Sailing on the Sound



This past weekend I had the fortune of being out on a motored boat during the Mayor’s Cup Race on Long Island sound.

Growing up in Iowa I don’t have much experience boating on large bodies of water like the Long Island Sound. So this was a treat for me.

When I was very young my father sailed a small two-person Sunfish sailboat so I have a vague sense of what it takes to sail.

But from what I remember, it was fairly complicated just getting the boat pointed in the correct direction in relation to the wind let alone all of the knots one would have to memorize.

Sailing with my father was only with one sail, I would venture to assume that when you have multiple sails, like nearly all competitors have that are competing in the Mayor’s Cup, coordinating things can grow exponentially more difficult.

There are probably many, many more variables that a land-lover like me doesn’t even know about. So I have a lot of respect for sailboat captains.

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