Pre-trip Thoughts

Excitement, wonder and amazement are a few words to describe what I have been experiencing ever since the conception of the idea to go to Kenya took shape to become a reality. On a Friday morning September 3rd 2010 Dr. Passik asked me a casual question regarding what I was planning to do after surgery rotation. In the process of answering the question, I rambled on to discuss a dream I have had ever since I was in high school; of having an amalgamation of doctors from developed countries interacting with the local doctors in Kenya and other neighboring countries for the purpose of bridging the gap of standard of care between the developed and the developing countries. While growing up, “Taifa leo” “The Standard” and “Nation” (the main newspapers in Kenya) often times had advertisements from desperate family members asking for funds to transport their loved ones to developed countries for advanced cardiac workups or procedures. This birthed in me the desire and passion to someday see advanced medical diagnostic, treatment and management practices permeate East Africa, hopefully resulting in a reduction of “patient exportation”. Connecting with Dr. Jarrett could never have come at a better time. I will not extrapolate this trip as a realization of that dream, but it is definitely a spark to encourage me to dream on. I am only a 3rd year medical student with STEP 2, 4th year of medical school, residency applications, interviews, STEP 3, Residency etc …the list is endless of the things I am yet to do before I can attain adequate level of competency, but I am greatly honored to be part of this team. I am grateful for the willingness of everyone involved to visit Kenya.

Moses Wananu, Medical Student.

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  1. Ruth Muturi RN says:

    Thank you Moses the state and condition of our medical field at home will finally come to see light as people like you light one candle at a time, as a nurse I will be with you every step u need any nursing hand. Good job Moses, thanks to Dr Jarret, Dr Passik and Dr Galfend

  2. Mrs. Wananu says:

    I’m so proud of you Mr. Wananu! I love you!

  3. Natalie says:

    I am so excited for this opportunity for you to learn medically and socially. It looks like God is preparing you to full fill your young dream. I know your understanding of Kenyan culture, your heart and desire to help, and the guidance of the Holy Spirit will made you a great addition to this team.