin says:

    Newtown beat New Canaan because they had 1 more interception… the score was tied. so apparently you didn’t watch that either.

  5. fciac jr says:

    JJJJJJ4, I was only there on Saturday but I saw Windsor team man handle Newtown and watched a NC team that went the furthest out of all CT teams. Seems like Newtown always gets manhandled against athletic teams, at least in pads.

  6. JJJJ4 says:

    Pat last I checked New Canaan made the rules of the tournament and you (New Canaan) still lost to Newtown. What am I missing??

  7. Ned Griffen was berating me for posting stuff on a passing tournament. I told him people care enough to check it out. I win this round. Bonus points for actual comments.

  8. Josh Boone says:

    JJJJ4, your the one claiming Newtown beat up NC, When a game goes to some little tiebreaker like INTs, I’d Hardly call that a beatdown, and I think that was the point Pat was getting at.

  9. fciac jr says:

    anyways, it is only 7 on 7 but got the juices flowing for the season. Totally different game once the pads go on and you have linemen but love the idea of touch football in the off season. This year will be the one of the finest for CT HS football especially starting with the SCC-FCIAC challenge in week 1. Does it get any better than that? Hand vs NC, X vs Staples, Greenwich vs WH, Stamford vs Prep, etc.

    Let the games begin.

  10. JJJJ4 says:

    A win is a win last I checked

  11. Pat McGroin says:

    Well you used the term “beat up” which is not the case at all. The rules were the rules, so newtown gets the W but beat up? c’mon.

    @Josh Boone – it’s okay some people can’t admit their wrong, always have to be right, but yes, that’s the point I was getting too.

  12. Pat McGroin says:

    And who cares about what Ned Griffin thinks – these things are good for the players, good for the coaches. So it doesn’t give you a good idea of the season but you can still showcase players, teams can still get together, and so on… Why a member of the press wouldn’t want to talk football is beyond me. Turn on ESPN at random times and Texas has 7 on 7’s, Florida, California, Alabama – those states are clearly defined as football states, and this part of the country seems to have some drawback on the more football that goes on, it’s crazy. Maybe Ned knows something ESPN doesn’t about 7 on 7 football, it’s big enough where ESPN can put it on… But not big enough for local media outlets to write about?

    Forgot passing and catching, how about snapping, centers can work their snaps as well. There is a lot covered. But go down south and tell them that 7 on 7 is pointless and see the reaction you get. It’s real, it’s here to stay, and I for one really like it, you see kids out of the pads, competing and having fun – working on their craft, why not?

  13. FCIAC Follower says:

    Man, if Stamford has any type of toughness on the line they can be pretty good. They were small but very athletic. I know it’s only 7 on 7 but after having my doubts, I was extremely impressed by Coach Greene.

  14. 1st and 10 says:

    Yes, questionable calls in the Stamford New Canaan triple overtime game. After Stamford’s 2 point conversion, New Canaan didn’t even allow Stamford to put their defense on the field and essentially ran a play and scored against no defense. I agree, if Stamford fines 5 to 7 guys that can block, they will be decent. However, linemen are always the issue for the Stamford schools so we will have to wait and see.

  15. mike says:

    7 on 7 means little to nothing. Remember you still got to tackle on defense and offenses can run the ball down your throat. Go see a teams game scrimmage and that will give you a pretty decent indication as to how they will be. Playing football with no equipment and one hand touch doesn’t translate to much of anything. Stamford O’line has graduated most of all starters from last year so they wil have a young group upfront. You also have a first yr starting QB as well. At the end of the day it’s going to come down to Staples, New Canaan and Greenwich.

  16. JB says:

    I am in Ned’s camp. Got only one comment about t-shirt touch football … 7-on-7 work is good exercise in the hot sun, but it ain’t the real grid iron stuff. And I am not talking just OL/DL trench war. Many of those great looking WRs in the tournament will grow “alligator arms” come the real deal. Let’s strap it on and find out!

  17. JB says:

    Exactly, mike, look at how Greenwich did in the GI&RI tournament. Went no where. But come the season teams will get their chance to showcase that GI&RI prowess at Cardinal stadium … guarantee its not likely to be a pretty and graceful touch session like t-shirt time.

  18. art brown says:

    7 on 7 is great for the kids and fun to watch. new canaan did a fantastic job putting this together and it was really enjoyable for the fans that were there.too many critics.

  19. FAN07 says:


  20. fciac jr says:

    Just for the heck of it, my predictions for the states:

    LL – Xavier vs WH, Prep or Ridgefield (X will reload as usual, WH has the best RB in the state, Prep will be the surprise team of the year and Ridgefield has a team that should be able to compete for the FCIAC title. Maybe NFA may make some noise but they lost a lot of starters on the line)

    L – Hand vs Windsor, NDWH or New Canaan (Hand is Hand, Windsor is athletic and fast, NDWH has a lot of players coming back and NC should be tops in the fciac)

    M – Hillhouse vs St Joes (need to get out of the gate fast but have two SCC teams to start the season)

    S – Ansonia vs does it matter? though Ansonia got punished at the Yale camp by Hand, WH and Prep, the S division will not challenge them

    The Year of SCC again with a sprinkling of FCIAC possibility. SWC is nowhere to be found along with CCC and NVL is surviving due to Ansonia and the S division.

  21. Mary says:

    We learned that Jon Murphy is confused about his wardrobe. Boots and bracelets at New Milford this year apparently.

  22. newtown says:

    @Mary – as a Newtown resident, I wear the same wristbands, it’s in honor of Sandy Hook.

  23. PrepFan says:

    Looks like Coach Murphy caught a heck of a sale at the Clinton Crossing Nike outlet.

  24. Jack daddy says:


    Prep will lose their opener to Stamford. Remember where you heard it first.

  25. fciac jr says:


    maybe, but I believe Stamford is a year away from competing. Prep will be very good this season just based on their returning players from last year. Lots of starters returning. I may head to the Stamford-prep game as it could be a good indicator for each team.

  26. Cousin Dupree says:


    Ansonia got “punished” at the Yale Camp? What were you watching, or were you even there? I will give you that Hand beat them during the scrimmages on Saturday, but Ansonia played evenly (or better than ) with Prep and WH. Also, maybe you did not notice that quite a few Ansonia starters were not in pads, including Newsome who did not participate in the camp at all.

    Way too early to judge teams. Camps are an extension of Springs, teams just seeing what they have, testing the younger guys, not risking injuries.

