Living on the water

While covering a sewage spill at the beginning of May, I could not believe my luck. Not because of the sewage – that was pretty gross – but because I met Erika Lelievre.

Erika, along with her husband and their daughter, live on a boat at Harbor House Marina. I admit I’ve always fantasized about living on a boat (to be just like MacGyver, of course), so I immediately asked her if we could work on a story about Stamford residents who live on their boats. It was a pleasure getting to know the Lelievre family, as well as the Wakeman family, for the story.

st0810houseboat-1Adorably, the Lelievre’s have a dog, appropriately named Skipper. He was a blast to photograph and, as a small dog, seems to love life on the boat that, to him, must seem very big! He even has his own doggy door to get into the cabin or out to the deck.

Lucie Lelievre, 5, and Brig Wakeman, 4, gave me a good look at what life is like as a kid living on board. Lucie’s parents mentioned that instead of the Boogie Man, Lucie was afraid there were sharks under her bed. Brig’s parents mentioned that he has incredible balance, but doesn’t run very fast, due to the lack of space for full-out sprinting. Our reporter mentioned that Lucie reminded her of Pippi Longstocking.

Here are a few photos of the kids who live aboard:st0810houseboat-1




Lindsay Perry