Coaches and Media polls week 2

Any first place votes in parentheses

The Day of New London Coaches Poll


T1. Ansonia  (6) 2-0

T1. New Canaan (5) 2-0

3. NFA (2) 1-0

4. St. Joseph 2-0

5. Southington 2-0

6. North Haven 2-0

7. Darien 2-0

8. Middletown 2-0

T9. Shelton 2-0

T9. Windsor 2-0


New Haven Register Media Poll

New Canaan quarterback Nick Cascione completed 18-of-29 passes for 173 yards and 3 TDs. Cascione also rushed 11 times for 84 yards. (Bob Luckey/Staff Photographer)

1. Ansonia (24) 2-0

2. New Canaan (5) 2-0

3 . NFA (1) 1-0

4. Middletown 2-0

5. Southington 2-0

6. St. Joseph 2-0

7. Newtown 2-0

8. Masuk 2-0

9 . Xavier 1-1

10. Windsor 2-0


Scott Ericson

65 Responses

  1. anotherfan says:

    Basic should be ranked in the top ten with that narrow loss to NC

  2. ciacfollower says:

    what is the New Haven Register “Media” poll ?

  3. RAY BROWN says:

    polls where they should be

  4. JB says:

    I agree with Ray … but if someone like New Canaan or NFA goes undefeated they will probably end the season as #1 given Ansonia’s less challenging schedule and lower level playoff competition. Like Hand or Xavier the previous two years. If not, then Ansonia will get its title as the only undefeated team in the state.

  5. RAY BROWN says:

    omg——–these bloggers get worse every year

  6. GHS Fan says:


    They have not played ANYBODY!

  7. fciac jr says:

    Would love to see Ansonia play the real boys in the fciac. Never will happen unless they play TC. Come on people, what a joke this is. Tell me one team that would do .500 in the toughest league in the state.

  8. fciac jr says:

    one Class S besides the almighty greatest team in the history of the universe, Ansonia.

  9. anotherfan says:

    top to bottom NVL is just as good as the fciac they are all the same, Ray ,I was kidding about basick ,I can’t even spell it

  10. anotherfan says:

    Even the former great himself said they were all not that far apart….y’all know who I’m talkin about.actualy I was being sarcastic about Bassic.Great basketball though

  11. anotherfan says:

    one class S….st joe’s?…i think they moved up.

  12. fciac jr says:

    another fan, you are kidding right? NVL is right with SWC in terms of competitiveness as a league. One or two dominant teams each year with push over teams for the rest of them. People get tired of hearing the fciac and scc are the two top leagues in the state, well, nvl and swc are the two bottom leagues.

  13. swcinsider says:

    how is newtown in any poll they hide in the soft swc

  14. RAY BROWN says:

    ghs———-greenwich is embarrasing

  15. RAY BROWN says:

    not the greatest team in universe——but for the past 100 years the best program in state year in and out—facts and records dont lie look em up

  16. R-MAC says:

    #1 Ansonia #2 New Canaan #3 North Haven #4 Xavier #5 Masuk #6 Staples #7 Shelton #8 Darien #9 Norwich #10 Harding. Yeah thats right Harding ! Its still early in the season but give cracker jack his do for turning that school around. After laying down the law in week 1 and following up with SHS in week 2 they deserve some RESPECT !

  17. R-MAC says:

    The Presidents have to put down the Bears this week at NWLK and they also have the Senators of Brien McMahon to put up with in a few weeks which will shed some light on how real of a deal the Presidents are. I like the Senators chances of making the playoffs this year. Without having to face Staples, New Canaan or Darien this year they should do well. They need to stop turning the ball over in the red zone and clean up the flags. I would have put them in my top ten, but like I said the season is still young and I like the true grit of Hardings 2 wins so far. I only put Norwich in at #9 because I drew a blank on Southington and Windsor, besides those teams are out of my comfort zone for traveling to see them play and beat up on nobody that I care to see play anyway.