  27. JB says:

    Strap it on, baby, strap it on! Let’s go. 39 days until scrimmages. Time is of the essence … you better be conditioning and ready.

  28. fciac jr says:


    Yale scrimmage, Prep scored 3 times, Ansonia ZERO. I guess that is even in your book. WH had Phillips running all over and scored 3 times to zero. Another evenly matched round.

  29. old school says:

    it will all boil down to who can run the ball and who can play defense. 7 on 7 stuff is great; it gets kids throwing and catching and in my opinion the most important part of it is playing coverage… can’t judge ansonia by the yale camp. newsome did not play.

  30. Cousin Dupree says:

    fciac jr-

    Ansonia (Sanders) scored twice against WH, not sure of times vs. Prep. Since you were apparently there, perhaps you noticed that when the other team’s JVs were scrimmaging, Ansonia’s did not. That’s because they were playing against the other team’s Varsity. That’s how they get better, as they will during the season when the JVs play the second half against opponent’s Varsity As mentioned in my previous post, many Ansonia starters did not dress for the camp. Lot of younger (JV) players were evauluated.

    I find it quite amusing that attention is being paid to Ansonia being beaten (matter of opinion) at a camp in June, but when they beat ND-WH, West Haven, and Shelton in pre-season scrimmages (much more indicative of true team) all the nay-sayers come out and say “it was just a scrimmage, it doesn’t count”. And when they beat Masuk this year it will be “Masuk is down this year, new coach, etc”. Actually I’ve already seen these excuses on this blog and the game isn’t even until October.

  31. Pat McGroin says:

    I went to Yale Camp – outside of the big plays, all teams looked pretty even. WH Philips is the real deal, and Hand isn’t down, they just aren’t what they were. Ansonia looked good too. The big plays were a result of teams getting together for the first time, coverage mishaps, a few long runs, etc… teams were competitive. No team there was out of place.

  32. fciac jr says:


    the jv for Ansonia plays during the season because your league stinks and has no competition. The NVL is one step below the SWC. Yes, Masuk will not be the same this season but will still be decent. Good luck with the scrimmages as those teams will definitely test you this year a they all should be improved over last season.

    All I am saying is that I was not impressed with Ansonia during this camp compared to the other teams there. And I believe when you have a chance to show what your team can do against good comp, then you go out and prove it. I guess they paid $400/player to just have fun and evaluate?

  33. Cousin Dupree says:


    Accurate observations of the Yale camp. I was impressed by the Hand defense. Very aggressive in getting to the ball, team tackling. Looks like they’ll be playing in December again.

  34. Cousin Dupree says:

    fciac jr-

    At least I agree with you that I would have liked to see what the full Ansonia varsity team would have done against good competition, even in a camp setting. You and I are not coaches though and apparently they had other priorities at the camp. I obviously can’t argue with their decisions because to say that they know what they are doing is a big understaement.

    Looking forward to this season. Looks like there might be quite a few very good teams in the region.

  35. fciac jr says:


    Good luck to Ansonia this season. You are correct, there should be a lot of good teams in the region. It would be nice to see some new faces get into states and make some noise.

  36. Tony says:

    Sean, did you know about the Super 7 Football Showcase in Springfield, MA this past Saturday 7/20/13? Arkel Newsome won best RB as well as MVP of the Showcase. Did you know that the kid that won the 2nd best RB award is an incoming sophmore @ Central High School named Armanni Rivera?

  37. I didn’t, and I didn’t.

  38. High School Football Fan says:

    Not so fast my friend to project any player to a specific Bridgeport High School now that Jack is at Harding.

  39. fan07 says:

    whos top five in fciac

  40. JB says:

    New Canaan
    St Joes

    Not sure about the order of the finish, so this list is just alpha. Trumbull could be close to the top five. For a number of teams it will depend on how the re-load of players works out. New coaches could make a difference, but I think that will really be more important a couple of years out, not this year, in regards to breaking into the top 5. Should be many more close games this year; not as lop-sided as last year. Could be an exciting year in the FCIAC, set up by these awesome Challenge games to kick-off the season.

    Also, any views on the top 5 in the SCC? Has Xavier found its new QB … rumor was a big transfer was in the works.

  41. fciacfoll0wer says:

    hopefully we can all get a better look at some of the CT teams at the UNH Camp. The last day of it is a tournament with full contact. I know Stamford and Westhill will both be there.

  42. JJJJ4 says:

    Newtown will also be at the UNH camp

  43. fciac jr says:


    X has Joe Carbone who is a dual threat with size. They will be back on track and should compete for the SCC title along with Hand, WH, Prep and NDWH. Then again, there could be a surprise team like Amity.

    I agree with the FCIAC and your top 5. But I would replace St Joes with Trumbull as St Joes could start the season off 0-2 with NDWH and Prep.

  44. Love the game says:

    Fciac jr,

    Why is Prep being mentioned? Last I checked, they graduated a ton of starters. They got some size returning but other than that, what makes you think they will be so good? I see St. Joes easily beating them.

  45. fciac jr says:


    Prep has 3 players that were offered a full ride to D1 and D1AA. One committed to Fordham(DT), one to Yale(LB) and the other been offered from UConn(OT). Are there any other teams in CT that have this many offers yet? I know a lot of players from Fairfield and word on the street was that the seniors last year are not losses. They will have the biggest line avg in the state(or close to it) and return key starters. Their line will dominate so it is really up to the skilled players to step it up. looking forward to Aug 31 against fciac Ludlowe so I can see first hand if they dominate or just play even, will have more of idea then. Just going by their record over the last 4 years which has improved each season under their coach.

  46. Bubba says:

    Why doesn’t the CIAC look into passing leagues, they are out of season, coached by their coaching staff, the whole team or majority of the team participates. Clearly a out of season limitatations violation. My guess is you don’t bite the hand that feeds you. NC is in Alabama, are you kidding me. I would like to hear from you guys.

  47. swcinsider says:

    Newtown who why are they mentioned are they getting ready to play the Mustang’s or the power house ND Fairfield teams show some guts go play I the fciac

  48. fciac jr says:

    I thought the winner of the Grip it and rip it tourney was to advance to the 7v7 select in bama. How did NC make it when there were 3 teams from NY that finished ahead of them?

