All-FCIAC team


All-FCIAC Offense

Position Name School
QB Nick Cascione New Canaan
QB Jordan Vazzano St. Joseph
RB Mufasa Abdul-Basir St. Joseph
RB Austin Longi Greenwich
RB William Bonaparte Ridgefield
WR Cole Turpin New Canaan
WR T.J. Hayduk Trumbull
WR Shane Miller St. Joseph
WR Lars Pederson St. Joseph
WR Griffin Ross Darien
TE Brien Kerrigan Warde
OL Joao Rocha New Canaan
OL Michael Donnelly New Canaan
OL Nick Ward Staples
OL Pete Mestre St. Joseph
OL Steve Hashemi St. Joseph
OL Joe Fraccaroli Wilton
OL Andrew Starr McMahon
ATH Mykel Morris Central

All-FCIAC Defense

Position Name School
DB Michael DiCosmo New Canaan
DB Will Johnson Staples
DB Brett Phillips Wilton
DB Brian Gayle McMahon
OLB Zach Allen New Canaan
OLB Myles Ridder Darien
OLB Andrew Chuma Ridgefield
LB Cole Harris New Canaan
LB Michael Root New Canaan
LB Kenneth Keen McMahon
DL Connor Buck New Canaan
DL Mark Evanchick Darien
DL Jack Wynn Greenwich
DL Ahmed Hourani Warde
OL Corey Barrett Norwalk
ATH Vochan Fowler Bassick

All-FCIAC All Purpose

Position Name School
AP Nick Lombardo Darien
AP Timmy Hinton McMahon

All-FCIAC Specialists

Position Name School
PK Peter Swindell New Canaan
P Daly Hebert Darien
RET Dante Fargnoli Westhill

FCIAC Coaches of the Year

  Name School
Head Coach Lou Marinelli New Canaan
Asst Coach John Marinelli New Canaan
Scott Ericson

9 Responses

  1. Monica Kelly says:

    Kind of disheartening to see that NICK ROBERTS from Trumbull who had a phenomenal season, was ranked #1 in the state at the time of the voting is not one of the All FCIAC quarterbacks. He is now ranked #3 and is still well ahead of the 2 chosen.

  2. Raff says:

    Well said, Mrs. Roberts but I can’t agree with you. What criteria is the #3 ranking based on?

  3. Samuel says:

    Monica, Nick is a VERY good player but the more winning teams and players get the votes. Just ask any really good player on a not so great team. Happens all the time. I see a lot of High school football games around the state and some of the most outstanding effects from kids that I see each year are from kids on bad teams with heart and tremendous ability but they still lost and got no press at all. This year there was tremendous individual talent in the FCIAC with Trumbull and Nick, Norwalk, McMahon’ back and in the Swc on the Masuk defense, the back from New Milford and the QB from Pomperaug but all and more received no real recognition. You need to win.

  4. FCIAC Fan says:

    40 players and two coaches selected. NC got 1/4 of the total players and both coaches – seems a bit high as they did not run the table. McMahon at 4 seems high as well, but they did have a great season. Darien and Ridgefield at 4 and 2 respectively seems low (not including the kicker/punter).

    NC – 12 (2 Coaches, 1 Kicker)
    St. Joes – 6 (All Offense – rightly so)
    Darien – 5 (1 Kicker)
    McMahon – 4
    Wilton – 2
    Greenwich – 2
    Staples – 2
    Ridgefield – 2
    Warde – 2
    Trumbull, Central, Norwalk, Bassick, Westhill all with 1

    Glad they got Phillips on from Wilton – terrific player. Biggest snubs are Trumbull Roberts (QB) and Darien’s Wyper (QB). Any others? I thought Reed (DE) on Darien was spectacular as well. It is tough with so many spread offenses, but Roberts definitely has a great argument.

    They should have put Cascione on as a Ath and Roberts or Wyper as the QB. Cascione isn’t the best QB.

  5. Lil Joe says:

    Monica , trumbull high QB had a chance against SJ with a so so defense and didn’t do much . Have to perform against top tier teams . But he is a very good QB .

  6. Pat McGroin says:

    both qb’s listed took their teams to the FCIAC Champ, and are still playing… winning is a stat far overlooked.

  7. knows fciac says:

    lapolice from nc is not all-fciac? c’mon man!!!

  8. 54 says:

    Monica I agree 100%!!!!!

  9. Tigers25 says:

    Problems. Problems. Bonaparte should be the first ever FCIAC MVP. And lou and john marinelli as the coaches????