Brad Shwidock

Some readers may remember a piece we ran in March of this year about the Shwidock family and their journey. Photographer Keelin Daly and I followed the family as Brad, who was suffering from a liver disease known as PSC, received a liver transplant from his wife, Carol.

After the transplant Brad’s health improved greatly. Unfortunately, he recently took a turn for the worse and passed away Thursday, November 15, 2012.

Brad clearly made an impact on the community as his funeral service was attended by at least 400 people.

Personally, throughout the reporting of our story I found Brad to be an inspiring individual. He had an upbeat spirit, a positive attitude, and a calm demeanor. He was always able to make time for his family and his passions, including photography, golf, and theater. I also found inspiration in the relationship he shared with his wife, Carol. I often think about the way she spoke of their ability to lift each others’ spirits when times became difficult and think of her words when times in my own life are challenging.

I’m very grateful to the Shwidock family, including Brad and Carol’s two daughters, Zoe and Samara, for allowing Keelin and me into their lives (and operating room!) to document their journey. They will be in our thoughts here at the Stamford Advocate.

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Lindsay Perry