  49. I wondered the same thing. Who knows. It matters not.

  50. love the game says:

    The winner of this year’s Grip It & Rip It won a berth to next year’s 7v7 select in Alabama (not this year).

  51. love the game says:

    fciac jr,

    It is nice to know that Prep has 3 players going to Fordham, Yale and UCONN but three players don’t make a team. They lost their starting QB, RB, WR’s, LB, CB and a few linemen on both offense and defense. It is way too early to say they will be as good as you are predicting.

  52. @Bubba – Coaches are allowed to coach 6 of their own players and one other, or something like that. It was explained to me once and now I forget.

  53. fciac jr says:


    So again, NC didn’t win last years GIRI tourney, Iona Prep did. So I guess them just hosting gives them a wildcard to go?

    You may be right about being too early to predict, but their QB threw more ints than TDs last season, their lone starting WR was a sophomore last year, 2 of their starting LBs are back, but who knows.

  54. Dr. Von Nostran says:


    “Recruiting” begins on page 59. Always a good read/understand before posting accusations.

    Below from page 84:

    22. May five different football coaches from the same staff each coach a separate team of six of
    their players with eligibility remaining in a summer passing league?
    Yes. The regulation states a football coach may coach a maximum of six (6) of his member
    school athletes in a non-school team setting, and since the teams are separate, each coach would
    be in compliance with the regulation. It would be a violation if any of these non-school teams
    combined, since the number of member school athletes would then exceed the limit of six,
    regardless of the number of coaches on the staff.

  55. JB says:

    Senior Tony Fox at Prep is awesome, but I think junior Anthony Palazollo may be even better. Overall their DL and LBs could end up combining to be the best defense in LL this year. IMO, the game of the year in the SCC could end up being Xavier vs Prep at season end. Prep needs to develop a more consistent offense to get to the Xavier and Hand type status, but I think it stays competitive with the rest of the SCC purely from their potential dominance on defense.

  56. Bubba says:

    So your telling me that a 7 v 7 has only 6 members from the same team. That doesn’t make much sense. I’m all for it, I would rather have my kid influenced by his H.S coaches that I know are vented through a system than some guy I have no idea of his background.

  57. PatPatriot says:

    FCIAC = NC or Staples (again)…. NC is just lucky they didn’t have to play Staples the last 4 years, it wouldn’t have been pretty.

    Someone needs to help me out with why they think Greenwich will contend.

  58. JJJJ4 says:

    Prep will lose their opening game to Stamford nevermind Xavier

  59. Lil Joe says:


  60. Don Bosco says:

    I recently moved to CT, what CT high school games would you guys recommend I see this year? A few people mentioned St. Joseph vs Fairfield Prep. I was told St. Joseph and Fairfield Prep had the biggest rivalry in New England for years and are playing again for the first time in 20 years. Thoughts?

  61. Lil Joe says:

    Yes it is a historic rivalry. It should be a great game. Mark that on your calender. Both teams have talent

  62. JB says:

    @ Don Bosco – welcome to CTHSFB … that Prep v SJs game is week 2 but there are big games in week one. I think a trip up to the Surf Club to see Hand vs. NC would be worth the drive. Not sure where you live but if that is too far another good one would be West Haven at Greenwich or Prep at Stamford both Friday night. West Haven’s Erv Phillips is a fun back to watch and Greenwich plays old fashioned smash-mouth football … plus, Cardinal Stadium is a cool place with Steve Young’s jersey towering over the field from a throw-back press box. That would be my choice for Friday night, but get there early … it will be packed.

  63. Don Bosco says:

    Thanks Lil Joe, will do.

    Any other games to add to my list?

  64. Don Bosco says:

    Thank you very much JB, I live in Westport. So you would pick West Haven vs Greenwich game over Hand vs NC (guessing NC is New Canaan)?

    Would you recommend getting to the St. Joseph vs Fairfield Prep game early as well?

  65. PrepFan says:

    @DonBosco The St. Joseph game has Prep alumni excited. The Stamford game is big too because that was Prep’s longtime Thanksgiving rival.

    Prep’s football field has a pretty high capacity, and there is lots of parking though some of the outer lots are a decent hike from the field. Prep also plays home games at 6 p.m. so getting there early is usually not an option for lower Fairfield County folks who commute any distance.

  66. JB says:

    @Don Bosco … I like watching Erv Phillips do his thing but he will face a good test against a Greenwich defense that always hits hard. Phillips is one of CT’s best backs, not as powerful as PC’s Peppers, but definitely D1 caliber (Syracuse offer). From most accounts, Hand sounds like it has totally re-loaded and, if so, they will likely thump NC at the Surf Club. Also, driving north on a Friday night can be bruttal. I believe the Prep game is at Stamford with a 7pm start time. You could begin the night at Greenwich (6pm kick-off) and then catch the end of the Prep/Stamford game on the way home … Stamford stadium is huge and a good venue. Stamford has a new coach and some great athletes vs Prep who is huge on defense and could be a force in LL. While that will be an interesting match-up, I think the West Haven vs Greenwich game could be a classic battle of perennial LL contenders. But if not, just check Sean’s live Twitter feeds that night and head up to Stamford early.

  67. I really wish these games were stretched out more.

  68. Bubba says:

    Yom Kippur is restricting the ability to stretch them out.

  69. I’m aware of this, I’m still thinking there has to be a way we don’t have to choose between some of these big ‘uns

  70. JB says:

    Sean, I agree … like a group going each Thursday night throughout the regular season with a strong “head-liner” game each week. Would be a great supplement to the regular season Friday/Saturday schedule.

  71. Tommy Boy says:


    The only problem with the Thursday nights games is that it would only be SCCand fciac teams! But I like the idea and would give a chance to watch nc vs st joes, or Greenwich vs staples, WH vs x, etc. sorry swc and NVL, you will have to still play your regular times and day

  72. Don Bosco says:

    PrepFan, I have been told by numerous people the SJ vs FP game is something that can’t be missed. I will definitely make sure I plan ahead due to the early start time. Thank you for your advice.

  73. Don Bosco says:

    JB, thank you again for the recommendations. I will check out the Greenwich vs West Haven, based on your description it will be interesting to see two contrasting styles.

    As for Peppers, he is a freak. He is the only freshman I remember who started at Bosco, which alone says plenty about his level of talent. He transferred to Paramus Catholic prior to last season.

