So Fairfield Prep’s John Moten is now starring halfway across the country

He looks familiar: Former Fairfield Prep back John Moten is now wearing the blue of the John Burroughs Bombers in St. Louis. (Photo Andrew Jansen,

HE LOOKS FAMILIAR: Former Fairfield Prep back John Moten is now wearing the blue and gold of the John Burroughs Bombers in St. Louis. (Photo Andrew Jansen,

First practices are still more than a day away, but we already have ourselves the first big transfer news of 2013:

John Moten, who as a sophomore in 2012 thrilled Fairfield Prep fans with glimpses of a glorious future, has transferred halfway across the country.

Moten is now at John Burroughs High School in St. Louis and is already running drills with his new team, which began practice on Monday.

Burroughs was 13-1 and runner-up in the Class 3 state championship game year ago. But it lost its coach — former Washington Redskins quarterback Gus Frerotte (remember him?) — and its best tailback Ezekiel Elliott, now at Ohio State (yes, the).

New Burroughs coach John Merritt seems pretty confident the Bombers will be just fine with Moten in the backfield.

“We think he’s going to be a pretty special player,” Merritt told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch’s Nate Latsch Monday.

Fairfield Prep fans would sadly concur.

As a 6-foot, 173-pound sophomore, Moten rushed for 509 yards, averaging 7.5 yards per carry, and 12 touchdowns in the rugged SCC. He was a big part of the Jesuits’ 6-4 season.

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If you want the knife twisted in a bit further, watch Moten’s 2012 Fairfield Prep highlight reel below.

This is the second time in three years that Fairfield Prep has lost its top tailback from the previous season. Joe McBride, who led the 2010 team, stopped playing football after tearing his ACL midway through 2011. Moten eventually took over as the primary back from McBride’s replacement, Dillon Ryan.

Sean Patrick Bowley

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  1. JB says:

    Bummer … there goes Preps playoff hopes. The defense will still be formidable keeping them in most games, but Moten was going to be the offense … now what? Maybe Prep needs to open the wallet and visit Bridgeport …

  2. JB says:

    By the way, John Burroughs is a private high school that recruits big time. Last year’s starting RB, Ez Elliott, is full ride to The Ohio State. Just saying exposure can be bought, no doubt. If Moten hits the weight room and gets that midwest exposure / stays healthy, watch for the D1 full ride to the big time. FYI … John Burroughs’ tuition aid budget is $2mm+ per annum which is about 2x the Falcons’ and Jesuits’ budgets!

    Live by the recruit, die by the recruit … if Prep wants to compete with Xavier they need to spend more money and quick.

  3. fciac jr says:

    This is old news as his decision was made back in early 2013. Everyone in Fairfield knew about this.

    Prep will still be very explosive with their running game and their passing game will be one of the best around, or at least has the potential to be one of the best with their skill players. TE 6’4, FL 6’2 190, SE 6’1, FB 245, etc.

  4. I’m sure. I saw he wasn’t on their roster at least a month or two ago when they posted it on maxpreps, but I didn’t know where he’d gone. There was nary a mention here, either. You guys are slacking!

  5. JB says:

    Agreed … still think Prep will contend with the SCC D1, but with Moten as a strong junior and the other weapons mentioned above … I would have put Prep as a definite playoff team challenging Xavier, Hand and West Haven this year. Prep’s offense needs that type of RB to set up the pass. We’ ll see how it goes without him.

  6. Anyone else got personnel news we should be aware of before we proceed?

  7. Cousin Dupree says:


    A potential stud player is rumored to be returning to play for his hometown team, Ansonia. I emphasize HOMETOWN to dispell any accusations of recruiting which simply does not exist. This kid has lived in Ansonia for years and played youth football since about third grade in Ansonia. He played his freshman year at ND-Ffld and is supposed to be at Ansonia this year. Definite potential All-Stater. He will be joining another potential All-State running back in the sophomore class waiting in the wings until Newsome graduates.

    I hesitantly posted this because it is still a rumour, we’ll see next week. But I think it is important to emphasize again that this kid has lived in Ansonia for a long time, because he is going to make a significant impact, which of course will fuel the Ansonia haters’ accusations of recruiting.

  8. That-a boy. Well, I’m assuming Tommy B is on a beach somewhere enjoying his last days of freedom. We’ll see when the Chargers start camping.

  9. swcinsider says:

    lets feel bad for prep who got out recruited too funny
    let the public schools they play recruit

  10. PrepFan says:

    bleh bleh bleh catholicschoolsrecruititsnotfairitsnotfair bleh bleh bleh

    No one goes to a Catholic school to play football. They go for the academics and/or the integration of their religion into the curriculum.

    And guess what, the same goes for public schools. Ask any 30-something year old couple with two preschoolers why they moved to Trumbull/Fairfield/Darien etc. and you’ll get the same answer: The school system. Some parents choose to write a check to send their kids to school, others choose to move to where they think their kids will get the best educational opportunity.

    Plus, no one has ever answered a very simple question: If the Catholic schools have such an enormous advantage, why are they sub-.500 as a group?

  11. fciac jr says:

    St Joes – if it is true that the lion king is going back to St Joes as a junior after transferring to Stratford in the spring, does he not have to sit out half the year like the transfer rules state?

    He would definitely help Joes even if it is for the 2nd half of the season.

