Building plans

Dominicka Bialy, 2, is no fair weather sailor. Taking advantage of a quiet day at Cummings beach, she discusses plans for castles which were to begin construction within the hour.

Fun for some

Remember how much fun snowfall was before you had to shovel?

Stars pay tribute to Ralph MacDonald

Grammy Award-winning percussionist and composer Ralph MacDonald’s rhythms rolled into the Palace Theater as artists flocked to perform a musical tribute Monday evening. Jimmy Buffett and the Coral

Blood Sport

Sound Tiger Trevor Gillies was involved in two nasty fights in the first two periods of their AHL matchup with Binghampton in Bridgeport on Sunday, January 15, 2012. You don’t usually see blood like

Cornish Cat

My colleague Brittany Lyte is reflected in the storm door as we interview Stratford condo residents about new EPA groundwater testing. What could have been a dull assignment became visually

Winter Sunset

The view outside the Connecticut Post editorial office is spectacular when the winter sun sets during the 5p.m. news meeting. A fantastic end to a hard days work, or in the case of the copy desk, a

Flock of Seagulls

Margaret Urbanska, of Stratford, feeds the seagulls at Short Beach Park in Stratford, Conn. Tuesday, Jan. 3, 2012.

New Year’s nap

Does anything ease the close of another year or kick off a new one quite like a New Year’s Day nap?