    After seeing the great local games Friday, September 20th, there is an insane HS football game in Northern NJ on Saturday, September 21st. Bosco is playing a home game against Miami Central (Florida) at 1pm. Miami Central is loaded and Bosco will be returning from an away game the previous week at Mission Viejo (California). Ramsey is a pretty painless drive from Fairfield County and games like this are worth the trip.

  74. Don Bosco says:

    I mentioned I am new to CT HS football, my question pertains to Ansonia: I have read about numerous rushing records, championships and high rankings regarding their program, however weak may be an understatement to describe their schedule (based on the programs I have seen mentioned repeatedly). Do they play any teams who are highly regarded in CT, I have looked up the ones on their schedule and they are less than impressive. How can anyone take this program seriously? If you play a weak schedule, rest your players due to blowouts and play in a weak classification you will win championships but doesn’t mean your program is exceptional, if they were that confident wouldn’t they want to challenge themselves? It seems like a lot of these powerhouse CT programs at lease branch out to play other powers within the state, why does Ansonia not have the confidence to do so?

  75. Pat McGroin says:

    no way you “just moved”

  76. Rob says:

    Don Bosco has posted the exact same anti-Ansonia troll rant on three separate threads. Very subtle.

    I really cannot wait to read the unbiased insights from this “new guy from NJ” all season long. See, they are unbiased because he is “from NJ.”

  77. Don Bosco says:

    I didn’t move yesterday, I moved in March however that is irrelevant. I have seen schedules, been on blogs, I have been brought up to speed on rivalries by friends in the area as well as others on these blogs, Fairfield Prep is playing St. Joseph, New Canaan is play Hand, West Haven is playing Greenwich etc..Someone please explain why Ansonia does not play other elite CT programs and I will get off the topic.

  78. Josh Boone says:

    THis is a Home-and-Home thing for these big time schools for this season and next because of the leap year adding another week, or something along the lines of that. all these teams don’t have these open weeks all the time to schedule such out-of-conference games. Ansonia’s conference has an agreement where they’re playing Masuk, a recent state champion, and has made appearances in the past 3 straight years.

  79. PrepFan says:


    I may be a Prep fan but I live in Seymour and see plenty of Ansonia games.

    Ansonia doesn’t duck anyone but they are locked into 9 league games a year.

    Also, Connecticut allots playoff points based partially on the size of the school. Ansonia’s enrollment is about 330 boys, making it a Class S program, far smaller than any other program in the upper echelon of CT football. For comparison Hand and New Canaan are Class L and Greenwich, Staples and Prep are LL, with male enrollment over 1,000 and in some cases approaching 1,500.

    The problem for the big schools is that a loss to a Class S program is devastating to their playoff points. It also is a bit unfair to ask a school to compete head to head against a program with a talent pool 5x its size.

    It sure was weird the first time I went to a Valley football game and there’s only about 35 kids on the sidelines, and 10 of them are about 5’2, 120 pounds. Prep had to cut a dozen players to get to an 88-man roster last year and will field an O-line this year that averages about 260 pounds.

    I grew up watching Class LL football, but have grown to appreciate the effort that the small school kids put in, especially with most of them playing offense, defense and special teams.

    My daughter takes swimming lessons at the Valley Y in Ansonia, and my first year living in the Valley I brought her the Y at 8 a.m. on a Saturday in January for her lesson. While I was sitting by the pool I hear these TREMENDOUS crashes coming from the free weight room, which is adjacent the pool. I poked my head out and there were six kids wearing Ansonia football T shirts throwing iron around. At 8 a.m. on a Saturday eight months before the season starts.

    I don’t feel I have to choose between Class S and LL, or declare one “better” than the other. I like cabernet with my porterhouse but give me brats and beer and I’m just as happy, even though one is considered “superior” to the other.

  80. MXR says:

    I agree with pretty much everything PrepFan said, except the point that the play-off system penalizes a loss to an S school more severely than than one to an L or LL school. In both cases, the loser gets 0 points. That part of the problem is that the reward for beating a superior S school is no more than beating an average L or LL school, meaning there is insufficient reward to offset the risk of a loss (at least for an out of conference game).

    But the far bigger issue is the size of the conferences and the lack of open dates for out of conference games. This severely limits the ability for elite in season non-conference games, with the Class set-up limiting them in the play-offs. There is definitely a trade-off on that. The bigger conferences definitely facilitate rational scheduling for the vast majority of schools that aren’t going to be part of elite in-season games, but at a cost to the small number of schools who don’t get to participate in them, and to us of getting to see them.

  81. PrepFan says:

    MXZR is of course correct.

    I meant to write that there is no upside to a Greenwich or Prep scheduling Ansonia. Lose and it’s a disaster. Win and it’s a minimal playoff points haul.

    Also consider that Ansonia can get into the Class S playoffs with a 7-3 record and a LL school has to go 9-1 at least to make the playoffs, and it’s clear that the risk/reward to scheduling a Class S power is just not there for the big schools.

    But to reiterate my point to Bosco, comparing Ansonia and schools like Greenwich or Xavier is unfair. One school has more kids and more money for camps and coaches. Xavier would probably beat Ansonia 75% of the time. So what? The Giants would beat Alabama every time. I still love college football.

  82. Don Bosco says:

    Thanks for the explanation guys (Josh Boone, Prep Fan and MXR). I should have worded my question better and not been as critical, my apologies to the Ansonia faithful.

  83. JB says:

    DB it is OK. Ansonia is voted way too high in every poll every year. They play a crap schedule, but have a great small-school team … CT elite? Doubtful given the cupcakes it faces every week and also in the S playoffs. Could a Georgia Southern always be ranked equal to or higher than Alabama? Not likely, but only in CT is that kind of outcome possible. There could have been 10+ teams in L or LL that would have easily beat Ansonia last year … CT is small school biased. Just look at the CIAC point system versus that for public schools in NJ or Ohio.

  84. Pat McGroin says:

    Bottom line, Ansonia doesn’t play a tough schedule in the regular season, and the post-season is a joke in their class.

    Very interesting that Arkeel Newsome was born and raised in New Haven though. And there is no record of an address of a newsome in Ansonia.

    This is how they get these players though, but it’s a storied program and the CIAC doesn’t really police anything, aka Jack Cochran.

  85. PrepFan says:

    No one outside the SCC plays a tough schedule.

