New Canaan breezes past Chicopee, MA

New Canaan's Teddy Bossidy and Cole Turpin, right, celebrate Turpin's touchdown.

New Canaan’s Teddy Bossidy and Cole Turpin, right, celebrate Turpin’s touchdown.

With New Canaan running roughshod over its Connecticut competition, the Rams welcomed the Chicopee Pacers to town Friday night, but the result was the same it’s been all season: A New Canaan win. In this case, 56-29.

Not only are the Rams winning, but no one has even come close, as evidenced by their average margin of victory: Nearly 32 points. New Canaan’s “biggest scare” – at least going by the final score – was a 42-20 win against Bassick on Sept. 19.


Where to start?: New Canaan scored a touchdown on its first seven. Starting quarterback Nick Cascione only needed to throw nine passes, completing six of them for 104 yards and pair of scores.

Every New Canaan skill player seemed to get his hands on the ball, as nine Rams registered a carry, though none ran it more than seven times. Leading the way was Frank Cognetta, who took the rock five times for 52 yards and two touchdown runs. Cole Turpin made two catches for 47 yards with a touchdown, and Alex LaPolice hauled in three receptions, also for 47 yards.

While all this was going on, New Canaan’s defense was wreaking havoc and refusing to even permit a first down in the first half. Standouts included Michael Root (nine tackle), Cole Harris (eight tackles, one interception, one sack) and Zach Allen (five tackles, one sack).

With all of the preceding information, it should come to no one’s surprise that the Rams had a 48-0 advantage at the break.


Special teams, too: With New Canaan’s offense and defense posting numbers usually reserved for video games, it was easy to overlook the Rams’ special teams unit, but they too had a big hand in the lopsided win.

New Canaan had exceptional field position all night. In fact, New Canaan’s first eight possessions all began in Chicopee territory. Alex LaPolice had punt returns of 25 and 27 yards, Mike Cognetta had a punt return of 23 yards and Teagan Saitta returned a kickoff 62 yards to the Chicopee 10.

“I think we got the ball inside the 50 every time on the first four touchdowns we scored, which is good anytime you can do that and move the ball,” New Canaan coach Lou Marinelli said.


Looking ahead: While the Rams have already turned back the likes of Daniel Hand and Greenwich with relative ease, their stretch run offers no shortage of worthy opponents. New Canaan’s quest at perfection will be put to the test in the next two weeks against Staples and St. Joseph, respectively, and of course the Turkey Bowl with Darien.

“Bigger challenge. We’re ready for it though,” New Canaan captain and defensive lineman Connor Buck said of his team’s upcoming clash with Staples. “We’re getting real pumped. We’re not going to take anything for granted against the two-time FCIAC champions. We need to study film, know our keys and just go play Ram football.”

New Canaan's Cole Harris, left, and Max Wilson sack Chicopee quarterback Tony Slaughter.

New Canaan’s Cole Harris, left, and Max Wilson sack Chicopee quarterback Tony Slaughter.

39 Responses

  1. anotherfan says:

    Wow, big deal, isn’t Chicopee 1 and 5 or something like that? only tough team will be St.Joes on their schedule.

  2. anotherfan says:

    wow, big deal, isn’t Chicopee 1-5 and didn’t Basick only loose by 20 to NC…only played against 1 fairly good team and they move to #2 in the poles?

  3. knows fciac says:

    to another fan—who else should be number 2 in ct.? oregon?? there is not too much around. hand is doing well and nc buried them. i saw prep play and nc would beat them by 24.

  4. swcinsider says:

    St Joes Lou St Joes then you can be considered legit

  5. fan07 says:


  6. FciacFball says:

    @anotherfan :

    The score was 42-0 when NC put in their backup players. Bassick scored all 20 points at the end of the 3rd/4th quarter.

  7. swcinsider says:

    trumbull is a fugazy they always spit the bit in the big game

  8. anotherfan says:

    @knows fciac …I will go out on a limb and say Capitol Prep.seriously they destoyed every team they faced this year and they are comming off a great year… they are ready to make a real name for themselves.I know I may have well said Oregon …

  9. knows fciac says:

    capitol prep?? please tell me more. nc should be #1 as they are burying everyone and do have a tougher schedule than ansonia. that’s the way ratings have to be made. too bad they will never play. not fair to look at points scored- have to look at competition. greenwich, hand, and staples are decent teams. nc’s passing game not great against staples and they still went over 40. their lb’s are as good as you’re going to find in hs fb. anywhere!!! qb is a burner. next game should be interesting. all will depend on nc pressure on qb.

  10. RAY BROWN says:

    i might be wrong but didnt new caanan play NVL doormat st.pauls a few years ago? how did that go.

  11. perspective says:

    Ray wasn’t that the same year Ansonia got pasted by Northwest Catholic? How did that go? Do your research before making stupid comments

  12. perspective says:

    You ever have anything positive to say, it’s too bad you have to poison these blogs with your negativity

  13. naugydoggie says:


  14. RAY BROWN says:

    newsome is eligible by ciac standards and he lives in ansonia

  15. RAY BROWN says:

    naugie——-your the last guy—–if your from naugy===to question ethics======plasky? BTW—thanks for thanksgiving day wins every year–we appreciate it

  16. RAY BROWN says:

    perspective——got rings? lol

  17. Unbelievable says:

    As I’ve said before, you have players who have won the Heisman younger than the kid from Ansonia, Hey Ray can you say non-qualifier sure you heard that word up in the valley before.

  18. anotherfan says:

    @perspecttive…That was a down year for Ansonia, and they lost a close game ,I think one score…?

