Passionate Theatrics

For some, soccer — or football to the rest of the world, is a boring endeavor to watch. Of the 64 games in the 2014 World Cup we saw an average of 2.67 goals per match — total from both teams. The

Cheetah cubs

The LEO Zoological Conservation Center, which is tucked away on the Stamford/Greenwich border, recently saw their King Cheetah give birth to a litter of eight cubs! And man, are they adorable.  

Your photos of Blessing of the Animals

Saturday was St. Francis’ Day, and that meant churches all over Fairfield County offered blessings to parishioners’ animals. We asked readers for pictures of their animals being blessed, and you came


In search of photos today, I remembered that the town of Fairfield opens up the beaches to horses and dogs at the start of October each year. Beautiful weather, following yesterday’s rain, and the

High Flying

Not everyone wants their picture taken. I get it. I try to be persuasive but not pushy. So when I was out shooting standalone art the other day, it didn’t bother me when the parent of the kid I

Send us your photos from the Blessing of the Animals

Saturday is St. Francis’ Day! That means churches all over Fairfield County will be offering blessings to parishioners’ animals. We want to see your photos of your pet being blessed! Email them to
Swan and Duck

Birds of a Feather

Between assignments I stopped by a park in Easton to see if there was anything going on. There weren’t any people but I found a swan and a duck hanging out together looking for a snack in the pond.
Mist above a stream catches the last light of the day along the Roaring Fork Motor Trail at Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Road Trip U.S.A.

I recently came back to work after taking a two-week road trip around the U.S.A. with my girlfriend.  I love traveling and exploring new places, so this has been on my bucket list for quite a while.