    Still, don’t be so quick to dismiss Ansonia as non-competitive against the bigger schools. The Chargers handily beat North Branford in the Class S finals. That same North Branford team handily beat Trinity Catholic in the first round of the playoffs. Trinity, you’ll recall, knocked off Class L playoff team New Canaan in Week 2, which was NC’s only loss in their joke of an FCIAC schedule.

    Now I understand that comparison scoring is deceptive, but it’s what we have.

    Having actually watched Ansonia, I’ll say the Chargers would be competitive against anyone. They have Class L size and athleticism, but not Class L depth, so the grind of, say, North Haven’s 2012 schedule would probably be too much for them. But for one game, I don’t think they would be overmatched by any team in the state.

  86. PrepFan says:

    P.S. I think former Naugatuck coach Rob Plasky would disagree with @PatMcGroin that “the CIAC doesn’t police anything.”

  87. @PrepFan – Naugatuck self-reported. That’s pretty much what it takes to get busted.

  88. Also: Consensus among the chatter is that Ansonia will most likely be ranked No. 1 in the preseason poll.


  89. Rob says:

    “There could have been 10+ teams in L or LL that would have easily beat Ansonia last year”

    Attacking Ansonia schedule is one thing, but the comment above removes any credibility you have and calls into question your knowledge of football. You either did not see Ansonia play last year, or don’t recogize what you are watching.

  90. Rob says:

    “Consensus among the chatter is that Ansonia will most likely be ranked No. 1 in the preseason poll.”

    I have three thoughts on this:

    1. This is going to be a wild and vitriolic year on the old SPB blog if Ansonia is really #1 to start the year. It will be 2007 Ansonia/Greenwich all over again. The past two years, people were content to let Ansonia’s season play out because there was virtually no chance they would ever be ranked #1 ahead of Hand or Xavier. Now and then, you would see the random dig at the NVL and/or Class S, but people were generally ok with Ansonia being #3 in the poll. This will be much different.

    2. The writers and coaches are free to vote however they choose. They are well aware of the schedule each team plays. If you go through the history of the poll, there are many instances where undefeated teams are ranked below teams with losses.
    If the writers and coaches feel Ansonia’s talent outweighs the comparative weakness of their schedule, that makes a strong statement. They are not doing Ansonia a favor with their vote. Their vote is based on who they think the best teams are. Maybe they are seeing something that posters on here do not.

    3. Interesting to see if a replay of 2003 happens here. In 2003, Ansonia had a crazy amount of talent returning from a state title team (just like this year). Ansonia was the pre-season #1 team in the poll and held that spot for about three or four weeks, when they were jumped by New Britain. Both teams finished undefeated and NB was #1 in the final poll.

  91. JB says:

    The point is that Ansonia does not play the same 10-11 game grind as the other top programs in this state. Trouncing a bunch of lesser programs and then breezing through S states shouldn’t be the hallmark of our state’s best football program. Period.

    I have nothing against Ansonia, they play the game the right way and could play up with most L or LL schools on any given day. But to me they shouldn’t even be in the top 10 with that schedule. Again, I have nothing against Ansonia given they can’t do anything about their schedule or school size. However, the CIAC could free them to play up and see what happens. That would be great for CT football and Ansonia can prove everyone wrong.

  92. Josh Boone says:

    Ansonia is what Boise was in the past few years, great program, weak schedule so obviously they are going to be able to play up/prepare for one Quality Team a year. You give Ansonia the schedule North Haven had last year, They loose at least two of those games, as they’ve never had to play quality teams back to back in quite some time.

  93. PrepFan says:

    Again, no one outside the SCC plays a tough schedule.

    Norwich Free Academy, which knocked off the Greatest High School Football Team in the History of This and All Other Potential Universes in last year’s semis, had an amazingly weak schedule (Woodstock? Mmmmmmm…Bacon Academy, Griswold?) Windsor played powerhouses Farmington, Maloney, Bullkley and RHAM.

    The FCIAC has mastered the art of Hero Scheduling, giving Greenwich, Staples and New Canaan six cupcakes a year.

    If the people that watch the games and the people that coach the games think they are the best team in the state, I have no argument with it.

  94. Pat McGroin says:

    The point is that Ansonia’s best players over the past few years should have been at a New Haven Public School – very interesting to look at when you do a little research.

    SCANDAL! And yes, Naugy did self-report, CIAC polices nothing.

  95. Ryan says:

    I think they should be considered number 1 to start the season. They return the states best backfield, and 4 starters on the offensive line. Not to mention they have 6 players back on defense. I am in no way an Ansonia fan or supporter but, I do go to see them play at least 3 times a year. I make it to at least one of their scrimmages, either the Naugatuck or NVL title game and then again in the State Championship if they are there. If you can go and sit at a Ansonia game, watch them play and say to yourself “they couldn’t hang with Hand or Xavier, etc.” then your lying to yourself. I think if they were in the SCC they would still be one of the top 2 or 3 programs in the state. They would compete for league and state titles every year and dominate plenty of teams. Would they go 2 years without losing a game? Probably not, they may not be as dominate as they have been but they would have plenty of 9 and 10 wins seasons and consistently make deep runs in the playoffs (and I mean in L or LL, hypothetically).

  96. Cousin Dupree says:


    You obiou…. Ahhh, nevermind. Not worth it.

  97. Josh Boone says:

    They will and should deserve the preseason ranking, however, I don’t see it lasting much longer/ ending the year if a Big School like Hand, X, NC, Greenwich, whoever goes 14 or 15-0, just based off of they’ve more than likely had a much harder road than Ansonia’s had, and the whining will restart

  98. PrepFan says:

    @JoshBoone There’s more to a ranking than schedule. Consider the schools size:

    Ansonia: 323
    New Canaan: 629
    Xavier: 870
    Hand: 617
    Greenwich: 1366

    Is it really fair to expect Ansonia to compete with Greenwich?


  99. JB says:

    But we are told “size doesn’t matter” …

  100. Don Bosco says:

    Does anyone have specifics on date/time/location for the Paramus Catholic/Xavier scrimmage in CT? Thanks

  101. Fciac jr says:

    Did I hear right that stamford beat up on newtown? Beat them at NH camp? Maybe you are right about stamford beating Prep in week 1!

    I may have to check out that game instead of NC vs Hand.

  102. Lil Joe says:

    Why does everyone think Prep is going to be so good?

