Ansonia survives scare against Seymour for 37th straight win

Ansonia's Arkeel Newsome carries the ball in the Chargers' 21-20 win over Seymour on Thursday. (Photo by Autumn Driscoll)

Ansonia’s Arkeel Newsome carries the ball in the Chargers’ 21-20 win over Seymour on Thursday. (Photo by Autumn Driscoll)

Arkeel Newsome rushed for 112 yards and three touchdowns as Ansonia squeaked past Seymour 21-20 on Friday at DeBarber Field.

For a change, it wasn’t easy for the Chargers, who improved to 9-0 on the season with their school-record 37th straight win.

The UConn-commit’s 19-yard touchdown run with 6:37 remaining gave Ansonia the lead for good, 21-20. The stunning loss was avoided, but a close win was surprising in itself for the state’s No. 2 team.

“People wonder how upsets happen,” Ansonia coach Tom Brockett said, “and all you guys get so excited about, ‘We can’t get beat.’ I tell you guys over and over, ‘It’s a game of football,’ … This can happen anywhere, it happens in every field, it happens in every league. Guys should believe it.”

Ansonia’s 37th straight win topped the streak the Chargers recorded from 1975-1978. Cheshire holds the state record of 49 straight from 1992 to 1996.

Despite fumbling three times and allowing Seymour to recover three onside kicks, the Chargers survived.

“You get to that number, everybody wants to be the one to knock you off,” Brockett said. “People (say), ‘You’re going to get to 37, you’re going to get to 40, you’re going to get to 50.’ No you’re not. You better bring it every week or you’re not going to get there.

“Reporters don’t win this game, fans don’t win this game. You’ve got to line up, put your hand on the ground, and you’ve got to play.”

Running out of the wildcat formation, Seymour’s Joe Salemme rushed 35 times for 239 yards and two touchdowns. He also threw for a score to Christian Thurmond for 43 yards.

7 Responses

  1. GHS Fan says:

    Anybody care to bet that the media reaction will be that rather than lower Ansonia’s ranking, they will say Seymour was underappreciated and should move up in the polls? HAHAHAHA! Wait and see FCIAC people, the stupid media from up north will make an argument for ranking Amity and Oxford (who both beat Seymour by a wider margin than Ansonia did) rather than downgrading their precious Ansonia. What a joke!

  2. Robert says:

    What a great high school game last night, the effort by both teams was impressive. One thing for certain if Ansonia doesn’t have #1and #2 who are both from Waterbury I understand, has at least 2 maybe 3 losses this year. New Canaan would roll by at least 3 td’s on that defense.

  3. RAY BROWN says:

    the nvl is better than people think

  4. Unbelievable says:

    Just got done reading some of the articles in the newspapers, Ansonia’s coach was full of accolades for Sevmour huh even though they we’re outplayed the whole game. Then they wonder why the whole state doesn’t want them to be #1.

  5. anotherfan says:

    @Robert. they live in Ansonia.Ansonia had trouble with the run last night , NC has a passing spread offence that Ansonia loves to defend against.Do your homework before making yourself look like an idiot.

  6. anotherfan says:

    @Robert..also, the front line is what makes them very good ,like all other backs throughout history.Remember they are a team no “I” or #1 or #2 in TEAM.

  7. Robert says:

    Hey another fan I really didn’t notice any of the lineman running for td’s last night only #2 who’s from Waterbury being given the handoff from #1 who’s also from Waterbury , and yea I know they live in Ansonia supposedly on Wakelee with a ‘wink-wink’ uncle right. All you Ansonia people make me laugh, you all think nobody knows what’s going on but your wrong everybody knows who follows football.