Stamford and Bethel scrimmage

Stamford's Cameron Webb in action last season.

Stamford’s Cameron Webb in action last season.

Went to my first football scrimmage of the season and it featured Bethel coming down to Stamford for a preseason tussle.

Stamford is young but has some serious speed if players can find room to run.

Cameron Webb should be one of the top backs in the FCIAC but it was freshman Jon-Michael Bivona that showed the biggest burts of speed, breaking free down the sideline on a fake punt play that saw Webb take a direct snap and throw to Bivona in the flat for a 70-yard touchdown.

The Knights will be without Bivona’s brother, Jake, a senior receiver who will give first year quarterback Jalen Brown a dangerous target when he returns.

Stamford is going to struggle this year with a young team and an unforgiving schedule but new coach Jamar Greene feels he is planting seeds, or as he put it “molding clay” that will pay off with a quality team in a few years.

  • Bethel has some decent size and was running an option most of the game.

Quarterback Joe Piatnik looked in mid season form and showed some speed when he got outside the pocket.

  • Former Hearst colleague Sean Bowley was at the game, marking his second time in Stamford in as many days as he was in attendance at the FCIAC media night event the day before.
  • The new press box at Boyle Stadium looks sharp but you can only access it by leaving the stadium, which is curious.

The old press box looked to be in the process of being demolished.stamshirt

  • Big ups to Stamford for having the concession stand open for a scrimmage, my first hot dog of the fall season was a nice touch. They were also selling tshirts, which were pretty cool looking.


Scott Ericson

19 Responses

  1. Bill says:

    What was the score of the scrimmage?

  2. Laura says:

    Im just surprised….bethel gota whole 2 sentence mention. I left with four minutes to go but when I did bethel was winning. It seems they really should deserve a little more than a short mention in an article spotlighting the scrimmage. Maybe im wrong since I left a little early….but didnt bethel win? And if speaking of a scrimmage one would think results would be mentioned?? shame on the reporter for not giving both teams equal coverage.

  3. Laura says:

    Just a follow up since the article did not mention the results I believe it was 22 to 21 with bethel winning.

  4. One Luv says:

    Both teams played their JV throughout most of the 2nd half. Bethel won 30 to 27.

  5. Scott Ericson says:

    Bethel won by 3 after a kickoff return in the fourth quarter with JV kids playing.
    Results not really the point of the scrimmage, so, final score pretty irrelevant.
    If covering a real game Bethel would have been the focus but I was there simply working on a preview for Stamford and only mentioned one player from Bethel.

  6. Bobby Jones says:

    SPB at 2 FCIAC events in 2 strait days? That’s the most love he’s shown the FCIAC in a decade.

  7. JB says:

    Sean is just preping for the Challenge week … going to be launching his new gig with a splash, I would bet.

    Scott, you need to beat him to the bunch … week one predictions?

  8. Laura says:

    I’m sorry the title of Stamford and bethel scrimmage lead me to believe it was a story about the scrimmage…including info on both teams and yes a final score. And maybe results are not the focal point but should be included in a story about the scrimmage. I’m sorry yes.i find it strange that there was more coverage on the tee shirts and hot dogs than the winning opposing team and the players that made it happen.

  9. JB says:

    Best game next week? Greenwich vs West Haven

    Most lop-sided game? Prep over Stamford

    Most surprising outcome? Hand throws a shutout at NC. They should have played the game in Hand’s parking lot or anywhere but Dunning.

  10. The Dude says:

    Hillhouse vs. Darien will be a great game on Thursday. A lot of these challenge games will be great games. Even the second tier ones like Trumbull vs. Shelton and Wilton vs. Guilford should be good games.

    North Haven will likely destroy Central and McMahon should hammer Cross. Those are the only two I really don’t see being competitive.

  11. RAY BROWN says:

    west haven cant throw—-supposed to be best team in scc—–got asses handed to them in ansonia—–greenwich wins

  12. The Dude says:

    Ray, West Haven has never thrown the ball.

  13. fciac jr says:

    And Ansonia is known for their passing? Ansonia could run the ball as much as WH and it wouldn’t matter in the NVL, or they could pass if they wanted to. without competition to play, they could pretty much run the wedge in all games and have the same record.

    Gotta be tough going through a season knowing the opponents wont give you much of a game.

  14. Naugy Doggie says:

    Ray – please please go one year without talking about Ansonia destroying West Haven in that stupid scrimmage that nobody outside of your tiny world cares about.

  15. hillhouse dad says:

    i always wonder why get carried away with the score in a scrimage game when the coaches really dont care they only want to see how there younger kids matchup against the competition . most scrimmage does not say much about the coming season.

  16. GO NOLES!! says:

    Naugy Doggie (I do like the name!)-
    Actually, the Ansonia-West Haven scrimmage is taken pretty seriously by coaches (including those from other programs in attendance), players,and press, as evidenced by starters from both teams playing well into the second half of the contest.

    Instead of worrying about a couple of the state’s best teams scrimmaging each other, why don’t you just hope that Craig Bruno can work some magic in an underachieving program and make Naugatuck football relevant again.

  17. Naugy Doggie says:

    Thanks NOLES, I’m optimistic but cautious on the Bruno era. My only point on the Ansonia WH scrimmage is that, if you listen to RAY Ansonia drubs them every single year.

  18. The Dude says:

    #9 Most surprising outcome? Hand throws a shutout at NC.


  19. JB says:

    @Dude – Hand looked like Harding last year … who would of thunk that.