‘Very early’ in process; no timetable set on Masuk coaching search

For the second straight offseason, Masuk athletic director John DeGennaro is tasked with hiring a football coach.
Last year, his job was to replace the highly successful John Murphy, who resigned after winning three state titles in 16 seasons. Now, coming off the program’s first playoff-less season since 2009, DeGennaro is going back to the drawing board, in search of a spark.
This time it will be to replace Dave Brennan, who in his lone season went 7-4 and saw discontent surface between some players and parents. Brennan said in a text on Dec. 20 that he “wished to continue” coaching the Panthers, but noted that his contract was not renewed.
On Friday, DeGennaro called Brennan’s departure a “personal matter” and thanked him for his “hard work and commitment to the players.”
“Dave is a very good man,” he said.
DeGennaro said he’s “very early” in the search process as the position has yet to be posted externally. He’s received emails from interested candidates, but hasn’t set a timetable for a hire.
“I don’t want to say, ‘one week, two weeks, three weeks, four weeks,’ because you just don’t know,” he said. “Once we have the candidate that we want to hire, we have to do as quickly as possible.”
Masuk will surely be in search of stability after a turbulent year. Several players reportedly left the team at one point during the preseason as discord surrounded the program.
The Panthers opened the season 4-0 before losing three straight to Pomperaug, Ansonia and Bethel.
DeGennaro didn’t specify what he’s looking for in his next coach, but experience will certainly be a key.
“I’m not going to pigeonhole ourself in terms of exactly what we’re looking for,” DeGennaro said. “We’re looking obviously for a qualified candidate … to lead our program in a positive direction.”
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7 Responses

  1. swcinsider says:

    Masuk nation is a joke ad is a clown lets the kids and parents run the
    operation nobody’s in a rush to coach there

  2. mike says:

    That whole league is a joke

  3. mike says:

    The FCIAC would pound the snot out anyone in the SWC week in and week out. Masuk gets what they deserve. They never should have hired Brennan in the first place. H was going to be fired by Ridgefield because he was so disliked by the players.

  4. Weasel says:

    They’ll hire violent jack! just watch.

  5. Swoboda says:

    The league and Masuk were not a joke in 2010 when Masuk defeated Darien & NC by a combined score of 91-20. Masuk and the SWC is down now but it is cyclical. With the right coach Masuk will be back to prominence in 3 years. Coach Brennan was a mistake. He was in over his head. I think the town BOE realized they should have made concessions for job opportunities for potential coaching candidates.

  6. Bright side not so bright says:

    Maybe they can take Murphy back, we are done with him.

  7. chris says:

    The SWC seems to have digressed into a JV conference when compared to the SCC and perhaps the FCIAC. The blog references issues between coach/staff/players/parents, etc. The fact is – Murphy left. The administration hired a coach. Whether he was qualified or not, he was hired. For whatever reason and any assertions would be speculative, many players and parents chose to rebel. The coach chose to cater to the complainers (again, was this mandated by the administration), etc. There are few, if any, current Masuk players that are college bound athletes and perhaps Monroe lives in a land not based on reality. This is SWC football. It is not a power conference. The enrollment is declining and the number of kids playing football is declining. So this is not a job that any up and coming coach would want. Administration – Masuk’s decline is all on you – own up.