Baseball is Back

When I photograph a baseball game it brings me back to my time growing up in Iowa. I always followed the Chicago Cubs, especially with an announcer like Harry Caray singing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame,” I was hooked on baseball for life.

It also helped that “Field of Dreams” was filmed a short drive away, too. Somewhere amongst our family’s dusty photo albums in our basement are prints of me rounding the bases on the same field where the 1919 White Sox practiced in the movie.

With this background I sometimes don’t see baseball as merely a sport but a pastime closer to religion.

My ability in playing the game, however, never matched my enthusiasm for the sport. I must have been close to breaking the Little League’s all-time strikeout record. So I gladly sit in the stands and watch the pros do it.

Though when I go back home to Iowa I sometimes find myself in the middle of a corn field listening for a voice, “It could be, it might be. It is! A home run! Holy cow!”

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