Parenting Teens – One Mantra at a Time


Free, No-Nonsense Parenting Workshops from One of America’s Top Experts


Parents, educators, and professionals interested in learning ways to address the myriad challenges adults face in raising children and teenagers, and discovering essential skills that can support and guide them in their efforts, will have two opportunities to attend free workshops with parenting coach Laura Gauld, Parenting: The Biggest Job We’ll Ever Have:

The interactive Biggest Job workshop, praised for its high-energy and heartfelt, yet at times humorous approach, focuses on 10 Priorities outlined in the parenting book, The Biggest Job We’ll Ever Have (Scribner), which Gauld co-wrote with her husband, Malcolm Gauld.

Gauld is the founder of the workshops; she is also Executive Director of Hyde Schools, a network of public and private schools, whose pioneering family-based character development philosophy has been profiled on 60 Minutes, 20/20, Today, PBS and NPR. She draws on three decades of experience as an education and parenting expert to offer an upbeat, interactive workshop providing invaluable information on issues affecting families and the critical roles of adults relative to those issues.

The workshops are focused on the common pitfalls of parenting—what works, what doesn’t, and how shifting focus from the child to the child’s attitude, character, and full potential can result in a win-win for the entire family.

Gauld’s good humor and use of mantras in recounting her own parenting blunders gives this workshop a burst of inspiration and leaves her audience wanting more.

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