  103. FM says:

    @prep fan. You state “is it really fair to expect Ansonia to compete with Greenwich”? Why not, as Trinity has to play Greenwich this year and Trinity is a “S” size school with only a rooster of 35 or so players vs the 90+ players Greenwich has? What makes Ansonia so special that they can’t play them too or Staples or Stamford, etc?

  104. GO NOLES!! says:

    Great discussion! Which has got to make SPB smile. Nothing like a controversial topic to generate traffic!

    Anyway, there are a number of opinions and perspectives rendered by posters who are clearly knowledgeable and actually go to games. Great stuff! Unfortunately, there will always be a couple of trash-talkers (“Pat McGroin”, anyone?) who need to check their bias and venom at the door and display no credibility.

    I do think “Prep Fan” has it right. Ansonia does have comparable size and talent to any of the state’s elite, large schools. And they could certainly compete with and defeat any team in the state in a single game. But they probably do not have the numbers and depth to survive some of the meat-grinding SCC D-1 schedules throughout an entire season without faltering a time or two.

    It depends on one’s perspective. If you vote a team #1 because you truly believe they are the best team in the state, capable of beating any other school on a given day, then Ansonia may be the pick this season. If, on the other hand, you value SOS, and need to see an impressive body of work, then you will give the nod to the SCC elite.

  105. PrepFan says:

    @FM Trinity has been a 3-4 win team for years before surprising everyone last year.

    I wanted very much to see a Trinity-Ansonia final. Unfortunately Trinity didn’t hold up its end and got sent packing by North Branford in round 1 of the playoffs. Ansonia then put a beating on NB.

  106. UNH Camp observer says:


    Stamford did beat up on Newtown at the UNH camp but Newtown was missing 6 or so starters. From what I observed, the Stamford coaching staff is getting the most out of their players but they are small. Prep’s size may cause problems. Stamford is young and will start mostly 11th graders. They might be a year away from doing some damage but yes they looked great against Newtown but not as good when they went up against Masik.

  107. Pat McGroin says:

    @ Go Noles!!! what’s my bias? Who do I route for?

  108. SJ Alum says:

    looking at the UNH camp… Newtown was missing starters yes but seemed sluggish and did not play well against Southington, who has great size and should be a force. Masuk is small in size and numbers but played well, however did not go against Newtown for obvious reasons (swc mates).

  109. FM says:

    @prep fan, you did not answer my question why you don’t think it is fair for Ansonia to play against teams such as Greenwich. Like I said Trinity is a “s” size school, the smallest in the FCIAC but yet they play powerhouses with roosters 2-3x their size. Ansonia does have a good program but they should challenge themselves with schools such as Staples, Greenwich or New Canaan.

  110. fciac jr says:

    SJ ALum, what starters were Newtown missing? from what I hear, they are still trying to find starters to replace all their skilled guys from last season. both CBs and safeties and all WRs except TE. Just like last season when they got killed against Norwalk, newtown was missing starter. You know what excuses are like.

    Sometimes, one just has to say we aren’t as good as we think.

  111. PrepFan says:

    @FM I didn’t say it was unfair to play bigger schools, I said it was unfair to be asked to compete against them week in and week out.

    I am not an insider, but the insiders have long said the big school refuse to schedule Ansonia out of conference because the risk/reward just isn’t there. This was summed up by MXR in another thread.

    “That part of the problem is that the reward for beating a superior S school is no more than beating an average L or LL school, meaning there is insufficient reward to offset the risk of a loss (at least for an out of conference game).”

  112. Pat McGroin says:

    You can’t compare Trinity and Ansonia…. Yes the size of their school is similar, but Trinity has the power to recruit, kind of, at least draw kids form a variety of towns… while Ansonia is a “public school” even though they recruit anyways.

    All catholic schools, because they draw from many surrounding towns should be considered LL schools in my opinion.

    Xavier had a roster where kids ranged from 32 different towns in ct, or something like that? But they play in LL, because of enrollment, so I’m okay with it.

  113. PrepFan says:

    Whitney Tech, enrollment 277, draws from multiple towns. Should they be in Class LL?

    If the Catholic schools have such a huge advantage that they should all be considered Class LL schools, why don’t these virtual LL’s dominate the smaller divisions?

    Why isn’t the Class S playoff bracket full of Notre Dame Fairfield, St. Paul, East Catholic, St. Bernard etc. if they are all LL schools playing in Class S?

  114. Pat McGroin says:

    You’re right, they don’t dominate, but they still have a clear advantage that if they wanted to “recruit” they could. They can draw kids from surrounding towns, not unlike what Xavier does, and because Xavier has a great fb program, people want to go there. I think it’s fair that Xavier in in Class LL.

    Enrollment size for a catholic school that can draw from multiple towns isn’t the same as an Ansonia, that can only have players that live in Ansonia, or other public schools.

    There should be a rule that a certain number of towns represented on the Roster bumps you up classes.

    I get it, you’re right, those schools don’t have good football, but that’s really not the point, they do steal fb players from the public schools of the towns they live in.

  115. Dr. Von Nostran says:

    Again, there may be a recruiting advantage, but the #’s don’t really show it across the board. Also, for some families, it may be easier/cheaper to rent a new residence (in Ansonia for example) than to pay the tuition at a Catholic school.
    And..there are public schools (see Trumbull’s agriculture program) that allow for out of town players.
    Catholic schools were a combined 56-73 with a .434 winning percantage. Three teams made the playoffs with only X advancing past the first round. The other two teams, SJ and Trinity, essentially play the same schedule as the LL teams in the FCIAC.

    X 9-1
    Prep 6-4

    NDWH 4-6

    SJ 8-2
    SB 0-10

    Trin 8-2
    NWC 7-3
    HC 6-4
    SH 3-7
    SP 2-7
    EC 2-8
    NDFF 1-9
    Imm 0-10

  116. The truth says:

    What these catholic and private schools do is recruit (take) the 5 or 6 kids that would have helped their districted public schools succeed. For example, Trinity Catholic’s starting backfield, QB, Nose Tackle, Safety and all 3 Line Backers were districted to go to Stamford High School. In a town with 5 High Schools (Stamford, Westhill, Trinity, Stamford Academy and King Low Heywood), It is almost impossible to dominate in a sport such as football. For that very reason, some parents (myself included) prefer to send their kids to St. Lukes, Brunswick or King Low Heywood where you get the education and a chance to have a punchers chance on the grid iron.

  117. PrepFan says:

    Pat McGroin says:

    “I get it, you’re right, those schools don’t have good football, but that’s really not the point, they do steal fb players from the public schools of the towns they live in.”

