Sunset, Sunrise

I was a little bored last Thursday so I decided to go out and find a nice photograph.

After a little while I was coming up short and the sun was going down. I finally ended up at Cove Island Park. I have never been out to the island before so I thought I would do a little exploring outside of my car. And if nothing came about it I would have a few landscape photographs or people walking the paths.

Just after sunset as the light was giving way to night, I came across a couple, Dipika Barot and her husband, Dhaval. They were admiring the same view as me. They agreed to let me photograph them and while talking with them we mentioned how beautiful this place would look at sunrise. Being an evening shift person that lives almost an hour away I figured I would never return to the park at sunrise.

Only three days later I would find out what it was like being there at sunrise. On Sunday I was assigned to photograph the sunrise service for Easter. It just so happened to be at the exact same spot where I was three days earlier.

Coincidence? Or is some higher power trying to say something to me? At the very least, I got to witness the ending of one day and the beginning of a new day at a very beautiful location.

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