  19. perspective says:

    Nah another fan it was 24-0 and it was a down year you don’t have those when you bring kids in from other places- and in all seriousness I take nothing away from their coaching staff

  20. FCIACFT30 says:

    Another tough game for Ansonia this week. They have such a tough schedule. Its amazing how they keep winning big against all these quality opponents.

  21. RAY BROWN says:

    unbelievable–maybe you should blame ciac so you look like bigger fool than you are———-got rings? lol

  22. GHS Fan says:

    Are you serious – Ansonia actually has to cheat to beat the people that they beat? This team is really a triple threat to Connecticut football – they play crappy teams, they have to cheat to win, and they have stupid, loudmouthed supporters included moronic sportswriters who actually pay attention to their penny-ante win streaks!
    When will SOMEBODY finally call them on their ridiculously easy schedule? Does anyone on Ansonia’s team even have a bruise by the time they get to playoffs?

  23. anotherfan says:

    GHS you are a sick, sick man ,thing ,it whatever.

  24. Mac says:

    Can you also tell us what town your all state q.b showed up from?If you are going to be beligerant on here always can you at least win with Ansonia products?

  25. swcinsider says:

    fyi Nc L school plays 4L 4LL 2M 1S
    Ansonia S plays 4S 2M 3L 2LL



  26. GHS Fan says:

    Anotherfan – since when is pointing out the truth a qualification being “a sick man”?
    Ansonia being ranked #1 by anyone is ridiculous.

    They have a ridiculously easy schedule. Look it up yourself in Maxpreps rankings – who have they played?

    They cheat to win – I am relying on other posts here. Is Ansonia’s big star really older than everyone else on the field? THAT is a real story – if true. (Frankly I doubt it, but it is a huge assertion and sholuld be looked at independently and verified.)

    They have loudmouthed stupid fans. (ha ha – just look at some of the posts. Not naming names BUT I BET YOU CAN GUESS WHO I MEAN.)

    Clearly the sportswriters tend to favor Ansonia, since they are apprently blinded by Ansonia’s weak weak schedule.

    This is all bad for Connecticut football. It reduces what we find precious and sacred about football – it’s brutal honesty about who is better than who – to a popularity contest governed by the press and league officials. If we want to get better football in Connecticut, this nonsense has to stop.

  27. knows fciac says:

    please stop with ansonia. the top team right now is new canaan. they could stop ansonia’s running game and score against them. i’m sure ages are checked.can’t blame ansonia for their schedule. they need a big-time opponent every year to gain real credibility. that’s that!!!

  28. RAY BROWN says:

    mac——can you tell me where st.joes players are from?

  29. Unbelievable says:

    Yea Ray I actually do have rings, I have 3 of em matter a fact how about you Ray-Ray, all won with kids from our town.

  30. GHS Fan says:

    I think an FCIAC-NVL crossover would be a great idea. I LOVED the FCIAC-SWC crossover. Should have been a little later in the season though.

  31. willie says:

    real class LL playoffs about to finish with the conclusion of the xavier, west haven, shelton, prep (and class L hand thrown in for fun) round robin. will any of them make it to the consolation round of actual state play offs to square up vs brian mcmahan or trumbull? answer could in theory at least be no. hmm….is there something wrong with this picture.

  32. SJ Alum says:

    I have always said strength of schedule should be a major factor for the #1 Ranking. Having no horse in this race this year, my son moved onto D1 ball (X 3rings), without a doubt the team to beat is New Canaan.

  33. rodgers says:

    here is the issue with the NC vs. Ansonia game argument…..NC can score and score quickly. if someone gets hurt or goes down NC can plug and play. Newsome and Ansonia can be stopped. if Newsome were to get hurt and not play second half game is over. if NC is winning by 3 scores at any point game is over. If Ansonia is up by 3 scores at any point NC can score all there in a matter of minutes. There is a reason that Passing has become the preferred offense in College and the NFL…..its more effective until it comes time to kill clock. bottom line is NC is clearly the best team in the state by far (they beat Greenwich, Staples and Hand in the same season) there is no more argument. they are also the best program for the past 20 years hands down

  34. RAY BROWN says:

    unbelievable——you dont have 18 thats for sure and doubt if you have 3

  35. RAY BROWN says:

    GHS——how bout a greenwich—–naples rematch?

  36. anotherfan says:

    I guess every one is sick of seeing Ansonia at #1 so somebody(from Bloatersville) has to be (it) to make the cry haters happy !

  37. SJ Alum says:

    Ok guess I have to spell it out, same as last year. “X” means Xavier, so yes 3 there. SJ Alum (who lived in Trumbull) Played from 1980-84…so you can add 4 more there. No I don’t have 18 Ray but you know what? We played ranked teams and I wouldn’t trade those 7 earned for your 18 gifts. I’m not completely knocking Ansonia, they have a descent program but until they join a competitive league they will never get the credit they MAY deserve. Believable!

  38. GHS Fan says:

    RAY BROWN – Yes – GHS went outside the state looking for competetion and lost in 2007.

    GHS did not hide behind a weak schedul.
    GHS did not hide behind a bunch of stupid sports writers promoting some stupid non-football agenda of the gritty, salt-of-the-earth-little-guy who is a “true” champion.

    GHS tried to play the best competetion they could find so thye could see who they really were. In the following year, they scheduled a game against St. Joseph and lost.

    Ansonia, on the other hand, played a bunch of teams that would lose in the lingerie league.

    But since you are so concerned with jewelry, and not really with good football, you gritty salt-of-the-earth types would prefer to play in the lingerie league, I am sure.

  39. Unbelievable says:

    Ray-Ray now-now I your your from the valley but let’s show you have somewhat of a brain, I have 3 state championship rings make no mistake but you personally don’t have any I would assume.Take out the QB and running back and Waterbury/Ansonia would probably not even be ranked at all this year.