New Milford looking to regroup for Week 2

All of the pre-game hype, the in-game drama and the post-game pleasantries are over. John Murphy’s highly anticipated, much-talked-about showdown with his former Masuk team has come and gone.
Now, it’s time to play the rest of the football season. Amid all the chatter leading up to this one game, it was merely an afterthought that there even would be a rest of the season. It was as if this game was it, the one and only game, the beginning and the end.
However, the sun will come up tomorrow. And there will be high school football, too. Even in New Milford, where Murphy’s Green Wave is licking its wounds following an emotionally charged 71-34 loss to Masuk, his former team.
But one game does not a season make, even one of this magnitude. And New Milford had better regroup in a hurry, because it has only a few short days to prepare for Friday night’s battle with Barlow.
“That’s what I just talked to my kids about,” Murphy said following Sunday’s loss. “We’re playing a really good football team on Friday, and if we’re going to feel sorry for ourselves right now, we’re not going to get where we want next Friday, either.”
Barlow – which went 8-2 a year ago – is coming off a season-opening, 24-14 win over Bethel. Barlow quarterback Jack Shaban carried the ball 17 times for 189 yards and two touchdowns and passed for another score.
And certainly, New Milford’s road doesn’t get any easier from there, with Pomperaug, Weston and Newtown on tap after Barlow.

7 Responses

  1. Class says:

    Coach Murphy showed his true colors…not shaking the hands of the kids he coached, some of them for three years.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Good Afternoon,

    Being a part of the Masuk community for over 10 years, and with the recent departure of John Murphy, mixed with all of this turmoil I felt as if this game was a soap-opera. For the past 9 months all of the football fans in Monroe have had this game circled and starred licking their lips waiting for the end result.

    In between you got to see Brennan take hold at Masuk eventually trying to be dismissed by the ruthless antics of parents and players, all of which they should be embarrassed by. While putting that all aside, the Masuk Massacre that occurred was bittersweet for those tied to the Masuk program. Why? Not because of the 1-0 start, but for the one time to spit in Murphy’s face for all of the negative attention he has brought internally to the community.

    Most notably Murphy is known for his “spread-offense” or his “winning ways” but that part that people may always forget are the countless times rumors have surfaced about him. Walking around the school, Murphy was a walking problem. Whether it be calling innocent students names, making disturbing comments, all of this is what people are unaware of making this victory absolutely incredible. Murphy and his immaturity had sprung so far after he left Masuk, to delete his Twitter Account. Hey Coach, why do you even have one and tweet at students?

    Most of you readers might think that this was all “Murphy’s Idea” to leave. Let me tell you, this was a long time coming from others trying to get him out. It is about time that Masuk can finally move on their own and prove to people that even though Murphy was a great football coach, Monroe raises excellent athletes and is better off without the accusations and constant stops in the principals office to be reprimanded. Having Murphy out of the school is like sending a student to alternative school, only improves the climate.

  3. Frank Domineci says:

    I get it – Murphy had some baggage.

    This is high school football, about high school kids. Coaches aren’t bigger than the kids or the game. Reporters should focus their interviews on the players – leave the coaches out of it. Most good coaches would say “the story is about the kids – go talk to them.”

    Maybe the coach was a bonehead, I don’t know, but sports reporters and parents need to ignore the coach and put the focus on who it belongs: the players. It’s their “time” – not anyone else’s.

    Don’t give bone-brained coaches any undeserved fame. New Milford made some good plays – I wish the paper dedicated more space to that when they write the story.

    People from Masuk may be so happy New Milford lost, they are seeing it as “beating Murphy” instead of what it should have been: they beat a group of dedicated, hard-working New Milford gridders whom gave it their best shot and whom deserve that respect.

  4. The Voice says:

    Great character win for the kids of Masuk and their new coaching staff. Make no mistake- it was closely contested for that first quarter until it became clear that Masuk would be way too much for NM to handle in any aspect of the game.
    My biggest take away from it all is that it’s never about one person-it’s about a program which begins in Monroe at the tender age of 7. With multiple regional, national and high school state championships in the trophy case, the record speaks for itself.

  5. Shmogaflu says:

    I know several NM football players and all I can say is that each of them likes playing for Murphy and say he’s a good coach. I have confidence that he’ll turn things around and we’re glad to have him. Masuk proved they’re a good team and dominated our varsity. Hopefully our freshman and JV wins over Masuk this week are signs of a bright future.

  6. Really says:

    Charter win? Kicking a field goal when you have 68 pts. Brennan was trying to flex his muscle and show everyone who he is, well it back fired, made him look like an arrogant, cocky coach. Why embarrass the kids of New Milford like that?

    Anonymous- being part of the Monroe community doesn’t give you the knowledge of the Masuk football program. Some points might be valid, but most aren’t.

  7. Class says:


    Murphy made his living by embarassing other schools. not saying I agree with the FG but look at Murphys track record. If he could score 100 he would and he didn’t care. He never thought about the kids on the other team, in fact maybe not his own team either.

    Bottom line is lose the 50 pt rule and coach teams to play better football, then we do not have to worry about blow-outs. If you don’t like losing by 50 then work harder and coach better…