Chris Preovolos/The Advocate

ABOVE: Giovanna Molinaro, left, and  Luigi Molinaro, right, of Harrison, N.Y., pose with their 1957 Fiat 500 “Jolly” after the annual Columbus Day Parade in Stamford.


No matter how hard I try, I could never, ever be as cool as the Molinaros as they ride in their beautifully restored beach-mobile. One, they say, that was formerly owned by Princess Grace of Monaco. I kept thinking I’d see Marcello Mastroianni round a corner and greet them, except that – you know – he’s dead.

I don’t look forward to covering parades; “déjà vu all over again” does not begin to describe the feeling as I watch marching bands head down Summer St. However, I will admit the Columbus Day parade is an absolute pleasure to shoot. In part because it is smaller and less organized (in a good way) than some of the bigger parades. Also because everybody seems genuinely glad to see you. This year I tried to go undercover today with a small camera and a decidedly dressed-down look, but I was still spotted and stopped by several people I know from covering assignments for the newspaper.

The fact that there is an Illy espresso cart waiting at the end of the route serving coffee can’t hurt…though I can pull much better shots with my home roasted blend on my Rancilio than you will ever get from Illy pod coffee, but like they say: a caval donato non si guarda in bocca. Capisce?


POST SCRIPT: Oh yeah, there is an audio slideshow here.

ABOVE: Novembre Siciliano. I photograph him every year. Maybe twice if you count the harvest festival parade. I’m still pretty sure we don’t understand what we are saying to each other though.

BELOW: Who can forget the dancers from the Minturnese club? Since the Advocate moved to Hope St. we are neighbors now. I eyed the bocce courts all summer but never got around to asking if I could roll a couple games with them.

Chris Preovolos