    Steal? Really? Do these kids somehow belong to the public school? Do they somehow owe it to the town where they were born to play football for the high school team?

    No. They don’t owe you a thing. You aren’t entitled to their athletic talent. No one stole anything from anyone.

    The kids owe it to themselves to give themselves the best possible educational opportunities. For some, that’s athletics. For others that’s music or science. I went to a Catholic elementary school and two kids on the St. James basketball team who were accepted to St. Joseph decided to go to Platt Tech. Two other kids that played Stratford Pop Warner and who went to Prep for freshman year transferred to Stratford High.

    Did Platt steal players from St. Joseph? Did Stratford steal players from Prep? If a kid decides to enroll at Career magnet, was he somehow stolen from Hillhouse?

  118. Pat McGroin says:

    @PrepFan – yes, to answer your question, they do and can steal players.

  119. UBilly says:

    My thought about the advantage a school of choice has is that if that schools administration decides that the exposure, prestige and school spirit generated by prominent sports teams are worth the investment, they have the ability to offer a superb educational environments to students who will help them accomplish their goals of building those athletic teams.

    The new AD at ND-F Jim Olayos states that these schools use strong athletic programs to increase enrollment and build athlete-student synergy. This is the SPB article in the CT Post Tuesday. They use sports to build their school’s BRAND!

    Looking at the entire Catholic schools success rate in football is not a true indicator as some schools do not choose to invest in the athletics arena to build their brand. Those that have chosen to do so have a huge advantage. Prep has emphasized ice hockey and LAX with huge success and they are now committed to Coach Shea and the football teams success as they see the benefits Xavier is reaping. X has success in football, wrestling, and this past year baseball and great improvement in BBall and LAX. St Joseph’s success includes championships in FB, LAX, hockey, Baseball, softball, and BBall.

    If a school of choice is looking for talent, they are able to find it through their current students and through contacts amongst the kids in AAU and other sports organizations. I doubt that there is active recruiting by coaches going on, but the passive recruiting many hear about does take place. The ability to utilize tuition assistance to make the investment the parents need to make a workable number, makes getting the kids you need a much more fluid process than waiting for a kid in town to grow up to HS.

    I commend the parents of these athletes as most really have to sacrifice to send their kids to these schools. But they see the educational environment and the success after school these kids enjoy and hopefully that makes it worth it. The schools get to build their brands through these kids athletic prowess and the kids get to enjoy a sports program that their public school may not be able to compete against.

    I understand the system, but don’t tell me that these schools play on anywhere near a level playing field if they decide that athletics are their ticket to building their enrollment/school spirit/brand.

  120. JB says:

    @UBilly – well said. But as you know football is different than hoops or even lax. Xavier is a strong example of that football success. Their program is more than just money and recruits, neither of which guarantees success. However, you throw in a great coaching staff with those resources and dynasty type things can happen. Other schools have to build their programs from an outstanding youth program and train like crazy to be anywhere near as good … and not all towns have the commitment and coaching to make that happen. I would argue that more character development for players comes out of this grass roots type program. But the spiritual opportunities are also important to many families and the private schools clearly cater to that need. My bottom line? … competition is good and the Catholic schools do it the right way so I have no problem with their success. Playing a program like Xavier is an opportunity to make your team better … win, lose or draw.

  121. jeb says:

    Memo to The Truth,

    Are you saying that St.Lukes, Trinity and Brunswick are better academically than Stamford and Westhill? I do not agree. Most parents send their kids to those schools because they are having social or academic issues and they need more structure. If your child falls into that category then by all means he should be in those schools.

  122. PrepFan says:

    Jeb said
    “Are you saying that St.Lukes, Trinity and Brunswick are better academically than Stamford and Westhill? I do not agree.”

    @Jeb There is simply nothing to disagree with. You might as well not agree with gravity. By any measure St. Luke’s, Brunswick and Trinity destroy Stamford and Westhill academically. But don’t take my word for it.

    St. Luke’s avg. SAT score: 1840
    Stamford High: 1460
    Trinity: 1546

    Students taking AP classes:
    St. Lukes 52% taking TWO or more
    Stamford: 25% taking ONE or more

    The numbers are easy to find. Search “school profile” for whatever school you want and read to your heart’s content. The private schools may take a little more digging since they are not on the state database. The numbers don’t lie, all three schools you mentioned are miles above Stamford and Westhill.

  123. jeb says:

    Prep fan…fair argument if you are just talking about test scores. Until one factors in how much one improves his or her academic standing from arrival to graduation we won’t really know…all I’m saying you can’t compare the well rounded education one gets from the public schools compared to the private. Parents who are paying for private education usually have more money to spend on tutors and such. When you factor in the arts it’s no contest.

  124. PrepFan says:

    jeb said: “Until one factors in how much one improves his or her academic standing from arrival to graduation we won’t really know”

    That comment I agree with. Demographics are the single most important facet of school performance. In other words, Darien schools are better than Bridgeport schools because Darien students, with Darien parents, go there. But do consider that having better prepared students allows higher level instruction.

    jeb said: “When you factor in the arts it’s no contest.”

    No way.

    “The Arts are an integral quadrant of the School’s core curriculum. The arts program has, as its guiding objective, a fundamental artistic literacy for every student. Those with talent, interest and ambition are provided opportunities to strive for and achieve excellence. Students progress through each major division of the arts, through exposure, understanding and appreciation and, ultimately, to full participation and performance. Upper School students’ talents are refined and fortified in a highly individualized arts program. At this level, students have the option to specialize in the visual arts (including computer graphics), instrumental, vocal music, and/or theater. In addition to pursuing these fields as academic disciplines, they can participate in numerous musical ensembles, theater groups, performances and clubs.”


    St. Lukes:
    “Exposing students to music, theater, and the visual arts, St. Luke’s fine arts program gives them the room (metaphorical and literal) they need to experiment, hone talents, and express themselves.

    Led by talented, expert faculty, students compose their own music in the MIDI lab; paint, sketch, design, and sculpt in the Art House; or dance, sing, act, build, produce, and perform in our state-of-the-art Performing Arts Center. While the Blues Band wows its audience, students bring complex themes to life on stage, supported by our tech crew. St. Luke’s singers regularly receive All-State Honors, and our artists continue to pursue their passions in college.

