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CIAC will not punish Wolcott


The CIAC will not punish Wolcott High School for breaking the 50-point rule Friday.

Here is the statement released by the CIAC.

After a review of reports received from both schools involved and the game officials in regards to Wolcott High School’s 62-6 varsity football victory over Sacred Heart on Friday, it has been determined that the proper sportsmanship protocols as written in the CIAC Football Tournament Packet were followed, and that there was no violation of the CIAC Score Management policy by the winning school’s head coach. Due to this fact the review committee will not take any action against Wolcott High School in regards to Friday’s game.

Scott Ericson

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  1. The Dude says:


  2. Jack says:

    Why? Isn’t a rule a rule? If the CIAC chooses to ignore its own rule shouldn’t there be more in the way of an explanation? Looks like they’re trying to be as clear, fair and unbiased as the NCAA!