  12. swcinsider says:

    prep fan but they move to a different town Redding has
    6 or so athlete’s going to prep I saw a lot of kids
    going to Harvard and Yale from Redding

  13. PrepFan says:

    According to Prep’s website:

    •Students come from 51 towns across Connecticut, with the majority of the students from Bridgeport, Trumbull, Stratford, Norwalk, Fairfield

    I assume in addition to six athletes, there are also 3 math whizzes, two violinists and a stray future priest. So what?

    Bottom line: Kids do not owe it to any school to play for that school’s football team. This is still America, you are entitled to attend any school for which you are eligible, whether that’s Xavier, O’Brien Tech or Career magnet.

  14. UNH Camp observer says:

    I can’t wait to see Prep. I was not impressed with their skill set at the Grip It and Rip it tourney. Either I’m missing something or this Prep team is being over hyped. I will go to one of their early season games and judge for myself.

  15. johnnyribbs says:

    Dupree said: “He will be joining another potential All-State running back in the sophomore class waiting in the wings until Newsome graduates”

    Is that kid that didn’t get recruited over from Seymour?

  16. prepper says:


    Prep only had their starting FB and QB there on offense and 2 MLBs at the GIRI tourney. They still were competitive but was obviously missing some play making abilities with the group they had. The starters missing were on vacation or other sports.

    But I agree, alot of us are anxious to see if they can keep improving from year to year under shea.

  17. JB says:

    Ansonia is becoming the CT running back factory … and the small-school dynasty will live on. Cousin Dupree is plugged-in and has good insights … really like his posts.

    @UNH Camp – that would be my concern as well … can they consistently score enough points against great defensive schools like Xavier and Hand? On paper, however, the Prep defense looks really strong and should keep them in most games.

    @PrepFan – I have no problem with the Catholic schools and having them in the mix adds great competition. My posts above were a bit too sarcastic, so sorry about that. My point was “recruiting” cuts both ways and losing Moten will be a downer for the team. Given the offense that Prep runs, it really needs a feature back like that to move the football against the best defenses in the SCC.

  18. Cousin Dupree says:


    Not even close. Seymour? Really??? Enough with the accusations of recruiting. IT DOES NOT HAPPEN! One of the sophomores I spoke of (Bailey) was born and raised in Ansonia and has played since second grade in Ansonia, and the other one (Bagley) is returning to the Ansonia public school system after a one year hiatus at ND-Ffld. I believe he has lived in Ansonia for at least ten years, if not longer. Both will probably start somewhere this year, if not both ways. Both have all-state and college potential.

    I shouldn’t even have to qualify their length of residency, but I am really sick and tired of reading false accusations and flat-out lies from Ansonia haters. Accept the fact that the town produces great football players who have a tremendous work ethic. Excellence is expected and demanded of the players in Ansonia. Maybe that is why the roster is so small, most kids can’t accept the demands that are made of them.

    Please get over the fact that Ansonia has some superior athletes in town and are coached by some of the best high school coaches in the state. Don’t forget, Ansonia has coaches who have been with the program for decades.

    Also Ribbs, aren’t you the one who has had the absolutely ridiculous posts in the past saying the Thomas brothers did not live in Ansonia? I had noticed that nobody ever responded to those (even Wags) because they were so far off base).

    JB-thank you for your compliment. I enjoy your posts as well.

  19. johnnyribbs says:

    That absolutely wasn’t me Dupree. As always I give Ansonia all the credit in the world for its amazing history, stellar coaching (best in the state) and clear comittment to excellence on the field. Never called out a Thomas….have only ever asked that you be realistic that 100% of your success is not predicated on home grown talent. Never questioned the legality.

    Were way more aligned than not.

    The kid I speak of (from what I understand) played pop warner and frosh ball @ Seymour. Just thought that is who you were referencing. Big surprise, you guys have even more coming up…..

  20. PrepFan says:

    I believe the kid ribs is referring to is a junior this year. But seriously, who are we to judge his life circumstances? Why would he leave Seymour, where he probably could have been a three-year starter, to go sit on the bench behind Newsome for two years and then compete with four other backs as a senior?

    We tend to be football-centric here because it’s a fan site, but how do we know his circumstances? Maybe his father lives in Ansonia and his mother lives in Seymour. Maybe his parents rent a duplex month-to-month and got a better deal on a rental in Ansonia. You just don’t know and it’s really not fair to speculate and assume the worst.

  21. Cousin Dupree says:


    My mistake then, sorry. It must have been someone from the NVL blog. I have not heard of someone from Seymour coming in. Not saying it’s not possible, but he certainly wouldn’t be an impact player as there is no talk around town.

    Also, you are correct that the talent is not 100% “home grown” and also that kids moving in to play is completely legal. The number of kids that do move to Ansonia, even if it is for just four years to play, is much smaller than people think. The thing that makes it seems like a big number is that those that do come in are huge talents that stand out. As far as I know, there are only two players on the current team that did not come up through the Ansonia school system but moved to Ansonia prior to High School. And yes, they are game-changers.

    I will say, honestly, that other than these two I can only think of one other player who came in just to play in the last 10 years or so. I really can’t recall anything before that. Of course, there certainly may be ones that I don’t know of, but I’ve followed the Chargers closely for years. Hey, what else do we have to do in Ansonia?

  22. The Big Guy says:

    Prep has some big things up their sleeve. Colten Smith and Joe Ganim will provide a spark in the running game. Plus prep has a group of talented wide receivers that put in a tremendous amount of work in the off season. And as most know the defense is very strong. Prep can contend with the best in the SCC and you will be in shock when it happens

  23. fciac jr says:

    Big Guy,

    never heard of those guys as running backs? I do think Prep will be up there with the elite teams though knowing the players from Fairfield on the team.