A few weeks ago I discovered the Harambee Center in downtown Danbury.

Before I lived in Danbury, I spent a few years living in Philadelphia and one of the requirements for residency was watching Rocky. Luckily I saw the movie many years before. What I took away from the movie, aside from how tiring it was to run up the steps to the Philadelphia Museum of Art like every other tourist, was the heart and resiliency that comes from those that play the sport. You don’t have to have the most sophisticated training equipment, you don’t have to have extraordinary talent, you just have to have heart and a strong work ethic.

A few weeks ago I discovered the Bill S. Curtis Harambee Center for Youth in downtown Danbury and it was everything I imagined it would be.

It was dank, dark and cold — it had character. It was a place I could imagine Rocky Balboa being constanty chewed out by his trainer, Mickey.

The boys I saw training there really poured it on for Bill Curtis, who was giving them tips but also pushing them to their physical extremes.

With a little heart and a strong work ethic I believe these boys will win their bout this January.

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