  18. RAY BROWN says:

    fciac jr.——– its easy to support a conference—–you can pick a team every year—-you know what thats called—-coward

  19. JB says:

    Lot’s of football to play. This is HS ball, so it will be week to week this year. No dominate teams like Xavier and Hand last two years. Until Ansonia plays up a notch it is impossible to say how good they are … best in state? Maybe, but not fair they play no one and have minimal risk of a down week. They can handle most of the NVL with their JV …

  20. Weasel says:

    Ray, lighten up on the insults. No use being an a-you know what. Ansonia has a long, glorious history. But any questions people may have about their soft schedule are legit. They haven’t played anyone good and won’t until states. That said, their schedule doesn’t tell us whether they’re the strongest or not. Three years ago, Masuk had a soft schedule and ran the table in L by smoking Darien and New Canaan. Two years ago they had a soft schedule and got smoked by Hand. The point people are trying to make is that there’s no way to tell how good the Chargers are. Past history doesn’t count this year. All said, it seems as if they’re really good, possibly the best team in the state. Based on their recent history, say their last 12 games or so, they should be #1. New Canaan lost what, 3x last year? Ansonia smoked everyone in the playoffs. Ray may have issues, but there’s no way to say that any team is stronger than his guys right now, sorry.

  21. GHS Fan says:


    100 years of beating nobodys. You must be so proud!

    I would much rather watch Greenwich play difficult games against real competition and lose.

    You go enjoy your team though.

  22. Naugy Doggie says:

    This must be a new R-MAC. The old one at least had half a clue. Shelton, Staples and Xavier are not that good. I’ll assume you’re joking about Harding. The Senators of Brien McMahon??? You really don’t have any idea what you are talking about.

  23. PrepFan says:

    fciac jr says:
    “People get tired of hearing the fciac and scc are the two top leagues in the state, well, nvl and swc are the two bottom leagues.”

    That’s not even remotely close to being true, unless the Berkshire, Constitution State, North Central and Shoreline conferences all disbanded.

  24. PrepFan says:

    Whoops! I meant Pequot, not Shoreline.

  25. RAY BROWN says:


  26. RAY BROWN says:


  27. RAY BROWN says:


  28. PrepFan says:

    RAY BROWN says:

    September 26, 2013 at 7:11 pm


    Simple. At Prep, the fall is referred to as “almost hockey season.”

    I’m actually one of the few big school fans that support Ansonia on this blog, but since you asked…I suppose Prep could have piled up a few more wins over the years if they played Sacred Heart, Kennedy, Wilby, Crosby and St. Paul instead of Hand, Xavier, Shelton, West Haven and Hillhouse.

    Stinging West Haven-Ansonia scrimmage comeback in 3…2…1…

  29. fan says:

    its funny to hear the same people argue over what the best league really is boring. who cares. just cause a team is in the nvl or swc or scc doesn’t make them good or bad. if they win the games on their schedule then they are the best in their league and then states sorts out most issues. also just because an scc team beats an swc team in the finals doesn’t make the whole league better. give it a rest

  30. R-MAC says:

    No need to dissing me doggie , like I said the season is still young and my top ten is having fun with the blog. Maybe Harding is a joke to you but for them to do so much with so little and get a 2-0 going into week 3 , that is awesome. Brien McMahon is another team that is always in the shadows of Staples , New Canaan , Darien , Greenwich and the Senators may not look like much to you doggie, but they do have a very good chance of making the playoffs this season. Ansonia is a true #1 in your redneck part of the woods but if they had to play the likes of New Canaan , Staples , Darien etc. , it would not be as easy as you think. Shelton blew out Ansonia in a scrimmage without Newsome earlier this season , but hey that’s just practice but still pathetic for such a good program as Ansonia’s. Go take a long walk doggie and stop sniffing up my butt. R-Mac

  31. Weasel says:


    Your argument is flawed regarding cowards. If someone wants to be a conference supporter, so what? What difference does it make to you?

    In any event, it’s a free country. Is everyone who disagrees with the way you see a coward? The whole argument is silly and make you look silly and intolerant.

    Which brings up the larger point: Stop insulting people. It’s irritating and undermines all the good, informed stuff you have to say – and you do know a lot. If you tried teaching instead of berating you’d be a lot more effective here. As it stands, you’re somewhat of a troll. An informed troll, but a troll nevertheless.

  32. GHS Fan says:

    It is irritating that the “best” team in CT is proving it by beating schools with the following Ct. State rankings (according to MaxPreps):
    Torrington – 89
    Sacred Heart – 143
    Holy Cross – 70, etc. etc.

