Vote: Who’s No. 1: Ansonia or New Canaan?

Who is the No. 1 team in Connecticut?

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Chris McNamee

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  1. knows fciac says:

    you can’t really have ansonia as their schedule is too weak. the same logic applies in college. strength of schedule really counts. we’ll never know who is looked good even in horrible conditions against a solid darien team.

  2. anotherfan says:

    @knows fciac says: Typical FCIAC comment…I say no more..except, biased opinion.Well, Derby could have beat Derien with their better quarter back and a healthy Tyre Small.Derien was far from solid( even consiering the weather) againt NC in the championship game.

  3. Wild Bill says:

    Ansonia would have too much to deal with if they faced New Canaan. N.C. has linebackers that can make unassisted tackles on Arkeel, something he, and the Ansonia offense, aren’t used to dealing with. The same thing holds on the other side of the ball. How would Ansonia deal with being scored on at will? A big momentum swing in the first N.C./St. Joe’s game occurred when the Cadets had a delay to Mufasha set-up perfectly, and Cole Harris came out of nowhere and dumped him for a 2-yard loss. The St. Joe’s “O” hadn’t seen that before. You need multiple threats to score a lot on New Canaan. I saw what Arkeel did to Masuk, and he’s a phenomenal runner, but you need a balanced attack to keep up with New Canaan.

  4. CT_YANKEE_in_NC says:

    Ansonia had a fantastic year. They beat every team that lined up against them. They, along with every other State Champion, proved they were the best in their division. That can not be argued. Now it is time to vote on the mythical State Champion.

    One needs to take into consideration that the state of CT has multiple classes (S, M, L & LL). This is done for a reason; most every S or M team would struggle against the the larger classes. Translation; they are typically not as good as the larger schools. There are always exceptions and Ansonia would be the most competitve S school by far.

    I’ve also heard the arguement that Ansonia is the only undefeated team therefor must be number 1. You can not rank teams based solely on wins & losses. If that were true one would have to rank teams like Woodland (12-2) and Rocky Hill (11-2) ahead of 3 loss teams like Xavier, Greenwich, Staples & West Haven. Capital Classic (11-1) would have to be ranked ahead of 2 loss teams such as St. Joes, Darien & Staples.

    Congratulations to all teams but New Canaan gets my vote.

  5. knows fciac says:

    to another fan- opinions are always biased- that’s why they are not facts- only opinions. is it a fact that derby could beat darien? no. who did derby beat this year? any top rated teams?? valley football always good. i played against ansonia twice when in hs. was in the fciac.

  6. swoboda says:

    NC is the best team in the state but they missed their chance for this ranking on Thanksgiving. Ansonia #1.

  7. Weasel says:

    NC beat 8 ranked opponents. Ansonia didn’t beat any ranked opponents it faced. Why? It didn’t face any. NC #1. They beat every team they played.

  8. GHS Fan says:

    I firmly believe NC over Ansonia. The real argument is NC over Southington? That was an impressive win over Faifield…. I wonder what MaxPreps will do?

  9. LaTxGuy says:

    Ansonia who??? if anyone has the right to challenge NC for the rightful title it is Southington who beats Prep 52 to 24?? . Certainly not Ansonia!!!! My word Knight fans, you hide in the weakest of conferences and refuse to step up and then brag for your rights to the title?? You are an S school, yes the big fish in the little pond which makes you safe and secure. Stay there. It is safe!!! At least STJ plays in one of the toughest conferences and even competes as L in some. That is balls to the wall!!! They are maybe an M schools and possibly S in size. Derby beat Darien by 3 touchdowns? What are you smoking?? This is not the late 60’s Derby. You say that they had a injury and could not win? What if Newsome was injured early. Does this excuse you?? A team is measured by the bench.

  10. LaTxGuy says:

    Southingtton 52 , Prep 34 final

  11. anotherfan says:

    I’m voting in the following order:
    #3.New Cannan
    #5.West Haven
    #8.North Haven
    #10.Darien (sorry Darien did not have a good showing in their most important game)

  12. ValleyFalls1 says:

    Ansonia voted #1 in state. End of speculation!

    Go Lavender, Go Blue, Go Chargers!

  13. RAY BROWN says:


  14. GHS Fan says:

    A bunch of agenda-driven dopey english majors working at some small-time papers in New Haven voted for the number one team in Connecticut. They voted for Ansonia.
    This is a weak attempt to generate some sort of reaction/interest/we-site hits from the people that matter who live in media markets that are not filled with barnyard animals.
    The New Haven Register is an incompetent flop as a news outlet. I encorage all FCIAC fans and all football fans to ignore the idiotic ravings of a bunch of small-time chumps desperate for a reaction.

    Stick to MaxPreps if you want real data on who the premier teams in Connecticut are.

    I can hear coaches everywhere laughing at the New Haven Register.

  15. LaTxGuy says:

    they got it right? No they played the game of politics and this is Connecticut typical and nothing more. Nothing to do with FCIAC.

  16. LaTxGuy says:

    So Ansonia is going to play a few FCAC or SCC games in the coming years! Sorry, NO!!! why. Just save to stay in a little pond were the sharks do not play. S is good.

