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Elite 8: New Canaan is No. 1


The undefeated New Canaan football team is No. 1 in the inaugural 2013 Elite 8.

The undefeated New Canaan football team is No. 1 in the inaugural 2013 Elite 8.

Hearst Connecticut’s sports staff rates the top regional high school football programs:

  1. New Canaan: Rams have not been held under 40 and have a defense to match.

    Newtown RB Cooper Gold.

    Newtown RB Cooper Gold.

  2. Ansonia: Arkeel Newsome is good at football, rest of Chargers pretty good, too.
  3. St. Joseph: The Cadets begin 6-week road trip at Wilton.
  4. Newtown: Newtown let up some points last week, see if New Milford can challenge them.
  5. Shelton: Gaels straight rolling, huge test vs Jesuits this week.
  6. Masuk: Masuk escaped Oxford, Pomperaug up next.
  7. Fairfield Prep: Jesuits looking to make statement against Shelton.
  8. Darien: Blue Wave had chances against St. Joe’s.

— Scott Ericson

VOTING: Doug Bonjour, Chris Brodeur, Scott Ericson, Dave Fierro, Rich Gregory, Ryan Lacey, Chris McNamee, Gene Moretti, Gary Rogo, Reid Walmak.

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Chris McNamee

23 Responses

  1. Bubba says:

    Yes they are. NC is the best team in CT this year. I’m a Hand supporter, and my evaluation is not based on how we were overmatched. They are big, fast and physical. They have always been good,but this team is great. They look like a college team, totally balanced, and nasty on D.

  2. anotherfan says:

    bubba, bs…some hand suporter you are..people aren’t stupid here.well,most.

  3. justin says:

    no chance new canaan is number one at the end of this year. wait until middletown or windsor to end their season early in states. st joes is looking just as good, if not better than nc this year

  4. HS Fan says:

    Justin = clueless. Not an NC supporter but their defense is loaded. Bubba is on the mark. QB situation has worked out just fine. Joes will be a good test, but gotta think NC wins that battle. We’ll see.

  5. swcinsider says:

    how is newtown in the top 10 they had a hard time beating joel barlow go play some fciac teams before you take a spot from a team like staples, Greenwich or hand

  6. ValleyFalls1 says:

    Apologies, but who cares. Some do I guess, but it is a Regional poll, not even mid season. Really, aren’t there more important issues to discuss :) Perhaps the lack of defense,concussion protection, passing versus running teams, other interesting stuff.

  7. JB says:

    SJs this year is on par with last year’s team. NC was a young rebuilding team last year … yet, still handled SJs in a close match-up. This year they play at Dunning. I don’t see SJs taking down the Rams at home.

    However, in a championship game rematch at Trumbull Stadium (in SJ’s backyard)? That would be the game of the year in the FCIAC … electric.

  8. Scout says:

    Ansoia has the the same running back, QB and an even a bigger line than last season. No reason for anyone to doubt they are the state’s #1 football team. Year after year everyone argues how good they are…who else gets this attention EVERY year ?

  9. Pat McGroin says:

    @Scout – Xavier, Hand, New Canaan, Greenwich, Staples, Southington…. To name a few…
    Offensively sure – they can hang. But NC, and other teams from FCIAC and SCC have Special Teams, Defense, and Offense… Ansonia… has offense. There are two more phases to the game.

    @ValleyFalls1 – those aren’t interesting.

    @JB – right on the money on 2nd match up, would be cool. Whens the last time an FCIAC was a rematch of a seasonal battle? Awesome stuff.

  10. RAY BROWN says:

    greenwich got beat by 46
    hand by 40
    staples cant beat anyone good
    xavier struggled with amity
    southington?whos next danbury? cheshire?

  11. Just Sayin says:

    Xavier struggled with Amity?
    Then I guess Ansonia struggled with Derby.
    Xavier led 35-7, that’s not a struggle.
    We don’t count what happens when JV is in do we?
    Upon us all a little Ray-n must fall.

