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Houston Nutt eyeing state high school football


Nutt to Nutmeg state?

Nutt researching Connecticut high school football

Almost as soon as Paul Pasqualoni was fired and sent on his way, the name of Houston Nutt surfaced as a possible candidate for the head coaching job at UConn. The Internet and college football chat rooms buzzed about the former Arkansas and Ole Miss coach being on the wish list of the decision makers in Storrs. Nutt, who is currently working for the CBS Sports Network as a football analyst, reportedly denied having any interest in the position.

However, Nutt’s actions may be signaling something different. According to a prominent high school football coach in Connecticut, Nutt reached out to him recently with a phone call to inquire about football in the state.

“Houston wanted to know about the landscape of football in Connecticut and what kind of players we had, the skill-level, and the hot-beds for talent,” said the coach who spoke on the condition of anonymity. “I guess he’s doing his research. I was taken by surprise a little bit. I’m not sure how he got my cell number.”

Nutt has been out of coaching since 2011, the last of his four-year stint at Ole Miss where he was 24-26. Prior to his days in Oxford, Mississippi, Nutt enjoyed a highly-successful stay at Arkansas where he compiled a 75-48 mark in 10 seasons at the SEC school.

By reaching out to a well-known and  respected coach to inquire about all things high school football in the state, it appears Nutt may have more than just a passing interest in the UConn job.

Efforts to reach Nutt were unsuccessful.


New Canaan High School and the University of Oregon are separated by 2,950 miles on the map, but when it comes to their offenses and uniforms, they are about as close as twin brothers. Both have fast-paced units that can seemingly score at will. They can also produce new uniforms just as quickly.  Mix ’em,  match ’em, and put 50 points on the board. All white, all dark, a little silver, and add 10 more to the score.

Last Friday against Staples, the Rams broke out new silver uniforms with red numbers complete with a camouflage design.

“We showed them to the kids on Thursday night and they went wild,” said New Canaan head coach Lou Marinelli. “Johnny (Marinelli), Chris Silvestri, and Dante Corrente, who are my assistant coaches, designed them in the summer and they came out great.”

New Canaan breaks out silver uniforms for Staples

New Canaan breaks out silver uniforms for Staples

The Rams now have four sets of uniforms enabling them to get creative and churn out a number of combinations. On the same night New Canaan unveiled its new uniforms, Staples broke out sleek black jerseys instead of its usual home navy ones.  High schools in Connecticut, as well around the country, seem to be taking the lead from the likes of Oregon, Maryland, and just about every major college program that is trying to stand out with bold new uniforms.

“It seems to be all about the uniforms these days,” said Marinelli. “I talk to college coaches and they say the number one thing recruits ask about are the uniforms. The kids want the uniforms to be cool and they want to look good.”

There are a lot of cool uniforms around the region which make a lot of players look good. Who do you think has the best uniforms?

Who has the best high school uniforms?

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Paul Devlin

13 Responses

  1. alleycat9 says:

    naugatucks new unis

    just off the top of my head.

    you really need to get out of deep southwest corner of the state a little more.

  2. Linda Nichio says:

    Oxford High School

  3. donniedarko says:

    This isn’t even close. New Canaan has the best uniforms

  4. FFCA says:

    4 uni combos, 4 pants, red, black, white, and silver….

    Plus the new Ram on their helmets… for those of you who like the classic penn state alabama look, nc isnt for you.

  5. Weasel says:


  6. Observer says:

    New Canaan’s traditional uniforms have a look that is almost exactly like Georgia’s. That seems to be changing a little in the past couple of years.

  7. anotherfan says:

    Ansonia Charger on the helmet lavender blue pin strip dark blue and white awsomely intimidating.

  8. ValleyFalls1 says:

    Uniforms are about how much money a school system can afford; multiple colors, strips, different logos on each side of the helmit are not cheap. Football is not a fashion show, it’s about out-scoring the opponent on the field, not out-scoring on the runway. I personally like the Penn State mentality: simple, stable, solid.

  9. RAY BROWN says:

    who cares?

  10. ValleyFalls1 says:

    My point exactly :)

  11. Jeff Wright says:

    God awful written article . How about we concentrate on the English class before concerning ourselves with the landscape of collegiate football.

  12. knows fciac says:

    nc has the best unif. combos on a weekly basis. also has the best coach. what’s next? who has the best hot dogs? cheerleaders? stamford has the best stadium. convenient and large bathroom facilities. what happened to good hs bands?? talk about a thing of the past. houston nutt looking at uconn?? they need an eastern guy. look what happened at syr. when they brought in a texan. a disaster. jack cochran at uconn. as crazy as that might sound, he’d probably win there.

  13. GHS Fan says:

    That Houston Nutt looks like a snappy dresser. Great hair, too!