  17. FCIAC Fan says:

    anotherfan – Darien beat Middletown. Middletown did not have a good showing in their most important game.
    Wow, you also have North Haven above Darien. Darien beat them too.
    Not to mention beating Ridgefield who beat Newtown

    @Moderator – remove his posting privledges!

  18. Wild Bill says:

    Southington made a strong statement for no.1 with wins over Ridgefield and Fairfield Prep. New Canaan was 14-1 against strong competition and avenged their only loss in convincing fashion. Ansonia? Please. One has to ignore a lot of facts to conclude that Ansonia, who plays in the pee wee class, is the best team in the state.

  19. anotherfan says:

    Congrats to all the state champs! Congrats to Ansonia #1 for the 5th time.Thanks to Darien for knocking off New Cannan,Staples did it to Greenwich a few years ago(allowing Ansonia to move into the #1 rank),thanks to the Ansonia defence who held Seymour far enough from a field goal that would have won the game and knocked Ansonia too far to recover in the polls.Thanks to the MSG Tri-State allstar waterboy “Billy”.Thanks to Pat McGroin for disapearing from blogging.I think there will be more vanishing bloggers after today…

  20. tjmaxx says:

    As long as the Ansonia’s and New Canaan teams don’t include at least 1 or 2 of the top L or LL teams in their schedule it defies logic as to how anyone can proclaim them as the best team in the state. If you want to make the claim then play a West Haven, Fairfield Prep, Glastonbury or Southington in your schedule. Until then its a meaningless, hypothetical discussion. If not, then call yourself what you’ve proven on the field. The best team in your respective division! Congrats to you on that accomplishment.

  21. LaTxGuy says:

    I agree with you. Who cares what a small pond school does in a small pond football state says. It is the national polls that see it right here. If the nation did care it would be a big time joke!! New haven is going to cover its own and that is all that needs to be said about it.

  22. LaTxGuy says:

    if this is the best that Connecticut can call their # 1 team then please stay in your little pond and be happy. Do not step into New York and for sure not NJ! Ansonia the best; OMG!! Stay with basketball as the polls there give you a little more credit!!

  23. Football fan says:

    To LaTxGuythe season is over let it go it’s done and over the voters have voted no one cares about you and where you are from this are high school kids that work hard all season sand coaches that put in a lot of time if you are so good at coaching then applied for a opening and let see how good you really are.

  24. Bob says:

    No reasonable argument, Ansonia Chargers are the states #1 team!

  25. ValleyFalls1 says:

    Bored with all this. Moving on

  26. LaTxGuy says:

    I have let it go but it seems you have not. Coaching job? I aready have passed that road with my state rings plenty and actually more than Ansonia in a football power state. Ansonia is a good S champion in a little pond and my hats off to them. My military time and coaching is in retirement now and it is to enjoy listening to fools as yourself.

  27. LaTxGuy says:

    and you understand reasonable? that’s a hoot. I listen to the nation polls and not some localized view that has little idea of what football rankings are about outside of the overall record. So to those of little minds I say goodbye.

  28. LaTxGuy says:

    not according to the nation polls which count more to the real football teams

  29. LaTxGuy says:

    you are truly a fool. As a player through college in the south as well as coaching in Texas and Louisiana thus LaTx and many years of military combat I do not need to prove myself.My physical injuries are too numerous. Coaching many that went on to major universities as well as pro. A state championship here is just a little more respected; especially in the upper divisions but not so there. Our smaller schools are as well of which your Ansonia would have called it over after the first half. Try looking up Evangle or John Curtis of Louisiana were nation championships have been “earned” and played for. We lost our second national title to the number 3 national team from Florida on the field and not by ballot!!

  30. LaTxGuy says:

    hey buddy I totally agree with you on that one!! the BCS is what I want to see.

  31. Football fan says:

    Who cares nobody just go away

  32. LaTxGuy says:

    NC is 175th !!! in the nation, Ansonia cannot be found, lost is the mix. OMG!!! There is just no reasonable explaination for this. OMG. O there they are at 852. maybe someone needs to explain to those idiots what football is all about!!! Go figure.

  33. LaTxGuy says:

    the nations top running backs for the yr 2013. 5 from Louisiana, 25 from Texas. Top 200 as this is as high as they go; where is Newsome?? OMG! But he is the top all timer in the state!!!! Is this possible he does not make the top 200 list for the year 2013!! This is just not reasonable. Texas had 2 from the same school!!! Enough, this is becoming too much fun. Now time to look at the BCS games.

  34. LaTxGuy says:

    it seems so when truth and facts hit you in the face. Kinda like king Obama. It does not matter what the truth is as long as the unjust get their way. Stay in your little pond.

  35. LaTxGuy says:

    who cares?? you can read?? can you?? read and see that most agree with what I say, true football fans and not ignorant folks as yourself. We have teams down here that would kick your butts even with Dobbs and Newsome were in a combined backfield. Just facts ignorant. Lets see how far UConn goes after they start with the small schools schedule before they start the soft “Big East.”