  12. knows fciac says:

    all you guys don’t get it. right now nc is the best. i know the fciac is not good with the exception of a few teams but nc is very good. great defense, quick qb with a good arm, and very strong on d especially up the middle.will put up at least 24 on anyone. it’s really just a matter of who will put up five td’s to beat them. also, their coaching staff is really, really good for a team around here. they could match up with any school their size anywhere. please everyone-stop about greenwich. they have some decent kids but this is not a strong team. maybe compared to some of the horrendous fciac teams but that’s it.

  13. fan07 says:

    trumbull is for real after next week

  14. GHS Fan says:

    The Greenwich Trumbull game will probably be a pretty good game, but I think GHS has better experience for having played a tougher schedule to date.
    What is with “everyone please stop about Greenwich.” I have not seen anyone carrying on. It is indeed fair to note the GHS is at or near the top of the heap year in and year out because they in fact are!
    This year’s team does not have the extra special components you need to win a championship, but saying they are “horrible” is pretty dopey. They are smart, well coached, opportunistic and hard working. As always they will win their share, and will likley overachieve as well.

  15. JB says:

    This is a great test for Trumbull. Since the blowout by Shelton, Trumbull has played four of the least strong teams in the FCIAC. Greenwich will be way more challenging than Warde, Stamford, Norwalk or Westhill. But Greenwich will need to defend the pass better than it did against NC and Darien. Given Trumbull had a much tougher time with Norwalk than Greenwich did, I would expect the Cardinals to take care of business in this one.

  16. fan06 says:

    trumbull qb is good u better play good D

  17. knows fciac says:

    greenwich is a decent team. much better moving melo to wr. what i said was they are a decent team and not in anyway at the level of some really poor fciac teams- and there are too many that are not good. i guess football doesn’t have the appeal that it once had around here. greenwich over trumbull by 10. mass should be sending brockton down here instead of chicopee. let’s get right to the st. joe’s game with nc. early line- nc-7. o/u 46

  18. JB says:

    @knows fciac – I would take the over on your book and NC giving the 7. Dunning makes a huge difference. SJ’s defense gives up points – Prep has a mediocre offense and scored easily on them. Darien could have done the same if it hadn’t shot itself in the foot too many times with penalties and turnovers in the red zone. NC is experienced and Lou’s teams don’t make very many mistakes. NC big over Joes.

  19. knows fciac says:

    jb-you could be right but im’ thinking st. joe’s will throw at least 35 times and hit a few. dunning does help as nc draws well at home. as far as experience, every high school team usually has pretty much the same experience. most kids see action on the varsity level for two years. if you have alot of young kids playing something is wrong with your program. nc is really coached well and they don’t make too many mistakes. play calling very , very good. you are right-o/u should be 50, maybe 52.see who stay’s healthy. nc does have good back-up qb if needed. don’t know about st. joes.i hope chicopee is staying over as the ride home might be too painful for some of the kids.

  20. JB says:

    I just don’t think SJ’s scout team can emulate NC’s up tempo, multiple threat offense – not even close. So in a game, NC will gash out yards. But as you point out, SJ’s offense can score points as well. Key is to make QB move his feet but not lose containment on him. Look for NC’s pass rush and strong core of LBs to be the difference. Prep figured it out in the second half and should have won that game. Darien came in with that mentality and shutdown the pass. Difference is NC is also super tough against the run – probably best LB crew in the state.

    Great match-up and should be fun to watch the chess match between two great coaches.

  21. knows fciac says:

    nc is really strong in the middle. don’t forget 99 in the line. no one moves him around allowing lb’s room to roam. they are really great hs lb’s. nc will pressure qb big time.i don’t think there is a high school coach in ct. as good as marinelli. hand coach is also great as is trifone and staples coach. don’t know if st. joe’s coach is in same category case you are wondering, chicopee is going to texas next week to play katy. line is katy-90

  22. fciac fb fan says:

    FYI: New Canaan’s first team (O or D) has played very little in a second half of any games played so far (If at all) for what it’s worth. I hope we see them in the second half against Staples,St Joes and Darien.These games should be competitive.