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Row Row Row Your Storage Tub

It is not unusual for the streets of Bridgeport to flood during heavy rains. Following a quick storm Friday, Nicolas Daniels, 9 (seated), and Joaquin Ortiz, 10, try to navigate the flood waters on


Here at the Stamford Advocate we produce a weekly feature called “The Dart” for which we throw a dart at a map of Stamford, go where it lands, and find a story. Many people ask us if we actually throw

Weather Sunshine or Rain

The weather this summer has been notorious for being sunny and humid one minute, then changing abruptly to severe thunderstorms the next. People in New England have been known to say if you don’t like

My sunflower

I bought some seeds and put them in my garden.  Now they are 10 ft. huge!  I never thought that I could.  They are amazing.  I always feel happy every time I see them.

A competitive edge

Athletes collect their gear after The Greenwich Cup Triathlon at Tod’s Point in Greenwich where the competition was fierce with more than 630 entries.


This was my sixth Gathering of the Vibes experience. Since I no longer work the night shift, this was a more subdued year. There was a very mellow vibe to all the vibers I met during the three days I

Life is a beach

Cliche’ or not, I’ve always been a sucker for the reflection photo. Looking at this on a rainy day like today makes me feel better.

Malloy and McMahon

Today I had the assignment of following Governor Dannel P. Malloy as he took a tour of the Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk. It felt a bit like deja vu; I followed Linda McMahon as she took a tour through

Pickin’ & Fiddlin’

Sometimes one image feels like it captures the story. In a time of quantity for the web, I like to think quality is still the biggest challange. I felt like this photo, a stand-alone, tells the story

The prized fish

One of the tenets of good photojournalism is to make sure to capture the face, particularly the eyes, of your subject. So, when I saw this little girl out of the corner of my eye and grabbed this