5 unbeatens remain in FCIAC

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Half way through the FCIAC football season and there are currently 5 unbeaten teams at the top of the standings. The good thing about this year as opposed to years past is the unbeaten teams all play at least one other unbeaten before the year is out, making the possibility of more than one team finishing unbeaten unlikely.

By the time the FCIAC championship game rolls around, current one loss teams Darien and Ridgefield could be in play for a spot in the final.

Of the 5 unbeatens, McMahon is the only one that plays just one other unbeaten, though they do face Ridgefield.

Below is a list of the 5 teams left unscathed, so far, with their home and away games listed. The games in bold, italic are the Thanksgiving games which are played after the championship game.

Next to the record are the team’s power points.

St. Joseph, New Canaan and McMahon are all undefeated overall while Trumbull and Staples have out of conference losses on their resumes.

1. St. Joseph 3-0 360

Home games: Trumbull

Road games: Trinity, New Canaan, Warde, McMahon

2. New Canaan 4-0 460

Home games: Chicopee, St. Joseph, Trinity, Darien

Road games: Staples, Wilton

3. McMahon 4-0 440

Home games: Stamford, St. Joseph, Norwalk

Road games: Ludlowe, Ridgefield

4. Staples 4-0 440

Home games: Danbury, New Canaan, Norwalk, Greenwich

Road games: Trumbulll, Central

5. Trumbull 4-0 430

Home games: Greenwich, Staples, Danbury, Central

Road games: Wilton, St. Joseph

Scott Ericson

7 Responses

  1. JB says:

    We will need someone to step up to an upset of either the Rams or the Cadets, otherwise it looks like a collision course between NC and SJs on both Nov 1 and a likely rematch in the chamionship game. The likely bonus points will not be enough for any other potential one-loss team from the bunch of Darien, Ridgefield, Staples, McMahon or Trumbull.

    Who will be the FCIAC “spoiler” this year (if any)?

  2. JT says:

    I think McMahon and Trumbull each drop 3 of their next 6.

  3. Portia Elliott says:

    The list should really read Fairfield Prep in St. Joseph’s spot, but we will give them their fair one. Go FP! I must admit, that game was the best game in high school football I’ve seen since the FP – West and Haven Blue Devils game in 2011. I am rooting for New Canaan against St. Joe’s and the rest is history. I am sure all of the teams will lose at least one game. New Canaan will probably fall to Trinity.

  4. mooncake says:

    The last game on Thanksgiving does not count for fciac championship points since its played the week after the championship. Is this correct?

  5. fan06 says:

    trumbull for real trumbull beats greenwich friday

  6. JB says:

    Prep should be in the FCIAC … would add a lot of competition across every sport and they are right up the road.

    @mooncake – correct.

  7. JT says:

    @ JB, while they obviously are not in contention for the championship game at this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if Wilton causes a stir with an upset or two going down the stretch…the rest of their season includes NC, Darien, Ridgefield and Trumbull and based on nothing more than a hunch I don’t think they lose all four of these games.