Sure, it’s calm now, but …

A motorcyclist posted a comment on Twitter earlier today saying he was moving his bike to a safer spot so “Earl doesn’t give it to my neighbor.”  I’m not sure where he was posting from, but the point is, if you know you’re in an area where Earl is packing a punch, it’s best to take precautions.

The great thing about modern technology is that we can find out what to expect locally, so we can prepare in a way that makes sense. From what I can tell, it looks like the Danbury area will not be greatly impacted by this hurricane. But that doesn’t stop some people from worrying, especially people like my mom.

 As I was driving in to work today from Newtown to Danbury, our conversation (on a hands-free device of course) was something like this:

MOM: “Did you move your deck chairs inside?”

ME: “Not yet.”

MOM: “What about the basketball hoop in the driveway?”

ME: “Wasn’t gonna move that.”

MOM: “The tomato plant in the big pot on the stoop?”

ME: “No. It hasn’t even given me one tomato yet. If Earl takes that plant out, then justice has been served.”

And so on. Sure, Earl could ramp up and change course, but for now I am keeping my eye on the latest weather reports and will prepare accordingly.

I’m just glad I’m not like a “Little House on the Priaire” woman from back in the days when  no one knew a killer storm was coming. (Though it would have been nice to hang out with Michael Landon.)  If you look at the sky right now, it’s impossible to tell anything is brewing. That’s how it was for those farmers in the 1800s.  Sunny skies and then… WHAM… a blizzard or locusts appeared and all you could do was go inside and wait for it to pass.

Today if  I’m home before Earl hits, and it turns out my mom was right about battening down the hatches, I’ll just look out at my 6-foot tall  tomato plant and hope it doesn’t fly off into the air. If it does, though, no loss.  Just wish I could figure out why it grew so tall and never delivered a tomato. I bet Michael Landon would have known.

Linda Tuccio-Koonz