    Through their creative endeavors, our students add dimension—to themselves, their school, and their community.”


    No chance that a parent with $40k to spend on school, and who already lives in one of the best school districts in Connecticut, would accept sub-par education in the arts.

    jeb said: “you can’t compare the well rounded education one gets from the public schools compared to the private.”

    There again, I sort of agree, though probably not in the way you intended.

    As you probably guessed, I’m a Fairfield Prep grad. When I graduated in 1990 tuition was still about $4,000. That made the school affordable to the traditional Irish and Italian blue collar Catholics. Nowadays, those kids are either priced out of the school or stigmatized as need-based financial aid recipients. I feel the school is diminished because of that. Exposure, on an equal footing, to kids with various backgrounds is a definite plus.

  125. The Truth says:


    Where in my post did I use the word steal? I said recruit.

  126. The Truth says:


    Not a fair argument because your numbers don’t account for the special needs students, the learning disabled students or the English as a Second Language Learners that
    Westhill and Stamford High services. In fact, Trinity doesn’t even offer a special education program. Special needs students are still required t take standardized test and SAT’s for college therefore, numbers are going to be lower just based on the diversity offered at the public schools versus the private schools.

  127. PrepFan says:

    Re: The Truth (127)

    I was referring to Pat Mgroin’s comments above. See posts 116, 119, 120.

  128. PrepFan says:

    @The Truth I absolutely recognize the role that the student body’s makeup has on a school’s academic performance.

    I got a better education at FP than I would have at Bunnell not because the teachers or administrators were better, but because at FP I was surrounded by smart, motivated kids. These kids exist at Bunnell too of course, but the average student’s academic aptitude was higher at Prep. Therefore the teachers could present more challenging material, and I was able to participate in higher level discussions.

    Selectivity is the single biggest reason why the Catholic and prep schools outperform the publics, and also a big reason why the exclusive public schools like Staples and Weston outperform the Bassicks and Crosbys. The higher the academic quality of the students that come through the door, the higher the school will perform. Teachers, administrators etc. have very little to do with it.

  129. Lil Joe says:

    Well said Prep fan !

  130. The Truth says:


    It has nothing to do with the quality of education. It has everything to do with the quality of students. I obtained a quality education from Westhill. I went on to med school and own my own practice. The difference between Prep and Westhill is that you have more quality students at private/prep/catholic schools. Inner-City public schools are forced to take on low quality students. Students that are low performers don’t get into the Preps, St. Lukes, King etc. Why? Because they don’t pass the entrance exam and or don’t meet the enrollment standards. Those same underachieving students are not turned away from a free public school education. So guess what happens, They enter schools like Stamford, Norwalk, McMahon, Westhill, Harding etc. Teachers can do all they can for these kids but half of them skip and do not take their education seriously and most of them haven’t for years. The percentage of low achieving kids brings down the average scores of those quality kids that do perform well. That being said, as a Westhill grad, I watched fellow classmates go on to schools like Duke, Yale, Princeton, Brown, Michigan State etc. However, I also watched some low achieving students not graduate.

  131. PrepFan says:


    You seem to be disagreeing with me but having read your last post several times I fail to see how it differs from mine. Oh well, doesn’t really matter anyway.

  132. The Truth says:


    I’m not disagreeing with you, I was sharing my similar experience but from the public school perspective.

  133. FCIACFT30 says:


    When you said “What these catholic and private schools do is recruit (take) the 5 or 6 kids that would have helped their districted public schools succeed. For example, Trinity Catholic’s starting backfield, QB, Nose Tackle, Safety and all 3 Line Backers were districted to go to Stamford High School.”

    Are you referring to the TC starters from last season?

  134. Sorry for the lack of posts guys. But I have a big announcement coming. Keep checking back.


  135. Mike G says:

    I agree with Prep-fan on the private school issue. My one son went to ND-WH but my other two children went to the local public school. We gave our children the choice to go where they felt most comfortable. Both of my boys looked at Xavier, ND-WH and the public school. Neither of them were ‘Recruited’. Again one went to Public and one to private. Both ended up being triple letter athletes.
    Once you factor in Tuition, and transportation, you are looking at between $10,000 and $15,000 a year outlay for the private school. Most parent’s are not going to drop between 40 and 60 thousand dollars over four years just because some High School coach wants them play football at that school.
    Our boys went to where they felt they would be more comfortable in the school, not to where they would have the best chance of playing on a team.
    And in reply to the comments by ‘The Truth’ it does come down to the quality of education. The math department at the public school where my son and daughter went to was atrocious. It is common knowledge, but the school board has its hands tied with the public teachers union and tenure issues. Not a problem in the private school environment. My children who attended the public school would have been allowed to falter and fall through the cracks if my wife and I were not diligent with keeping up with their grades etc. However, the educators at ND-WH were proactive in making sure my son who went there kept on top of his studies.
    We see this argument every year. The private schools do not have any advantage over the public schools. If they did they would be perennial powerhouses. Xavier has had a good run and their success has probably led to a few kids deciding to go there. But I seriously doubt that Xavier or any other program is out Recruiting students for their sports programs. The risk /reward is not there. the potential sanctions from the CIAC is not worth it.

  136. Ryan says:

    Big announcement huh? Looking forward to it, all this Catholic/Private vs Public, recruiting, etc. talk is becoming just too much. I’m ready to talk football, scrimmages start this weekend!

  137. ??? says:

    SPB waiting for the BIG announcement…

  138. Mike G says:

    Well we could always open up a real can of worms and start discussing the Playoff Point system. Personally, I do not like the 100 pts for beating a league opponent. Why should a LL get a 100 pts for beating a M league opponent, but only 80 pts for a non-league M opponent. And if we are going to have a sliding scale for Win Points, why shouldn’t there be one for Bonus Points as well. Although if we change the system the Mad Scientist will need to go out and buy a used Cray supercomputer to crunch the numbers at the end of the season.

  139. william k says:

    SPB going somewhere? NHR???

  140. Dr. Von Nostran says:

    My three guesses at the “BIG” announcement:
    1) Ray Brown fixed his keyboard and will incorporate lower case letters into his posts,
    2) MasukRules thinks that Masuk will be ranked exactly where they belong,
    3) Hand has added new a search funtion to their new website.

  141. william k says:

    SPB will be missed. NHR website needs your help. Its brutal. So is the HS coverage. Good luck friend

  142. The Truth says:

    Yes the TC starters from last year