Ansonia’s going to be your preseason No. 1, isn’t it?


It was almost a year ago when I wondered aloud on Twitter if Ansonia, then the defending 14-0 Class M champion, was going to be the best team in Class S in 2012.

Well, that challenge was accepted. And 14 victories later the mission: accomplished.

And, yea, I heard all about it amid jubilant celebrations of a state championship at Rentschler Field.

Now, as we sit just two scant weeks away from the first official practices of 2013, and with a spirited discussion raging on another post, and because we’re bored, we figured it’s time to start preliminary prognostications again.

[Spoiler alert] It’s looking like you’ll get no bulletin board material here, Chargers.

Ned Griffen of Polecat Inc., actually jumped the gun earlier this week with a pretty comprehensive breakdown of some of the state’s top teams. (Check it.)

What jumped out at us was Ned’s assertion that Ansonia will be the preseason No. 1, at least in his Day of New London’s coaches’ poll.

“Meet the top team in the 2013 Day state coaches’ poll,” he writes.

Now, despite the fact the Day’s poll doesn’t typically begin until Week 2, it seems like Ned has already gazed deep into his crystal football.

But what about the NHR Media Poll? Will the state’s media mavens hop from the Hand/Xavier/SCC bandwagon back into Ansonia camp for the first time in five years (or so)?

Or is there someone else lying in wait?

At a very (verrry) preliminary glance, I’m inclined to agree with Ned. Granted, we have much to learn in the coming weeks. But as we sit here in late July/early August, Ansonia can’t be far from consideration, right?

The back-to-back Class M/S state champions bring back QB Jai’Quan McKnight, FB Saiheed Sanders and (of course) tailback/DB Arkeel Newsome, four starters back on the offensive line, six guys on D.

Is there anybody even remotely close to matching that in the NVL? Class S? …Anywhere?

The mere mention of Ansonia as the state’s No. 1 is bound to rankle plenty of folks, especially those fanboys in the “State Championship Conference” and the jilted FCIAC.

But what fun would this be if they weren’t rankled?

So, Ansonia will be your Preseason No. 1, right?

No? Why not?

Yes? Do tell.

By all means: Discuss.

Do you expect Ansonia to be the preseason No. 1?

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Sean Patrick Bowley