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Ah, memories... so many memories.

But it’s been one heluva ride, but it’s time to say goodbye

Hello. Goodbye. Today is the final day of the SPB’s High School Football blog, at least as you know it. After almost nine years, Tuesday will be my last day at Connecticut Post and Hearst Connecticut Media Group, first as its head high school writer, then as its online sports producer and moonlighting high school […] [Read More]

WTNH jumps on the Harding-Cochran saga early with big feature story

On the the day of the first high school practice of 2013, we were going to take a visit to Harding to check out lightning rod coach Jack Cochran on his first official day. After all, his hiring at the struggling city program was one of the offseason’s biggest stories. Turns out, WTNH’s John Pearson […] [Read More]

Annnnnnnnnd….. GO! The football season starts now

Rise and shine campers! Out, out, out of bed! Have some milk or OJ. Cut up some grapefruit. Grab your permission slips and physical forms. Don’t forget your doctor’s and parents’ signatures. Gitchyourbutt out the door. Drive, hitch, walk, run, hop, skip, or jump over to the high school. Lace up your best sneaks, leave your […] [Read More]

So Fairfield Prep’s John Moten is now starring halfway across the country

First practices are still more than a day away, but we already have ourselves the first big transfer news of 2013: John Moten, who as a sophomore in 2012 thrilled Fairfield Prep fans with glimpses of a glorious future, has transferred halfway across the country. Moten is now at John Burroughs High School in St. […] [Read More]

Welcome back, football. Let’s get everybody caught up

Football. Sweet, nourishing football, begins this week, kids. Nearly two-thirds of the state’s football teams begin fall practice on Wednesday. Yes, we’re all very excited. And if you’re one of those seasonal fans, y’know, those who only make their way to this space when the pigskin starts flying around, we present to you a recap […] [Read More]

Hillhouse loses its coach: Tom Dyer to take Hamden AD job

Tom Dyer, who led Hillhouse to a pair of state championships in six years, is resigning to become the next athletic director at Hamden, the New Haven Register reported today. From the article: “I’m extremely excited about the new opportunity and looking forward to meeting all of the coaches and student-athletes,” Dyer said. “But I’m […] [Read More]

Hand’s new football website is fancy-shmancy

Hand won’t have Strong Field ready for its epic clash with New Canaan on Week 1. Strike, Hand. But it is at least giving New Canaan’s a run for its money as ‘Best team website in Connecticut.’ The recently-launched site, is loaded with records, stats, photos, rosters and even a ‘video of the […] [Read More]
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Looks like New Canaan won’t get to christen the new Surf Club

Thursday morning saw a relatively significant change to the Week 1 schedule. The epic Hand-New Canaan matchup on Sept. 12 will not — repeat — not be played at Madison’s legendary Surf Club. The schedule has switched the site to Daniel Hand High School’s turf field, Thursday morning. The Surf Club’s athletics park is at […] [Read More]