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ThE mAd cIaC fOoTbAlL pLaYoFf sCiEnTiST! – Class M

His Madness llllllooooooveess CLASS M. It’s MAD I tells ya! MAD! So many teams. So much madness. Figuring it out on Thanksgiving will be enough to dump you into the loony bin! And did His Madness overhear George DeMaio and Matt DeMaio call this division the Berlin Invitational on the radio the other day? His […] [Read More]

No Doubt About Darien: Blue Wave win FCIAC Championship

All season long, Darien silently seethed beneath the talk. They heard the whispers. They read the clippings. They had a good team, those of us supposedly in the know said, but they weren’t boss. They couldn’t be boss. Just look at the schedule. Not one heavyweight among them. You beat St. Joseph? Yeah, but not […] [Read More]

The CIAC Presents: The State Playoff Worksheet (The HAL Supercomputer)

CIAC’s PLAYOFF POINT WORKSHEET The Sunday of Week 9 is typically not fun for me. It’s the day when I wipe the sleep out of my eyes, clear off the table, grab a paper and pencil, open the computer and transform into The Playoff Mad Scientist. “OK. Xavier. Has 1280 points. Finishes the year with […] [Read More]

Week 8: Shock and Awe

Fairfield County is a breed apart from Connecticut when it comes to high school football coverage. We’re blessed (cursed?) with four dailies, maybe a dozen and a half hyper-local weekly newspapers and websites, two radio stations and one huge TV conglomerate, the year-old MSG Varsity and Cablevision affiliate News 12. They all converged like a […] [Read More]

League playoff race update for Week 7

Things got pretty much back to normal Saturday with all of the favorites winning, restoring some sanity to Week 7. So as we move on to Week 8, here’s a look at the local league playoff races. Here are the FCIAC playoff standings through Week 7. FCIAC PLAYOFF HUNT (Through Week 7) Team FCIAC Pts […] [Read More]

Week 6: We’re Halfway Home

♦♦♦ WALK OUTSIDE. Take a breath. Look around. See that? Feel that? Taste that? There’s a chill in the air. Brilliant oranges, yellows and reds are blooming from the trees. The ground crackles and snaps beneath your feet. We’re knee-deep in autumn. And those crowds on Friday night, they buzz just a little bit louder […] [Read More]

Your High School Football Week 5 Wrap-up

Well … so much for that. Neither wind nor rain nor fired-up Bulldogs could stop the Masuk train Friday night. The Monroe Express to Brookfield (site of the SWC championship game) plowed through the Bulldogs with a somewhat deceptive, yet convincing 45-0 victory. Instead of a sterling finish to an uplifting upset, we got seven […] [Read More]

Week 1 is Here! What’s Your Top 10?

Quick post on this NFL Sunday to get everybody’s thoughts on the upcoming 2010  Connecticut High School Football season. I’ve seen maybe 20 teams this preseason.  I’ve talked to coaches and some of my fellow pundits. I’ve submitted my ballots to the state pollsters, just finishing our regional Elite 8 — which will appear either […] [Read More]

Yes, the CIAC Football Finals are at Rentschler

I’m pretty sure this has been mentioned here and elsewhere, but since the point was reiterated to me by Ned Griffen of The Day, it bears repeating. Yes, the 2010 CIAC football championship games will be played at Rentschler Field in East Hartford. In fact, here’s the entire playoff schedule via to the 2010 CIAC […] [Read More]
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