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Elite 8: New Canaan still No. 1, Ansonia No. 2



The New Canaan Rams are No.1 in the Elite 8 once again.

The New Canaan Rams are No.1 in the Elite 8 once again.

Hearst Connecticut’s sports staff rates the top regional high school football programs (first-place votes in parentheses):

  1. NEW CANAAN (6-0) (7): Trip to Staples a big test for the Rams. Elite 8
  2. ANSONIA (6-0) (3): Scoring over 50 points a game, good luck Wolcott.
  3. ST. JOSEPH (6-0): If Cadets avoid looking past Trinity, New Canaan looms.
  4. NEWTOWN (6-0): Nighthawks look more and more locked in every week.
  5. DARIEN (5-1): Any chance at playoffs depends on beating Ridgefield first.
  6. SHELTON (5-1): Gaels hosting red-hot Hand in SCC showdown.
  7. BARLOW (5-1): Lone loss to Newtown, otherwise Barlow has rolled.
  8. STAPLES (5-1): FCIAC, Class LL playoffs could be on the line for Wreckers vs. New Canaan.

— Scott Ericson

Receiving votes: Masuk (4-2), Ridgefield (5-1), Fairfield Prep (4-2)

Members of the Hearst Connecticut staff who were balloted: Doug Bonjour, Chris Brodeur, Scott Ericson, Dave Fierro, Rich Gregory, Ryan Lacey, Chris McNamee, Geno Moretti, Gary Rogo and Reid Walmark.

Chris McNamee

15 Responses

  1. anotherfan says:

    NC should be #2 according to every other poll in Connecticut!!!

  2. anotherfan says:

    I’d rather go see the Valley vs Morgan game than the over – bloated New Cannan vs Staples Fairfied county trustworthies.

  3. donniedarko says:

    And please do, don’t need the valley kind stinking up the place.

    NC is 1, right where they should be if you’ve seen them play.

  4. GHS Fan says:

    This is the best game in Connecticut this week.

    Who is Ansonia playing? Immaculate?

  5. GHS Fan says:

    NC looking pretty dominant.

    Who was it Ansoia played?

    Who does NC play next week? ANOTHER top 10 team?

    Who does Ansonia play next week? ANOTHER sub-.500 team?

    Does ANYONE else see this “Ansonia #1″ business for what it is?

  6. PapaDags says:

    of course you don’t want the valley kind on the FCIAC newspaper. Take the silver spoon out of your mouth

  7. fan07 says:

    new cannan vs trumbull fciac

  8. donniedarko says:

    Speaking of Silver… NC’s uni’s…. AWESOME

  9. PapaDags says:

    It just amazes me that the Ct post elite 8 voting bureau finds that the other 2 voting boards( nh register and COACHES polls) could be wrong…I guess they are saying they know better…or know where there bread is buttered

  10. RAY BROWN says:

    ghs—-cant remember—-think ansonias playing trinity catholic or bassick or central or stamford—-actually i wish they were playing GREENWICH —we need another blowout win

  11. GHS Fan says:

    “Take the silver spoon out of your mouth.”

    Yes, everyone in the FCIAC is a billionaire, no one works hard for their money, and all the kids who play football in the FCIAC deserve to be subjected to a double standard by Connecticut sportswriters because all the FCIAC kids drive Lamborghinnis to practice and have life served up on a silver platter.

    Whereas the kids in the valley all are the chidren of hard-working, decent, simple coal-miners and farmers, “real” Americans who only need a little break (like a bunch of sportswriters downgrading “elitist” FCIAC football) to show the world truly great football.

    I have news for you, “silver-spoon” boy, your reverse-elitism is every bit as stupid as the sprtswriters in New Haven that promote the trashy outlook that Ansonia is #1 because they play alot of teams that would lose to New Canaan’s JV. Connecticut football will never get better as a result, and this great “leveling” will work to lower good football, not make bad football better.

  12. Raider says:

    Ansonia is another Masuk the lat past 3 years.

  13. yankspr says:


  14. anotherfan says:

    Donniedarko, NC had a down year last year and had nothing to build thier lofty ranking on for this year. Ansonia has clout and proved a top 3 team last year(a couple coaches I think FCIAC, SCC ) said they were a #1 team last year .Ansonia came into this year by far the best team in the state so, that being said, how can you talk like they are so great after one or 2 quality wins this year from bloated FCIAC teams and a 1-6 Mass. team?

  15. gene says:

    Ansonia doesn’t need to talk…they have outstanding players, coaches , fans and a tradition of playing tough blue collar football!!!! To quote Johnny Unitas ” Talk is cheap ” Ansonia does its talking on the football field.