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An encounter with kindness


You know that quote about relying on the kindness of strangers? That was me yesterday.Near the end of my hunt for weather photos, I came upon a woman trudging through the snow. Barbara Oster was getting a shovel so she could clear a path for her 97 year old mother. I wanted the picture. And I was so sure my SUV could handle the deep, unplowed snow on her down-hill driveway, I pulled in to get my shots. Finished, I went back to my car and found myself hopelessly stuck. Wheels spinning, rubber burning – under the snow, a think layer of ice. It was awful. Then, a truck stopped. A Good Samaritan offered to help. He shoveled. Threw dirt. And drove my car on to the road. He insisted he didn’t want money- said something about paying it forward. I shoved all the money in my wallet into his hands as he protested. (not much, I never have much!) . On a cold day, I found warmth in a kind heart.

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Carol Kaliff

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