    In the end – Ansonia plays ONE top 20 team in their entire schedule – Masuk at #8.

    Greenwich faces THREE top 20 schools in their first THREE games alone, FOUR Top 20 schools (THREE of whom are TOP TEN schools) in their season.

    It is like this year in and year out. Ansonia plays cupcakes and the walking wounded all season, goes into the playofffs refreshed and relaxed, and their loudmouthed fans go around boasting about… what?

    Now I do not think GHS is the best team in the state this year – but how about Ansonia MAN’S UP and plays more than one game a season?

    “Top” football school in Connecticut gets there bullying weaklings for a century – now THATS an embarrasment – for Connecticut.

  33. Naugy Doggie says:

    R-MAC – Check the transfer records for Harding. Its a pretty long communte from New London, but I guess the top notch education is worth it. And to all those who think playing a soft schedule doesn’t matter – it sure does when you aren’t getting pounded week in and week out. Injuries start to have an impact. Its also harder to get an injury when you are sitting for the second have against the cupcake teams. Look for the Chargers to go down this year Brunoball gameplan will be in true effect……

  34. Just Sayin says:

    Ray…I wouldn’t want to insult too many more schedules.
    While I’m sure everybody can agree Ansonia is one of the state’s top teams, their schedule is not.
    CalPreps ranks Ansonia’s schedule #130 out of 166 in the state.
    Pretty sure if we had a BCS system the Chargers would be on the outside lookin in come bowl season.

  35. RAY BROWN says:

    actually west haven appreciated prep.they beat them every year on turkey day to get into playoffs

  36. RAY BROWN says:

    can any LL school in ct. stink worse than GREENWICH?

  37. Big Mac says:

    New Canaan will move past Ansonia this week in the polls…Ansonia’s first 3 opponents have a combined one win….Game 4 this week vs Wilby….NC fans must be heard now!!!!

  38. Reggie Palmer says:

    Ray – i nominate wilby crosby and kennedy of your beloved nvl

  39. JB says:

    Sorry, Ray, NC will be the coaches #1 team in the state and maybe even so in the media poll … schedule gives them a chance to prove how good they are and playing awesome football. Greenwich is not as good as last year, but “stink” is not a word that is appropriate. West Haven “dominated” Ansonia in pre-season, Greenwich beats West Haven and then NC totally romps at Cardinal stadium … my vote is NC for #1 and Ansonia a close #2.

  40. RAY BROWN says:

    cal/prep doesnt win championships—–your telling metheres a 129 teams in ct better than ansonia?another ignorant statement.

  41. Unbelievable says:

    I was at the Staples-Westhill game and was wondering where they picked up this staff, the head coach is such a genius he should be in the college ranks. I heard he was Dan Orlovsky,s position coach up in Shelton. Is this true does anyone know?

  42. The Truth Hurts says:

    There are 3 LL teams in the NVL Alone that Greenwich would push the 50 point rule with:Crosby,Kennedy,Wilby

  43. Whopper16 says:

    @ Ray Brown…

    Yes..New Milford and Murphy are stinking it up pretty bad right now, worse than Greenwich at LL..

  44. RAY BROWN says:


  45. RAY BROWN says:

    jb —must have been at wrong wh–ansonia game—–it wasnt even close
    whopper greenwich—-new milford would be a good matchup

  46. knows fciac says:

    fciac not strong-three good teams and staples rising. two great coaches in league. staples 22 over stamford and new canaan off board. saw geenwich. not that bad and will be over .500 in fciac.harding decent. darien will do well. very good coach. qb at nc is very good. quick. saw f-prep. nc would beat them by 28+

  47. fciac jr says:


    all great coaches for CT except I wouldn’t put Bruno in that bunch. Brockett does what he needs to do to beat up on the little NVL teams but that is what great coaches do. They beat the teams they are supposed to beat.

    My top ten:
    1. New Canaan(schedule moves them up)
    2. St Joes(Ridgefield says best team ever, Darien says an all madden team)
    3. Ansonia (weak schedule so will never know just how good they are)
    4. NFA (same as Ansonia, weak schedule)
    5. North Haven (biggest upset of the year so far)
    6. Southington
    7. Darien (most likely will drop out this week after Joes)
    8. Fairfield Prep (just knock down the ball and they are top 5 in everybody’s poll. St Joes knows how good this team is)
    9. Shelton (next week will either get them over the bubble or drop them out)
    10. Newtown (hard to get up for class s barlow, but I am sure they should dominate)

  48. dave k says:

    How about the Ansonia – Shelton scrimmage? Remember? Both sides sat some starters but the scoreboard read 14 – 0 Shelton .

