Backstage at “Shrek! The Musical”


Being behind the scenes is one of myst1205stshrek-2003 favorite things I like about being a photojournalist. We get to see things other people can’t. We get to see how things work. It’s like being a watch repairman figuring out which levers move what gears that count the seconds, minutes and hours. Open the back of the watch and a whole new world presents itself.

Being backstage at “Shrek! The Musical” opened a new world as well. I saw a dragon getting all dolled up with makeup, a farrier at work on a donkey’s hooves and ast1205stshrek-2006 big green man putting on his smelly green ogre hands. I saw a little lord chatting nonchalantly with a princess as dancers and fairies pass by and many more story book characters than I could count.

For all of these characters there is an army of people behind the scenes working to make sure the stage, props, makeup, music and lighting accentuates the characters and the story at hand, each a gear or lever behind the facade of the clock face that is the performance.

“Shrek! The Musical” opened last weekend and will be finishing up their schedule of performances thisst1205stshrek-2005 weekend with performances on Friday and Saturday at 7:30 p.m. and their final show on Sunday at 3 p.m. For more info about the all-school musical or to to find out where and when to get tickets go to:

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