Preseason 2011: Five (or Six or Seven) Pressing Questions for the SWC

1. Can anyone beat Masuk? No. 1a. Um… Could you please embellish? Do we need to? What else is there to say? You’ve read and seen this a millions times before. Masuk has the state’s best quarterback

Preseason 2011: Five Pressing Questions for the FCIAC

We’re only a week or so into fall practices. We’re still gathering info and still short on details. A lot can change over the next three weeks as we learn more and more about our 2011 high school

The (tentative) 2011 High School Football Scrimmage Schedule

Awright. Here we go. Everybody gets started for real Monday. From now until mid-December, it’ll be wall-to-wall football. Scrimmage schedules. We’ve got your scrimmage schedules! These are the most

Sitcom pitch: Kid moves to Southington, takes in his father… hilarity ensues

So I’ve got this idea for a sitcom once ‘Two and a Half Men’ mercifully folds. This 20-something kid, former football player, all-state wrestler, gets one of the plumb coaching jobs in the state at

“The biggest high school football fan in the history of the game?” Absolutely

We’re gonna go ahead and agree with Deadspin’s take on the gentlemen in this YouTube video that’s been making the rounds online today. This guy might be the biggest high school football fan in the

Day One Links: Bad news, good news and worse news

News, news, news and more news. Some good, some bad, some just terrible. …And we’ve only just started high school football practices. Here’s the quick rundown on what’s been going on the last day or

To get you in the mood: A (partial) 2010 highlight video

I embarked on a pretty ambitious video project during last year’s season. I took so much video of so many teams, I thought I could piece together a kick-ass highlight reel of the whole 2010 season.

High School Football 2011 – The Circle Opens

OVERTURE Good morning. Welcome, my friends, to High School Football ’11. In our last episode, Graham Stewart and the Xavier Falcons were dressed to the nines at the Walter Camp Football dinner,