  49. JB says:

    How come everyone is claiming to have beat Ansonia in a scrimmage … even Hand at the Yale camp?

    Week 6 is the only test on Ansonia’s schedule. Masuk is coming to town. We will see how good Ansonia really is that day. Until then, all claims seem nothing but conjecture.

  50. Just Sayin says:

    No Mr. Ray, 129 teams have a tougher schedule. Learn to read and comprehend before you start throwing around big words like ignorant. Your education is starting to show through.

  51. anotherfan says:

    Why should NC even be ranked in the top ten? they stunk last year, beat Basik and lowly Greenwich this year .What was proven ?

  52. The Truth Hurts says:

    NFA will have a chance to “Prove” themselves in LL Playoffs.Ansonia well…..

  53. RAY BROWN says:

    shelton looked good dave k—-espeacially with ansonias newsome,mcknight and half the varsity eating hot dogs on sideline——but any small step is a good one i guess

  54. RAY BROWN says:

    the truth is you prove yourself winning championships—–ansonia owns ecc—check it out

  55. JB says:

    Shelton and Prep … best the SCC has to offer this year? The reign is over. The FCIAC regains the claim to best conference in the land. Where are all those X and H bloggers?

    #1 New Canaan (sorry, Ray, they would spank Ansonia)
    #2 St Joes (sorry, Ray, they would spank Ansonia)

    then there is everyone else … including Ansonia. Shelton would spank Ansonia as well as would Prep. But none could keep up with the SJs and NC wide open offenses. NH voters are blind.

    but what the heck happened to NFA? gulp … a goose egg?

  56. dave k says:

    You are right ray they only played the Ansonia kids. The Waterbury/Bridgeport draftees were eating hot dogs.

  57. The Truth Hurts says:

    @ JB Prep cannot “Keep Up” with St Joe’s ?
    Is this the same St Joe’s that beat Prep on a Hail Mary with no time on the clock a few weeks ago ?
    I also think St Joe’s has had by far the toughest schedule of any team so far this year.

  58. RAY BROWN says:

    dave k—-enjoy your d-2 wins—-your out of top 10 this week

  59. RAY BROWN says:

    jb—–ansonia can play st.joes in the morning and nc at nite in same day and beat both

  60. UBilly says:

    JB – I think everyone know that X and Hand would be down this year with large graduating classes the past two years. I agree that NC is on top this year, but I have not had a chance to see St Joes so I will put Ansonia at 2 based upon what they are doing and what I saw last year and pre-season.
    As far as conferences go, I would take NC without much deliberation, but I will wait until playoffs before I crown the FCIAC king. The softer scheduling may still hurt them once they have to win multiple tough games in a row! – (read SCC scheduling)

  61. Dr. Von Nostran says:

    Outside of Ansonia and scrimmages, what teams have you seen play this year, and what are your impressions?
    What team would give Ansonia the best game?

    I find myself agreeing with some of your more lucid posts, and it’s making me nervous.

  62. dave k says:

    Really Ray St joes in the morning and NC in the afternoon. You have been drinking that Ansonia kool aid again . Where are you the Lemko club?

  63. JB says:

    Ray … you forgot the Gaels for lunch! Love the attitude – Ansonia would play all comers, no doubt. Just wish it could happen. Well, maybe some day if there ever is an Open state division …

    Should St Joes be able to balance the run / pass and play solid defense (all in the same outing), they have a good chance to take on NC.

    By the way, Chicopee is 1-3 this year … so much for NC’s “scheduling tough out-of-state opponents”. Not exactly Paramus Catholic … does the 50 point rule apply when an MA school comes to play in CT?

  64. Unbelievable says:

    The Waterbury/Bridgeport draftees, lol classic, there,s kids that have won the Heisman and are sopohmores in college that are 19 like Newsome. He’ll be 20 when he leaves Ansonia, but shh don’t tell anyone they think it’s a big secret.

  65. anotherfan says:

    NC schedule is weak you all know it….